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Genius Scan Enterprise - PDF

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User Reviews for Genius Scan Enterprise - PDF

Most important app I own

I use this app all the time for many purposes. I cannot begin to list all the uses for this app. Reading a magazine and want to save an article or portion of an article? Can't read the label on the back of the printer and need to call technical support, again? Need to save a copy of your credit cards in your wallet? Love the book that you read and want to tell your friends about it? Vin number and license plate, passport number, TSA card handy. Instructions on a new - anything! On and on. Once you have this app and start using it you'll be creating tags for all different kinds of categories. The latest upgrade is GREAT!! It’s a smooth operation!!!

Ann. G. H., Sep 01, 2018
Very dependable app that just gets smarter and smarter...I love it.

I love this app. It is one of the few that stands out as golden, a must-have for me. It is a huge time-saver. The quality of the PDFs is such that I don't even have to crank up my scanner for most purposes. I just take a picture or import an image from photos, let the mostly automatic features clean it up for me, move pages around if I want, and then hit send and done. There are additional features I haven't dug into but every feature I have used works flawlessly, updates are seamless and have consistently made the app more intuitive while keeping to the original sense of workflow so you don't have a new learning curve with every update. And I have had it for years and they've never had me pay for an update. I've never had a complaint about it as either a user or from clients and others receiving the scans, yet I am always pleasantly surprised how the upgrades continue to improve and streamline the experience. I am going out of my way here to give clear kudos because this is one of those rare apps that actually delivers what it promises and this development team deserves deep praise. Thank you for the time you've saved me.

BigPoppaTuesday1492, Nov 08, 2017
My Go-To Mobile Scanner

Okay, let me just start out by saying, I don’t write reviews for apps, period. But, because I have been using this app for over 4 years now, it is my go-to scanning app for everything. I have tried a number of scanning apps over the years, some good, some worse, Genius Scan is the only that kept evolving to my changing needs. The fact that the documents it creates are accessible in all the other mediums is what makes it invaluable to me on the fly. When a developer works so hard to up their game, the users out there like me deserve to know about them. So, I say the Genius Scan developers, GREAT JOB!

Criticbuster, Mar 31, 2020
Incredibly useful app and totally dependable

Truly one of the best apps I have ever purchased. If you travel and scan records or receipts, or ever need to scan documents, this app is the undisputed king. And the companion app, GeniusFAX, gets high marks as well. The batch scanning and document organizing is perfect. And every update seems to get even better by adding features without bloating the UI. My only ask would be if there was a way to share with the native email app instead of in app, so that I could use Mail’s encryption when sending items with PII. As it is, though, the email function is great, and keeps good track of frequently used combinations of to and from email addresses.

cthulhu5, Mar 12, 2021
Works so well that I forgot to write a review!

I purchased this app quite a few years ago and started using it immediately. It became such an integral part of my job that it sort of faded into the background. Whenever I need to scan something, I open the app and everything works flawlessly. Over the years, the developer has made updates, added features, and refined the interface, but it the effectiveness of the app has remained at the top level throughout. This is one of those rare apps that you find and use so much that it is easy to forget. My only regret is that I didn’t write a review sooner—the five stars are well-deserved!

erikrun, Sep 18, 2021
UPDATED: The app is now a ‘brick’...documents inaccessible

UPDATE to earlier review:Eventually after I wrote a critical review customer support finally got back to me and made numerous attempts to solve my problem. I appreciated their effort. None worked but eventually an update of the app (about a month later). Fixed my problem. Thanks for the effort.OLD REVIEW: I purchased the suite of apps (Genius Scan and Genius Sign) a number of years ago and was very happy with them for a long time. They worked perfectly and most of the updates were easy to navigate. A couple weeks ago I updated the app and all of the sudden is would not open. Now all of my documents stored on my phone are inaccessible. I went to their website and their only suggestion is to complete a full restore of the phone from a complete backup. Of course, a) this is incredibly inconvenient, and b) is a moot point anyway because if the app won’t open in the first place, there’s no way I’ll be able to access the documents anyway if the app won’t open. Submitted my problem to the developer...no response. Apple Notes now has most of the functionality of Genius Scan now and I know their support is responsive. Will stick to iOS native apps for this stuff in the future. Pretty disappointed as I was a loyal customer for a long time...

Fred6733, Mar 18, 2020
Favourite Enterprise App

Hi,I love this app so much! I'm surprised there isn't any recent reviews. It's helped me so many times when I'm doing documents on the fly and need to send them right away!My favourite from The Grizzly Labs was having the ability to purchase the package deal with Genius Scan Enterprise and Genius Sign; I've recommended them to colleagues... However I must admit that some of my colleagues tend to like the old-fashioned way since they're comfortable with it, but for me, I like to lessen my paper trail when I can. The features I would love would be the ability to circle categories on a PDF or have a feature to hand-write something. And when you build that, can you include "pressure" sensitivity to make the writing more "human"? I've had documents declined by the recipient because they were electronically signed (it needs to show imperfections to prove it was signed with a physical pen).I know Notes on the iPad has the ability to sense how hard a person presses when using the pencil and pen feature. I was hoping to have this ability for Genius Sign.Thank you so much for your excellent products!

JetBlitz, Feb 27, 2020
High function, light weight.

I have used this app for several years, including a period of several months when I used it to scan all our mail. Simple, fast, intuitive, and functional. Well worth the price. - de-skew mechanism- pdf or jpg - integration to google drive, mail, photosI routinely use it to do impromptu scans of whiteboards, letters, angled pix. The de-skew means you can get a good picture without glare or flash reflection, then straighten it. Maintenance and enhancement has tracked over all this time. The de-skew automated corner finding is finicky (A good contrast background helps a lot), but the UI to adjust it is quick and intuitive. This is important, because many pix require that you eyeball the perspective (whiteboard diagrams, store signs). The image post processing is also good, especially for documents. I use the integration to google drive and photos a lot. I scan and mail docs all the time. I always have the best picture of the whiteboard to distribute. Provided is a good way to build up a database of docs on your phone, but I have found that is a mixed blessing, security concerns). Currently keep it down to a few docs. I see there is now a cloud integration mode, which I haven’t used—if you trust this with your docs, I can see that it would make it a lot easier to maintain.

Legohouse2542, Dec 13, 2017
Genius Scan has saved me a multitude of times!

Genius scan is a great tool when needing to immediately turn any document into a PDF. I work closely with my attorney, we have time sensitive matters that require immediate attention. I may be on a plane, make a discovery, and within seconds he has said document in a PDF form. It also is extremely helpful for our business. Anyone who is in the business world should absolutely have Genius scan. People are constantly asking me to scan things via genius scan and I am completely baffled as to why they don’t get it themselves. It is so user friendly my 7 year old can use it.... not to simply it, I’m just saying that it makes my life so much easier and you don’t have to be the most computer savvy person to use it..

Merkoi-8, Feb 05, 2018
From 5 to 2 stars with latest version

This used to be one of my favorite apps and I gave it an excellent review a few years ago. But all of a sudden this update has made it a so aggravating that it's almost unusable for me. It used to ask me to scan a page at a time and now it thinks I want to scan multiple pages and it's not easy to figure out how to end a scan. Because it used to scan one page at a time I could correct the orientation of each page as I scanned it but now I have to go into the document and adjust each one separately which cost me more time. It locked up when exporting and I had multiple problems exporting it to dropbox. Sometimes it would only send one of multiple pages other times it would lock up and the latest option was squishing two pages into one page. It might be because one was landscape and one was portrait but it still should be able to fix that. It's just a bummer when something works well and then it becomes so aggravating you wish you hadn't purchased it.

RobbieGB, Mar 16, 2018


Genius Scan is a document scanner app in your pocket. Quickly scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multi-page PDF files. *** Apple App of the Week *** 20+ million users *** 1000s of small businesses *** Place any document in front of your device’s camera: our scanner app automatically recognizes the paper against the background, crops it, and cleans up the result. You obtain a crisp, legible scan.

Batch scanning lets you scan dozens of pages in a matter of seconds. Powerful tools help you organize, share, or archive your documents. “Next time you plan to hit the road, don’t forget to download Genius Scan to make life easier for yourself and your accounting department.” - AppPicker.com “Camera apps aren’t designed for close-up text scanning, but Genius Scan is.” - The Guardian == ENTERPRISE EDITION == Genius Scan Plus Premium Plan: - All the premium features of the Genius Scan Plus Premium Plan (denoted with + below), out of the box (no upgrade needed). Managed Configuration: - Deployment to fleets of devices managed by a MDM tool - Pre-configuration of app settings on a per-user basis (eg. set default email address, WebDAV/FTP credentials) - Control of which apps and services users can export documents to - No ads == KEY FEATURES == Smart Scanning: - Document detection & background removal - Distortion correction - Shadow removal and defect cleanup - Filters (black & white, whiteboard, photo) - Batch scanning PDF Creation & Editing: - Document merging & splitting - Multiple page PDF creation - Photos and PDF import Security & Privacy: - On-device document processing + Face ID locking + PDF password encryption Document Organization: - Document tagging - Metadata and content search + Smart document renaming (custom templates, …) + Backup and multi-device sync with Genius Cloud (separate subscription) Export: - Email + Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, FTP, SugarSync, WebDAV. + Any WebDAV compatible service such as Citrix ShareFile, NextCloud, ownCloud, Synology, Yandex. + Automatic background auto-export OCR (Text Recognition): + Text extraction + Searchable PDF creation + Business card scanning & contact creation == ABOUT US == It’s in the heart of Paris, France that The Grizzly Labs develops Genius Scan. We take pride in crafting apps that help millions of users throughout the world and hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of quality and privacy. Get in touch with us @thegrizzlylabs if you have any questions. == PRICING & LEGAL == You can subscribe to Genius Cloud for backup & synchronization. In that case, Genius Scan’s store displays the duration and price of each subscription, updated at the time of purchase. Payment will be charged to iTunes account when the order is confirmed. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage subscriptions, disable auto-renewal in the iTunes account settings. https://www.thegrizzlylabs.com/genius-scan/cloud/terms

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