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Daniel Salinas
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User Reviews for Arkham Cards

Near essential for AHTCG

This app makes keeping track of your decks and campaigns super easy. I recommend it to everyone that tries AHTCG/AHLCG. Pros+Summarizes your latest deck upgrades so that you don’t have to inventory your whole deck or memorize what you swapped in and out. +Easy place to keep your campaign notes and resultsCons-The Guided Campaign is a nice idea, but I rarely use it because it doesn’t allow me to make my own campaign notes, which I use to document which randomized cards were used. This is not a big deal and the Guided Campaigns work really well otherwise.

...___...Brett, Jan 02, 2021

This app is amazing. So much easier to use it to manage the campaign, decks, etc. I don’t even bother keeping rules reference on hand anymore. My decks, tokens and the app are all I need. Would easily have paid for this.

//john, Nov 29, 2020
Essential companion app

If you’re a dedicated Arkham player I would say this is a must-download. Fantasy Flight themselves would have made an inferior app if they tried. The fact that this is free to download, completely ad-free and constantly supported with updates is just the cherry on top.

AnthonyDuricko, Feb 15, 2022
Best Arkham Horror App

Super comprehensive, virtually error-free, and always up-to-date. This app really made playing Arkham Horror LCG easier than ever, and the integration with ArkhamDB makes deck building and tracking upgrades throughout the campaign fun and effortless. Can’t believe this app is free.

Elphaboy, Jan 03, 2021
Perfect for Arkham Horror LCG

Look I don’t ever take the time to write reviews on the internet for anything. But I truly felt compelled in this case. If you play Arkham Horror LCG to any capacity, you need this app. It tracks all your cards. It tracks all your campaigns. It simulates the chaos bag. The designer is super responsive and is constantly updating the app. And it’s free! Please do yourself a favor and download this app.

GanglyManatee, Aug 07, 2021
Amazing app

This app is so incredibly useful for quickly looking up cards, creating decks and managing a campaign. I started playing one of the Return To boxes and this streamlines the whole process - otherwise you’re piecing together all rule and encounter set changes which would be a huge hassle. There is one particular upgrade that I’d love to see.... making the Draw Simulator show the cards themselves. Unless you’ve memorized what the card does, it’s hard to use it to see if you’re getting the draw you want.But it’s still a great and indispensable app. Thank you!

hunter5a_nicknamenottaken, Jul 17, 2020
Fantastic App

I never write reviews for apps but had to for this one. The app is super intuitive, easy to use and just works all the time. It is regularly updated with little things that make it more user friendly. We use it every campaign we play to help keep track of card upgrades. I also use it to draw chaos tokens cause it’s so much faster than using the physical ones. A+ Bravo!!!

Mrlebowski79, May 04, 2021
Digital Arkham Horror Assistant

This app has deckbuilding, FAQ look up options tied to Arkham DB, and let’s you record campaigns.I have to commend the creator as they are doing it all on their own and giving it to fans like myself for FREE!

Opineaway, Dec 21, 2021

This is an excellent assistant for Arkham Horror LCG. Beautiful look and feel, great interface for looking up cards with collection tracking, syncing with ArkhamDB. But most of all, the guided campaign feature is phenomenal. Not only does it keep track of the whole campaign log, chaos bag, deck upgrades, and added scenario cards, it also automatically shows only relevant parts of the story and setup, thus protecting from spoilers and helping to avoid setup mistakes. So far, I have used it for every campaign up to Dream Eaters and every Return To up to Carcosa with 0 issues.

roryg25, Jan 08, 2021
Great UI and easy to use

This app does exactly what it says it should, and it does it well. I’m very impressed by the ease of coordinating with ArkhamDB, and I like how you can track your chaos bag and campaign notes in one simple location. My one wish for a really convenient feature would be a chaos bag draw feature that you could use while you’re playing instead of physical tokens, using the bag that you have set for your campaign. Thanks for sharing and keeping this app updated!

rwknoll, May 15, 2019


Create and edit decks for all of your investigators -- it will even check the deck-building rules to keep you honest. You can also group together decks into campaigns to track your progress combatting evils. The app can be used with local decks, or you can link your ArkhamDB account to sync changes on the go. • App can walk you through the setup + resolution of most campaigns, while maintaining the campaign log automatically. • Edit and upgrade your investigator's decks, either offline or by linking your ArkhamDB account. • Track scenario results and keep the campaign log up to date. • Keep track of investigator trauma and assign new random basic weaknesses as you take on new madnesses. • Draw tokens from the digital chaos bag, and calculate the odds of success before you do. • Use the advanced card search to search by trait, health, shroud etc.

A great tool if you ever need to evaluate how many 'non-elite' enemies can be targeted by a card or know which locations a Flashlight wielding Zoey can actually stand a chance at investigating. Arkham Cards is not affiliated or endorsed by Arkham Horror: The Card Game, (c) 2016 Fantasy Flight Games.

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