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Forteller Games, Inc.
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User Reviews for Forteller

Sounds great!

The voice acting is so good. It would be nice if you could buy from within the app, but not a big deal. Definitely worth it to enhance your experience!I wish the app offered some general background music (battle, shopping in town, etc.) to let the magic continue during gameplay.But overall, super pleased and worth every penny.

anonymous1236543271, Jan 16, 2022
Good supplement with some issues

Definitely adds immersion and removes some downtime as setup can happen during narration. The interface is a bit clunky, swipe left to save but the playback speed seems the same wether or not you use this feature. I suppose it’s meant for offline play, why not an option to download the entire thing at once? Playback controls are fine but why no AirPlay button? Seems like a glaring omission since I’m guessing people using this at home would like the full audio experience. There should be an option for an ambient track/timer. For a smoother flow, start playing the intro, move to ambient track, stop ambient track and proceed to next narrative. The purchase system is pretty sketchy, I’m surprised Apple allows this in the App Store without in app purchases. As it stands, you must create an account and purchase the content from the website of the developer directly. There’s no instructions on how to do this but it’s incredibly easy to figure out. I’d prefer it following App Store guidelines for in app purchases though. All in all it’s good, almost great, with a few outstanding issues.

Count Crackula, Aug 30, 2020
Amazing addition!

This app adds a lot o Gloomhaven. We became aware of it through the Frosthaven kickstarter and purchased the files for GH immediately. While we are most of the way through the game it had been an amazing addition. We will also have it for Frosthaven and will be excited to use it from the beginning. If you want to boost GH’s game play and up the atmosphere don’t hesitate, grab this app now.

GamerDM82, Mar 31, 2021
Purchase Issues - Resolved

I want to like it but unfortunately I can’t even try it. I purchased the Bardsung audio but after twelve hours my content still doesn’t show up on the app. According to my order confirmation page it should have been available in minutes.Edit: Foreteller customer support was very nice and quick to fix my issue once I got in contact with them. The production quality is quite nice. Only gripe is that I wish we could separately control voice volume and background volume.

gigglesglad, Jun 25, 2022
Worth Every Penny

Professional voice actors and top notch sound engineering has added some much needed immersion to Isaac’s already-amazing game. My Gloomhaven game just leveled-up! My friends and I will obviously be playing through it all again just to enjoy what this adds to experience. And 95 scenarios (73 so far) for only $15? It would be a bargain at twice the price. I already pre-ordered the Frosthaven narration pack. Keep up the good work!P.S. I would happily pay for narrated event cards and the town records book... in case that’s ever on the table. :)

JKLNSargent, Jun 05, 2020
$15 for 50 scenarios seems high

The app is beautifully done. The samples are pretty amazing. It says that scenarios 51+ are coming soon. I can’t find anywhere that those will be included with my purchase. If they are separate purchases it’s too much. If it is included then I think it’s completely worth it.I just got the response and found out that the additional content is included with the original purchase. Absolutely worth $15. Fantastic app.

KingRalph123, Apr 16, 2020
Nothing works right, everything is coming soon

I was excited for this app but the app is garbage. They want you to purchase everything to the website but don’t send you to the browser from the app, you have to do it yourself. I purchased a game on the site and it won’t show up in the app. Beyond that there are “planned features” all over this app that say coming soon, but the core functionality doesn’t even work well. The developer seriously needs to focus before trying to implement all these other features. Make the damned app do at least one thing well. Being able to use your purchased content without failure or having to call support sounds like a good step one to me. Forget all the fluff and just make it work right.

Neejix, Jul 03, 2022
Disappointing on multiple levels

We had high hopes for this app, but we were disappointed. While the production values are very high, there is a good deal too much noise compared with the voices. For older ears it can be hard to make out what the voices are saying.We also found ourselves disappointed in the direction and the acting. The direction seems to disregard what’s written in the text. Characters who are said to “bellow” or to say something “triumphantly” talk just like all the other characters. And the acting is pretty good in the male parts, not so good in the female parts. For example, Hail is supposed to be powerful, mystical, and a bit intimidating, but she just comes off sweet and girly. I dunno if that’s the actor or the direction, but it was a real disappointment.Finally, the technology of the app is not up to snuff. It takes 14 to 16 seconds to load an audio file. On a 2019 iPad Pro, that’s shockingly slow. Audio should load and play almost instantaneously. Moreover, the app won’t let the device go to sleep—it will happily sit on for an hour and drain the battery. And if you do tap the sleep button to put the poor iPad out of its misery, once it comes back and you’ve re-authenticated, the Forteller loses its place: instead of going on to the next clip of the scenario, it wants to replay the last one you’ve heard.I love the concept of this app. But alas, the execution is wanting.

nr-reviews-ipad, Jun 10, 2020
Overall pretty good

The quality of the voice work is quite good and provides for an immersive experience into the games. This works great in a pre-COVID world. I bought the app and additional content as a supplement to playing Gloomhaven and Jaws of the Lion over Tabletop Simulator with friends remotely. Initially, Guild Mode was available to allow multiple people to listen simultaneously and remotely and it worked great. Guild Mode was removed after a short run and it seems to be a very low priority for the developers. While Guild Mode is awesome feature and makes the app and purchases worthwhile, maybe it makes the app less profitable for them...

Sessions008, Dec 01, 2020
Overall good but with caveats

We have really enjoyed most of the voice acting and it’s added to the depth our gloomhaven experience. We found two voices to be really subpar. First, the voicing of the drake left a lot to be desired. It lacked depth and felt silly rather than cunning or vicious.Hail is the worst. She isn’t crafty or fierce and the voice actor can’t seem to settle on a vaguely British accent or her American accent, which I’m guessing is her norm. It really makes it hard to suspend disbelief. We won’t even use the app if she is speaking because it’s so terrible.That all being said, the app is well worth the money. We can’t wait to see future content from them. Help support them and add to your experience by buying this app.

Super happy user!!, Feb 08, 2021


Forteller is a technology company focused on entertainment experiences. Our interactive application allows users to access story narration comprised of professional voice actors, composed music and state of the art special FX to amplify your adventure. Thus, bringing an unparalleled immersive experience.

Select an adventure from our library to bring your characters to life with their own voices for an unforgettable enjoyable experience. Immersive audio narration is available for Gloomhaven, Jaws of the Lion, Above & Below, and coming soon: Frosthaven, The Isofarian Guard and Near & Far!

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