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User Reviews for PDF Reader Pro Edition®

I have been using the app for a couple of years.

I wish I could crop PDF files and have the pages change by scrolling down or up instead of left or right. The instructions on how to print were not great. The icons were too small and the print symbol is minute. The support pdf is not great. It did not show the process. When finished managing a file by changing its name or emailing etc, I have to quit the app in order to get back to reading the PDF files.

77dmb, Sep 12, 2019
3 year hardcore user

I've been using this app for the last 3 years and it's by far the best PDF app you will find for the iPad. We are a team of 10 engineers, 20 sales guys and 5 IT guys, we all have been using this app for quite some time and we all agree is the best one out there, it's like a good wine, it only gets better with time, they don't update the app every week like other apps do (very annoying) but when they do they usually add some great features or they upgrade the user interface to make it even easier to use. One of the features we use every day is the online collaboration feature that allow us to work on the same PDF file even if we are not at the office, this is great for the sales team because they can get an update on our files in real time while they are selling our products. I also want to mention that the tech support team is just great, I had a small issue last week and they replied to me in less than a day (yes less than a day! that's just amazing) that why I decided to finally write a well deserved review to this app, not only because it works and it's great but because their support team was really really helpful and that's something you don't see every day. I'm just waiting to see what the next update will bring (hopefully some great additions to the features already has).

Blockchain King, Aug 08, 2018
Great App; One Feature We’d Like To Have That’s Missing...

I’m a musician and my band and I have been using this app for a little over a year now and we love it! It’s very easy to use and we find it’s collaboration and annotation features beneficial to our workflow in that they maximize our time and keep us on the same page (no more fumbling through piles of paper to find page 2 or 3 of a particular song or the song sheet itself). One feature we would love to have added however, is the ability to use a Bluetooth page turner so we could use a foot pedal to turn pages. Being musicians, our hands are usually busy playing our instruments so turning pages can be a little cumbersome. The ability to use a foot pedal would greatly enhance this app in our opinion. That’s our only caveat when other musicians ask us what app we recommend for organizing and viewing our material. We realize this app wasn’t engineered for the working musician but everyone in my band has used other apps specifically designed for that purpose and this app suits our all-around needs better any others we’ve tried but we’d love to have that one missing feature. (I’m also a minister officiating weddings occasionally and a hands-free page turner would also be beneficial in my role as such.) Bottom line, we love the app! This is just a suggestion for a wish list item :) Thank you iTech.

BonzeJustice, Mar 23, 2019
Very bad to annotate. Don’t pay

This is quarantine time and my kids are getting online packets of work that they need to complete by printing and working on them; then I need to scan them to PDFs to the teacher so she could grade it. When I looked at this app, I thought this is what I was looking for and instinctively paid for this app, but alas! Wasn’t I wrong? The pencil I used, the Logitech Crayon was writing on the PDFs in a very thick line, while the bar on the left shows as fine. The school work on pages give little space to write your answers and this is an unacceptable bug to treat this as a useful app.But luckily, I ran into another free app that is helping me do exactly what I am looking for. Please don’t pay for this app and l am sure you will find better ones for free..

C Bapatla, Apr 12, 2020
Works for me!

After some help from the apps support on getting started, this PDF Editor Pro has been the first PDF editor that has met all my needs. Being from the Land of Luddites, I find it easy and intuitive when using it to review and markup documents I have been reading. My initial problem stemmed from not understanding that my Google Drive was the Cloud app. Once the Support Team member politely pointed me in the right direction, I took off with great enthusiasm. Dave B.

davebix, Mar 07, 2021
Great but needs improvements in places

This is a good app for managing pdf documents, and reviewing and red-lining documents. However it has some really annoying features or lack of them....1. It doesn’t auto save documents! And the only way to save is to overwrite which exits the file meaning you have to restart. Annoying. 2. Pen defaults to variable size. Which is also annoying. Feel that should be a different type of pen. 3. When it flattens the file to pdf. The handwritten text is not 100% aligned to where it was written. It is also much paler

Dr robo, Aug 14, 2019
Great app, really useful. One wish

I have been using this app for many years and it’s great. I wish I could add, insert, blank pages anywhere in a pdf document. I do a lot of research and being able to add side notes and sketches on blank pages would be very helpful. Also, it would be great if the highlighter didn’t stop every time you highlight a sentence or word. It should remain in the highlight mode until it’s disabled by the user. Again, this is a wonderful app.

marcus m2, May 12, 2020
Keep Changing Font Color of My Handwritten Markups

Just purchased an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for the sole purpose of being able to make handwritten edits to pdf documents using PDF Reader Pro. It keeps changing the default color (black) of some of my handwritten edits to lime green making it very difficult to read my edits. Please let me know what feature I need to turn off so that the color of my handwritten edits stop changing to lime green.For further clarification, when I initially make my handwritten edits, they are black but when I go to the next page and come back to check my edits they are now lime green.

mcuellar85, May 17, 2020
Does ok after figure it out

Their support team answered quickly, but took me a while to figure out how to get pdf’s out of email to the app. The app needs to make these directions clear when you buy it and it does not. I bought two other unnecessary purchases I thought I needed to make it work before I got the email showing me how it’s done. It’s easy , so why you don’t get these simple instructions in the how to, is beyond me. That’s why 4 instead of 5 stars. It should have in the “how to” and isn’t even mentioned except in the selling it info. But it does do it. Hurray and thank you to the app team.

Ocaoivorew, Mar 02, 2018
no other like PDF Reader Pro Edition!

If you are a hardcore PDF user like me I recommend this app.It has more features than any other PDF reader I tried (even desktop versions).The function that caught my attention is the distance and local collaboration, with these 2 options you can collaborate with another person in REAL TIME, sharing your notes and annotations and it even has a chat option that allows you to share any additional information while you are sharing your annotations. If you are using the same wifi as the other person I recommend using the local collaboration, but if you are in different locations the distance collaboration is the one you need.Before I started using this feature for work we tried it several times and it really works in real time.Overall I have to say that I’m extremely satisfied with this app (and my coworkers too).Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.Now I beg you to keep regularly updating this app with more great features like you have been doing for the past few years

robert373, Aug 02, 2017


**Winner of the Tabby Awards for best iPad- Productivity/Documents App** PDF Reader Pro Edition is the best app to read, manage and annotate PDF files and it works beautifully on iOS 12. The most powerful PDF reader, carefully designed and optimized specially for the iPhone & iPad. The best mobile PDF reader for your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Part of the @work campaign by Apple. Some of the great features of PDF Reader Pro Edition are: • Real-time online collaboration & chat Now you can collaborate and add annotations with other users on the same file over the internet in real time and you can chat about your progress simultaneously. They will be able to see what changes you are making as you make them all in real time. • PDF forms support 
Now you can fill out PDF forms directly on your iPad/iPhone. • Full Annotations/highlight support
 Now you can add notes directly from your iPad anywhere on the document. Highlighter, stamps, sticky notes, text boxes, underlines, strikeout, dynamic stamps (with date & time), freehand drawing, signature, free highlight, lines, arrows, rectangles and ovals, fully compatible with Apple Preview and Adobe Acrobat. • New EasyReview mode With this new amazing feature you are able to mark up PDF documents faster and easier than ever before. Just tap on the part of text where you need to make changes and correct it in the text editor (similar to Word). The text will be marked as removed and the new text will have a different color so you can easily identify it. When you save the PDF file all the modifications will appear as standard annotations (replace text and insert text annotations). • Fresh new user interface specially design to merge beautifully with iOS 12. • Create new PDF files Extract and email pages from a PDF file or create a new document using pages from an existing file. • Share & collaborate Connect with all your colleagues and friend to share and collaborate your PDF files and annotations in real time. • Rotate function You can rotate a single page or the whole document. • Vault folder Securely store your important PDF files. • Bookmarks/Outlines Bookmark pages on your PDF files. Add outlines to create or modify a table of contents for your document directly from your iPad. • Reflow mode • Full Web browser to download PDF files from the web • Scanner Create multipage documents in PDF format. • Document manager Copy, cut, paste and delete your documents. Organize your PDFs into folders. • PDF hyperlinks support Jump back and forth within the document. Jump back button to quickly go back to the page you came from. • Text search Easily find any word on your PDF file. • Save email attachments Open attachments directly from the Mail app, you can also open PDF files from any other application using the Open in function. • Download PDF files from Safari Use the Open in function to download a PDF file from Safari to PDF Reader Pro Edition. • Transfer files You can easily and securely copy your PDF files from your Mac or PC using Airdrop, the USB or WiFi sharing feature. • Print Print your PDF files and annotations directly from the app. • Email your files Email your PDF files directly from the app, you can email the entire document with all annotations or you can also email specific pages from a PDF file. You can also email a flatten copy of a PDF file, this option will compress and flatten your annotations onto the document to prevent them from being modified. • Cloud support Download/upload your PDF files to iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SugarSync & OneDrive. • Great for presentations Use Airplay or an HDMI cable to show your documents on an external display while you annotate them in real time. • The only mobile PDF Reader application that supports Vitrium* protected PDF files (Like University of Phoenix ebooks) Join the hundred of thousands users already enjoying all the great features of PDF Reader Pro Edition. More amazing features coming soon!

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