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User Reviews for Ghost SLS

Really works very well.

I was actually skeptical about this one but I can tell u now that I no longer am. I would get a strange feeling that there was someone standing there but I would look and there was nothing there. I got this app and every single time that I’ve had this feelings of someone being there I checked in this app and sure someone/something was standing there in the exact spot. I would check with this app even wen I don’t have this feelings and there wasn’t anything that showed up on the screen so I fully believe in this app to be a real and to really work. Thank you guys for making this amazingly awesome app for everyone. I certainly appreciate all your hard work that you all have done in making this app. I absolutely love and believe in your app to be authentic and real app. 😊🙏🥰♾👍🤗

angie's real review, Jul 04, 2020

Ok so there is a white orb like just going around my house and so I really needed this like my dog keeps freaking out and stuff and going crazy like her barking and growling….. and so like my dad puts like the flashlight and video on in a pitch black room and he’s always getting orbs with it so this helps a lot to see what it is!!☺️

anneybea, Aug 17, 2021
Camera issues

Everything works as it says however the camera always faces forward and either you cannot face it back at you to do a selfie or I can’t figure it out LOL either way I don’t know if there’s a difference between the paid version and the free version but I am not going to pay for the app if I can’t use the full functions of the SLS! However if I am correct and there is no function to reverse the camera I hope the developers see my post an add that feature on the next update. That’s the only reason why I’m giving it two stars because if the reverse camera feature was added in I would definitely give it five stars good job guys keep up the good work! 🥳😏

Chiili88, May 26, 2020
It could use some work.

The only decent thing about this all in my opinion is the chat log. But even that has a lot of bugs! The typing log itself s disappears on my every time I try and correct something or change a word entirely. And whenever I go to click ad free and watch the ad, I can’t get back into the chat log. It’s like an either or option…And in my personal opinion, I feel the detector is “built in.” And I say that because I went to a thrift store and tried it out, and it showed everything I scanned as an anomaly. And I talked to another soul on this app specifically and they mentioned their laundry had red dots on it?? I don’t know unless that specific item of clothing was also purchased at a thrift store/good will or handed down/over with some creepy backstory. I highly doubt there’s such thing as new age haunted thread 🤷🏼 But idk, I’m also a skeptic when it comes to certain things especially apps pertaining towards phenomenons and things connected too

deamansch3$t, Jul 08, 2021

I’ve experienced several spiritual hauntings in the past and I’m currently in the middle of one. I’ve been feeling chilly spots in my room, my TV turned on by itself, I’ve been waking up to loud knocks, experiencing occasional smells in the same spot, seeing shadows in the corners of my eyes, and I’ve felt like someone is with me. Thankfully, I haven’t felt dread and it’s been more than 3 knocks each time. I had a feeling it wasn’t related to “exploding head syndrome”, as I’ve experienced spirit knocks waking me in the past. After getting woken up again by knocks, I downloaded this app because I was curious. My divination cabinet had red dots and lines ALL over it and a spirit was next to it, which is where the sensations have been coming from. Needless to say, I’m spooked!

ecopanopticon, Dec 29, 2021

This is a great app really works. A few years back I had to put my Beagle down so she was cremated, and I had her in a urn just out of curiosity I turned on my SLS and pointed it at the Urn and it showed me a stick figure of her with Three legs. That is because I had to have one of her legs removed a few years before she passed. So this app made a believer out of me. So don’t rush anything until you have given it some time and use it and learn from don’t be impatient.

Gary Dyar, Oct 19, 2023

I stopped using it because it creeped me out… I had a stepson that passed away years ago, so of course we had pictures of him all over our house whenever I would use this app only his pictures would light up red none of the other pictures on the wall. Only his he died at 17 years old. OK from a heart condition…. There’s been times I would use it and I would see nothing. There was another time I used it when I went to New Orleans. I was staying in a very old place and let me tell you something there were spirits everywhere. The app was going crazy….. but then other times, and other places, you wouldn’t see anything but what really got me is the pictures of my stepson that passed away… every time I would use this on the pictures on the wall which mind you was probably well over 100 pictures various pictures, but only his would light up red….

lala01771, Feb 26, 2023
It works!

I could see spirits just to test this if it works and it does! Some spirits sometimes don’t want to show themselves cause they know what I was using and blink in and out. I live in a haunted house full of different types of demonic spirits and their not people who past on and they are shapeshifters I hate shapeshifters they are the scary ones if you just watch a scary movie? They can change to something you just watch but scarier! I been seeing spirits since I was 6yrs old and after I grew up and I got use to it. Am now am 59yrs and I still see them hang around the house or places and on some people,if you use this app don’t blame the makers of this app. just be careful it does work and those spirits don’t like to be seen especially with this app. Some spirits are not good and dangerous, cause they could possess you. If your not careful. Do not provoke them cause they will harm you. When you are asleep. 👻

snipatronic, Apr 07, 2021
This is real AF in my opinion

Literally used a spirit box and got the word “kid” and then I installed this app to see if it worked. And I double checked on how the app performed. I pointed it at a lot of items and it picked up nothing. But then you point it at a person and it instantly picks up their figure. So it seemed very consistent to me. Then I went into the room I receive the word kid. And I got nothing at first. Then I said “I mean you no harm” and just about instantly a little figure the shape of a child popped up in the middle of the room. My body gets instantly cold, and my hearing gets “fuzzy” legit scared to use this app again

Ssseabreezy, Apr 18, 2021

My papa who passed 2 weeks before I was born, I saw spirits when I was smaller, and he used to play with me. I don’t anymore neither remember them, but I tried two apps with very accurate reviews one of them was this one the other one was EFM Detector and I tried it in the corner I used to see him and it went off, then I decided to use this turn it towards this area, and he was standing right there. Atleast I know he’s still watching over our family til this day.

Stolen game!!!, Oct 11, 2020


For our Ghost Hunter friends this tool will allow you to use your Apple device to scan for human figures. Ghost SLS works as an SLS Emulator to so you can get results without buying an expensive camera. The camera filters allow you to determine if the figure detected could be due to the lighting conditions of the area so you can spot false positives.

Because this is not a true SLS camera your results in low light may be less reliable. Because of this it is recommended that you turn on your camera's torch light if you are scanning in dark areas. You can also snap photos of what you catch to share with your friends or other investigators. Join our group chat to discuss ghostly things with other users. If things get a little spooky we recommend turning on some lights and taking a break from the app for a while. :)

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