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Ghost Science M3

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Michael Weber
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User Reviews for Ghost Science M3

Just another money seeking developer

This app is fake, along with all the rest but the worst part is that you pay for this one. I am a huge skeptic but an open minded one, I was really hoping (with all the positive reviews) that this app would aid in our journey to find “truth” whatever that may be. Anyways after messing with the app and various settings I can say that it appears to be completely random information being presented. This includes all of the emf and other “measurements” of the environment. I have yet to discover any evidence of ghosts or such, but I can say don’t waste your money on this app. It will do nothing to get you “closer” to the dead.

Anony632, Jan 04, 2021
In depth

After my first review I went back spent much time going through the app I recommend for everyone to do this. The questions I post initially were answered through self instruction and found many answers to the questions I had. I can say for certain this is by far one of the most advanced technological development tools I’ve used. Unbeknownst to me on my job site I had the recording going it picked up the sound of bricks being loaded in my wheel barrel from a far distance and appeared as if they were very close so the Mike is highly sensitive. Again I use it for many other reasons, so far the only issue I have some applications in it will not go online.

dcurtis73, Jul 21, 2022

Finally an app that uses the technology you already have (your iPhone) and puts it to use to help look at our paranormal environment at an affordable cost. I never wanted to buy all the tools they sell because they were so expensive and you usually had to buy them individually. And you never knew if they really worked. Who wants to buy a Ghost Box for $300 and get it home and it doesn’t work? With this app, if it didn’t work I was only out $10. But surprise surprise, it does work and it’s awesome!!! The only thing I found was with the SLS tool, you have to be careful to cover up all paintings and portraits because it will map them no matter what sensitivity adjustment you make. I give this a 10 out of 10!!!!

DiDiDKRM, Oct 27, 2021
Love the app but what does this mean?

I love this app it’s great and works perfectly. I love the ghost box most of all the radio frequencies are perfect and I get clean conversations.My only problem with the app is the scales and measurements. What is it measuring, what am I supposed to be looking for, what am I collecting, etc? I could simply look this information up online but the app should come with a section of guides and instructions. Should have a detail of what the scales and data charts are collecting. Besides that I love using the app and couldn’t be happier!

emobio, Jan 03, 2021
Good tools, but a bit confusing

This app is probably the best ghost hunting app out there. This app has many tools that are generally considered essential, and some that are even rarely used (but still useful). However, even after reading the help section on all tools, I am a little confused on some aspects of the app. What is the algorithm for the evp? What do the colored bars mean in the evp? In what situation do I use the lux sensor? So many questions. I also have not used the app yet for an actual hunt yet but I plan on it soon. Some improvements to the help menu would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise an all around great app. (EDIT) Forgot to mention! Please add the ability to customize the dashboard! I would like the ability to record audio and possibly have the twilight cam on the dash.

Fin Silver, Jul 09, 2021
It’s 100% real ! Too good.

I’ve used many of these apps and I’m going to put a warning out here that it is 100% real it knows things only I know and I have even talk to people I know who’ve passed on. For me I’m safe because I’m a natural medium and using the app to open up. If aren’t a medium I send lot of caution your way and recommend not using it inside your own dwellings be cause without a single doubt this is real and bring all sorts of things many of them h aren’t prepared to deal. Get no on the creators part though wow I’m so impressed it’s better than a ghost box no guessing what words are just heed the warning. At first when u turn it on it won’t say much it has to heat up so to speak. Then it will shoot out ransoms leave it running undisturbed for about an hour after u turn it on and don’t close it will start all over again and u won’t get good results it’s insane how well this works, I thought there was a person on the other end working in the app typing back to me that is until it brought up things only I know about and what’s going on in the environment your using it in, be safe and responsible

Fishing143, Aug 30, 2022
Pretty convincing

I have to say the EVP is pretty convincing. It tends to mention things in my surroundings, and use names that I know were affiliated with the ranch I live on which is 100 years old. The spelling is even correct. I asked if it knew who I was and it said my name. Today I was watering flowers and it said “flowers”. There are parts of the ranch where it is far more active which is also makes it very convincing. Places on the ranch that should be active due to certain historical events. I would like to get more use of the spirit box, but it has yet to convince me of any legitimacy.

JBogart7, Mar 16, 2022
Now this App rocks!!

I’ve had several hokey apps that were a joke - this one is NOT A JOKE!! Can’t wait to try it somewhere that I know there is some activity. Thank you for developing a REAL ghost hunting app! The only thing I would request, perhaps you need to make a Spanish & an English version because as many have mentioned the ghost box scans a ton of Spanish channels. I get mostly gibberish through the [ghost] box so far, but maybe no one has anything to say so far where I have been using it, lol. The rest of the app more than makes up for it though, really unbelievable - the EVP chats at me constantly and sometimes some really meaningful - and scary stuff. you can’t make this stuff up or have it be fake I can tell you that. It knew my name, the name of my mom and dad. And a LOT of other stuff. Pretty crazy!

Jeff the ghosthunter!, Aug 05, 2023

I’ve downloaded a few of these apps before and they always invite things but I’ve never had anything super bad come out of them. Me and m friend we’re curious and decided to download this app and when we did it was quiet for a bit with not much going on. My spiri would occasionally say something or one of the spirits in her home would. After a bit the app went crazy and started saying die and cannibal. My spirit immediately started getting restless and I kept saying let’s go down stairs. I hate her basement. Their is bad energy down there and I never want to go down there. After a bit my friend suggested we delete the app and go make food. We kept hearing things falling in the basement and I kept saying let’s go down stairs. After a bit my friend pulled out her dowsing rods and asked if we invited something. It went straight to yess. After a few more questions were asked she asked if it was a cannibal. Hard yes. We had invited an angry cannibalistic demon. We did a cleanse and decided to never download the app again and I went home. The demon followed me and is sitting in my food storage room(ironically). I’ve done a couple more cleanings but It’s pretty content to sit in the food storage room and chill. Idk how to get rid of it lol.

Jesimay, Aug 19, 2022
Either creepy and real or fake

So I wouldn’t consider myself a ghost hunter but just someone who has had ghost experiences and has always had an interest in the paranormal. I’ve enjoyed using another app called Ovilus for word capturing and love that it records the words. For this app, the EVP function is similar but I wish there was the option to record the evp, listen to the EVP that the words are generated from, and look back to a history of what words were detected. This is especially important since I received several alarmingly creepy words in my house through this app “warn, go, poltergeist, scary”. If these words are picked up through the EVP, it would be nice to listen to the voice that the app is detecting. So my thought is either the app mistakenly forgot to put this function in and I have a not so great spirit lurking my house or the words are auto generated and that is why you are unable to listed to or playback EVP.

k8notcake, Jan 05, 2022


Developed by a team of professional engineers, we believe © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit to be the most advanced paranormal research toolkit available. © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit is an extremely advanced, yet very easy to use, paranormal research toolkit. Don’t let the advanced feature set intimidate you. © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit has been specifically engineered for both the professional and amateur paranormal researcher. Disclaimer: This toolkit is designed to aid you, the paranormal researcher, in the identification of unexplained phenomena.

However, as advanced as this toolkit is, it cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of the paranormal. As a result, this toolkit is provided for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for the use, misuse, or interpretation of this software. Please use responsibly. © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit provides a suite of advanced paranormal research tools that utilize the full spectrum of your device's powerful sensor array. Audio Instrument The Audio instrument utilizes your device’s acoustic to electric transducer to analyze complex audio signals. Barometer Instrument The Barometer instrument uses your device's barometric sensor array to detect extremely subtle changes in the environment's ambient barometric pressure. Dashboard Instrument The Dashboard instrument provides a centralized presentation of your device's sensor array, including the accelerometer, barometer, camera, gyroscope, magnetometer, and microphone. EMF Instrument The EMF instrument utilizes your device’s magnetometer to measure the ambient electromagnetic fields across the electromagnetic spectrum. Frequency Analyzer Instrument The Frequency Analyzer instrument utilizes your device’s acoustic to electric transducer to analyze complex frequency signal harmonics. Geoscope Instrument The Geoscope instrument utilizes your device’s gyroscope and accelerometer to detect extremely subtle movements and vibrations. Ghost Box Instrument The Ghost Box instrument performs a sweep of live streaming audio channels. LiDAR Instrument *Available with iPhone devices equipped with the LiDAR sensor The LiDAR instrument uses the iPhone's LiDAR sensor, driven by advanced CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine processing, to interpret the ambient environment outside of the visible electromagnetic spectrum. See in complete darkness. Luxscope Instrument The Luxscope instrument utilizes your device's light sensor array to measure illuminance and spectrographic color distribution. Twilight Instrument The Twilight instrument utilizes a combination of GPU driven rendering and hardware configuration to amplify the small amount of light captured by your device’s camera. SLS Instrument The SLS instrument uses an advanced vision machine learning model and neural engine processing to detect human figures in real-time. SSEG Instrument The SSEG instrument uses an advanced deep learning vision model and neural engine processing to semantically detect human figures in real-time. Analytics Instrument The Analytics instrument provides a mechanism for discovering meaningful patterns in the underlying sensor-driven data utilized by © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit.

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