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Cryptogram - Decrypt Quotes

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Cryptogram - Decrypt Quotes

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Berkay Saglam
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User Reviews for Cryptogram - Decrypt Quotes

Very fun game

I love that it doesn't use much power, not data. Quick levels, very fun, and very addictive. One of my favorite mobile games ever.

Anton31kah10, Nov 28, 2021
Great game

Fun gam, great quotes, battle mode is great, I play it a lot! Only feedback: there are some quotes missing punctuation, it’s confusing how the leagues work with all the different numbers etc., wish I could change my screen name again but it seems like this was taken away, would be cool to be able to battle in legendary mode.

Ben847294, Apr 10, 2022
Great game

This app is very well done. Challenging, yet you can choose your difficulty level. I was expecting ads to pop up after every game but there are very few ads which I am grateful for. There is nothing more annoying than endless ad after ad. Kudos to the developers for recognizing what a turn off it is. The developers that insist on bombarding you with ads are shooting themselves in the foot because I know many people delete the app like I do after playing for 10 minutes and 8 of those minutes are ads. You won’t be disappointed if you download this app, it’s my new favorite game. Well done! ....

Bontbok, Nov 09, 2021
Love for Free Crypto Games

To the point. Numerous difficulties, multiple categories, and for the competitive a league/ leaderboard. I would like two minor things; 1 being the ability to change my name for the league and 2 the ability to submit quotes into certain categories. I just have a lot of games and anime quotes to share ;)Great game

EnigmaWrier21, Aug 05, 2021

Love the game!!! Only problem is the settings won’t stay selected once you leave the setting screen (I’ll go to turn off vibration and it turns itself back on)

FindTheCaptain, Sep 20, 2021
I love it!

This game is super fun! I love the premise and how much you can customize your experience, I seriously wish every app would give me the option to chose the font, color scheme, controls, etc… My only issue is whenever I open the app the keyboard control buttons are changed to type 3 instead of what I chose (type 1).

genderdysphoriablues, Nov 12, 2021
If you love cryptos…

I used to do the CryptoQuote (by L. Campos) in my daily local paper. I had to end my subscription because I found $0.35 was too much for a puzzle. Now I get to do the whenever I like for FREE!

MCWaay2Funkee, Jul 30, 2021
Love it!

Only thing keeping this from being a five star are the hints. I try to use them, but they just make no sense to me. I got one that said Z = L, and both of them were not options to type. I could just be a bit stupid and not understand how they work, but I feel like I’m not alone.

Mikumes, Aug 08, 2021
Epic!! Has categories!

Literally five stars just because of the Edgar Allan Poe category. I’ve been playing nonstop and still haven’t gotten any copies of ones I’ve done before. Amazing and simple layout!

PurpleAvenger77, Dec 27, 2021
Love this game!

Fun, challenging, and if you like - competitive! I’ve always enjoyed cryptograms but I’ve never competed at it. This now my favorite part of the game. Still relaxing and fun too. Things I’d love to see added: league chat and the ability to choose your name game assigns you a name. Mine is BlushLimpet15. Really?)

Yjfdgg, Dec 30, 2021


This is Cryptogram, a free puzzle game where the goal is to decrypt famous quotes! This game will motivate you, inspire you, encourage you, and help you have a great time! Power of a Quote Quotes have the power to motivate, inspire and encourage.

When you feel low or lacking motivation, at such time, read a few quotes, and you will see how your mood and state of mind begin to improve. Quotes are generally easily forgotten. Spending time to solve a puzzle will help you remember the quote. You can see the quotes you have solved and add quotes to your favorites. Quotes may: - Motivate, inspire and encourage. - Create optimism and hope. - Energize and prompt you to take action. - Give you insight and wisdom. - Bring light and happiness into your day. - Give you good advice, which you can then implement in your life. - Open the mind to see life from a wider perspective. It all depends on the category you have picked! Select from various categories Various themes! Select a theme between "Love," "Hope," "Wisdom," "Motivational" and many more! ---- Numerous authors! Select a specific author between "Oscar Wilde," "William Shakespeare," "Confucius" and many more. ---- Or solve the quotes from the popular category! Learning a few easy patterns and tricks, though, can help you crack the code and make them a whole lot more fun. Eager to work one out to the end? Get started by learning the basics, then learning patterns and thinking outside the box to get those blanks filled in. Some of the great features • Four difficulty levels • Select categories between different themes and authors or go with the popular ones. • Share the quotes that you have solved! • Hundreds of thousands of quotes and more are coming! • Select the color that matches you between +7 different color schemes! • Keep track of the puzzles you've solved and set them as favorites • Hints for when you're stuck • Clean design • Custom fonts History of cryptograms The ciphers used in cryptograms were not originally created for entertainment purposes but for real encryption of military or personal secrets. The first use of the cryptogram for entertainment purposes occurred during the Middle Ages by monks who had spare time for intellectual games. A manuscript found at Bamberg states that Irish visitors to the court of Merfyn Frych, king of Gwynedd in Wales, were given a cryptogram which could only be solved by transposing the letters from Latin into Greek. In the 19th century, Edgar Allan Poe helped to popularize cryptograms with many newspaper and magazine articles. Well-known examples of cryptograms in contemporary culture are the syndicated newspaper puzzles Cryptoquip and Cryptoquote. Supported languages • English • French • German • Portuguese • Spanish • Russian • Turkish Terms of Use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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