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Genius Scan - PDF Scanner App

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Genius Scan - PDF Scanner App

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User Reviews for Genius Scan - PDF Scanner App

5+ years... Only Scanning App I've Ever Used

I've had this app since the iPhone 5s was released around 2013; since then every phone I've owned has had it installed. The fact that I've never had a need for or desire to explore another scanning app is the greatest aspect about it. I primarily use the *free version for PDF scans [from 1page thru 17 pages before]. The MAGIC feature which automatically scans for... detects, crops, then enahances is great. Provided you heed the tips the app provides to achieve best results. For the average college student, employee, grad student, etc... That only needs to scan something occasionally, wants it to be easy/quick/shareable and reliable... I'd definitely recommend this scanning app.*Since I've never needed to utilize the functions of the paid version, I can't attest to those aspects of the app. But if your at the point of paying for a scanning app. You probably aren't reading this! 🤙🏼😂*

B_adcock, Oct 09, 2018
The Online Student’s Savior

i’ve been in online school since the beginning of the pandemic, and this app is a lifesaver. it doesn’t limit how many documents you scan like other apps, and its automatic scanning trick is pretty okay. just don’t but the paper on a light colored surface, or have too many other objects in the frame. my favorite part is the ability to directly upload from my phone to the desktop of my computer (since they’re linked by icloud). if that’s not your speed, you can airdrop it to your downloads folder. the back and white filter is just as good as a printer scan, and there’s an option to edit the document after you take the photo. I never needed any other part of the app, so i didn’t need premium, which is amazing. it also uploads as a pdf, which saves me all the trouble of converting it myself. compared to other scan apps, i found this one to be the most efficient, since it works well and doesn’t have any frustrating limits for free users.

blargyish, Nov 17, 2020
Love it. Would upgrade for $3. Not for $8

I love the app. Used it and recommended it since 2013 I’m the free version. Since a week or two ago the “hidden” Save-to-Dropbox functionality was gone from the free version. Fair enough BUT, a) It happened In the background, not through an upgrade, sonI del cheated. B) I would happily upgrade just for that function; I do not need anything else but not for $7.99. I would happily pay a couple of bucks, not so much c) i considered the cloud option but again, totally out of price. I already pay Dropbox and Apple cloud, plus iDrice cloud for backups. $3 a month for just a small subset of documents? Guys, that should be the annual cost, not monthly. It seems you are trying to skin off a few paying clients instead of broadening your base and making us loyal. Sadly, After 5 years of happy customer and promoter, I will start to look around for other options. That costs you way more than the extra dollars you are trying to charge.

FreddyLazzaris, Jun 04, 2018
Excellent document scanning and editing app

What a perfectly fitting name for an app - Genius! I’ve installed three apps by these genius app developers namely: Genius Scan; Genius Fax and Genius Sign, and I’ve found them all indeed quite genius and the best set of any other competing apps. All the apps are intelligently developed and are very easy and intuitive to use. Excellent set of apps and I’ve no negative feedback on any of them. Excellent set of apps and congratulations to the developers!!The Genius Scan is amazingly precise in automatically capturing images of documents and receipts and then perfectly orienting them vertically and automatically making the image quality the best even if you are working in even very poor lighting condition. Excellent set of tools are provided to edit, apply filters and formats. The app provides other too many features to work with the scanned images.In short, it’s an app everyone needs to have for their iPhone.

Giramot, Apr 27, 2019
Great app!

This is a great little app. I had it on my phone for little incidentals for which I'd used it here and there over the years. Usually for when I needed to sign and scan a document to send. Then I started a project of scanning 20 years worth of hand written journals. I researched scanners, I went to the local library to use their high powered book scanner, I evaluated renting one, finally I tried genius scan to scan the journals with my phone and the more I used it the more features I found and the more I liked it. It has an awesome crop feature that actually helps even out the bump from the binding, it does colored scans or black and white, and I can export the scans directly to a specific folder on my Google drive, with the file name of my choosing. It's a great little app that is way more powerful than it at first seems.

HDH-J mama, Jun 29, 2020
One of my most used apps

I literally have written maybe 2 reviews in my life but this app truly deserves one! I have had this app since nursing school for about 9 years now. I girl that sat in front of me in class suggested it to me and here we are! I use this app almost everyday for all types of miscellaneous paperwork that i need put into a digital file. It’s super easy to use, images come out very clear, and they stay saved in the app until you delete them. for me it’s perfect if i need to resend paperwork or need to reference something that i had scanned in the past. It was extremely useful when purchasing my first home (during covid) and everything was done via email and uploading docs to bank and mortgage sites. I’ve used it to save copies of receipts or drivers license photos, and it’s all there ready to be sent when i need it. I’ve told everyone i know to download this.

jaymoLOVESps, Mar 30, 2021
This is the scanner app you MUST HAVE

I’ve been using Genius Scan for almost 2 years now, I rarely leave a review for any app, but I feel like this one deserves to be recognized. It is very easy to use, the clarity on the scanned document is great, there’s lots of customizable scanning settings you can choose from, you can also have it automatically upload to dropbox or Google Drive, I even was able to contact the developer about a simple change to the sorting of folders within Google drive by alphabetical order and day were able to accommodate the request in their next update which was extremely helpful. If you are on the go a lot like I am and not always at your desk this app is an absolute lifesaver. Even when I am in my office I don’t even use my copy scanner anymore because it takes too long and the quality on The genius scan app is just as good if not better, and it’s much quicker. Save yourself a ton of time and start using this app today.

Jtpo1982, Jan 31, 2018
Easy to use, and so useful!

I’ve been using Genius Scan for several years to quickly scan documents and file them away on Dropbox or OneDrive. I know those services have their own apps that do document scanning, but they’re clunkier and don’t have the breadth of features that Genius Scan does. It’s one app that makes quick work of scanning, cropping and adjusting, and filing away as a PDF or JPEG. But don’t take my word for it - take the word of my dad, who is 81 years old and regularly complains about technology being hard to use. He wanted to scan in a paper form and get it to his computer, so I texted him a link to Genius Scan along with an offer to call and walk him through it. He didn’t call me but a little while later emailed to say: “I made the PDFs with my phone and emailed it to my computer and printed out copies. The app worked great.”Now that’s high praise!

KennySteven, Apr 17, 2020
Hard to Read

Writing on the PDFs appear as a bunch of illegible dots unless the text you are scanning is very bold and you have the proper lighting. Although other than this the app works well enough, it has caused me much frustration from often having to go over all of my writing pressing harder down on the paper, only to find that it still doesn’t work. I also find myself having to scan again because it renders my work sideways, or fails to cut out the background. Also, while you are in the process of scanning, you can’t undo a single page. You either have to keep it or delete all of the scanned pages. I suppose you could always just keep redoing each page until you get it right, and go through them at the end, deleting all but those that you’re satisfied with, but with the amount of attempts that would take and the amount of pages you’ll have to go through and delete in the end, this would be a time consuming process, and you’re probably better off just getting a different app.

Kittycat843, Oct 23, 2020
So reliable !

This is my first ever review of an app! I felt inclined to do so because of how many times this app has saved my rear! Having things like your kids shot records and auto ins cards on my phone is a life saver. Being able to scan a doc on the fly and send immediately without any bugs or glitches is so refreshing! I have been using this app for many years (3 different iPhones) and have NEVER had a problem or glitch. I like the filing system , the auto enhancement of papers docs (choose between black n white, color or the raw pic) and the simplicity of the use (not hard to figure out at all!). Last but not least, the developer updates and fixes glitches regularly which is nice. Many apps come out and then the developer stops maintaining it after a while. Not Genius Scan. Thanks for my go to scan/file/fax app!

Nuclearnik, Mar 01, 2021


Genius Scan is a document scanner app in your pocket. Quickly scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multi-page PDF files. *** Apple App of the Week *** 20+ million users *** 1000s of small businesses *** Place any document in front of your device’s camera: our scanner app automatically recognizes the paper against the background, crops it, and cleans up the result. You obtain a crisp, legible scan.

Batch scanning lets you scan dozens of pages in a matter of seconds. Powerful tools help you organize, share, or archive your documents. “Next time you plan to hit the road, don’t forget to download Genius Scan to make life easier for yourself and your accounting department.” - AppPicker.com “Camera apps aren’t designed for close-up text scanning, but Genius Scan is.” - The Guardian == KEY FEATURES == Smart Scanning: - Document detection & background removal - Distortion correction - Shadow removal and defect cleanup - Filters (black & white, whiteboard, photo) - Batch scanning PDF Creation & Editing: - Document merging & splitting - Multiple page PDF creation - Photos and PDF import Security & Privacy: - On-device document processing + Face ID locking + PDF password encryption Document Organization: - Document tagging - Metadata and content search + Smart document renaming (custom templates, …) + Backup and multi-device sync with Genius Cloud (separate subscription) Export: - Email + Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, FTP, SugarSync, WebDAV. + Any WebDAV compatible service such as Citrix ShareFile, NextCloud, ownCloud, Synology, Yandex. + Automatic background auto-export OCR (Text Recognition): + Text extraction + Searchable PDF creation + Business card scanning & contact creation The features denoted with [+] are available as part of Genius Scan+ (a one-time purchase). == ABOUT US == It’s in the heart of Paris, France that The Grizzly Labs develops Genius Scan. We take pride in crafting apps that help millions of users throughout the world and hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of quality and privacy. Get in touch with us @thegrizzlylabs if you have any questions. == PRICING & LEGAL == Genius Scan is free to use for as long as you want. Should you choose to, you can buy Genius Scan+ for more features (a one-time fee). You can subscribe to Genius Cloud for backup & synchronization. In that case, Genius Scan’s store displays the duration and price of each subscription, updated at the time of purchase. Payment will be charged to iTunes account when the order is confirmed. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage subscriptions, disable auto-renewal in the iTunes account settings. https://www.thegrizzlylabs.com/genius-scan/cloud/terms

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