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Fat Tag Graffiti Katsu Edition

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Fat Tag Graffiti Katsu Edition

  • Entertainment
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Theodore Watson
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User Reviews for Fat Tag Graffiti Katsu Edition

Needs simple fixes

Like bring back transparency and add the option to change default settings. It's too bad this app seems abandoned because it's got a lot of potential. Still hoping for someone to really nail a graffiti app.

Aokigahara, Dec 03, 2016
Great app

Has a few problems, like I can’t figure out how to zoom in and out of what I’m drawing on, which would help immensely I think. Still, it’s been saving my life and sanity on overnight shifts haha

artebudz, Mar 12, 2021
I’m about it

Definitely the best app for practicing hands when a marker and paper isn’t an option. Cool way to try new letter shapes without wasting ink too. Would be cool to see a fat cap type of brush tip for doing flares, but I can’t complain.

egovaccine, Sep 27, 2020

Definitely worth 2 dollars, very complete like a gyroscope for the drops, so they change direction depending oh how are you holding your phone when graffing and for me the best app!

ElKansei, May 29, 2022
It is not avail on ipad air2?!!!??

I love this app its the real deal the only problem is that is not available for ipad or am i wrong please help!!

JuuHertt, Oct 12, 2015
Cool app but..

I like the app, but it needs a few tweaks. For example, instead of a double tap feature to undo (THE WHOLE PROJECT), why not just have a back arrow to undo the last mark? Sometimes I double tap on accident and lose the whole project. Make this adjustment and I’ll give it 5 stars.

Knewscript, Sep 15, 2020

This is a great app, I've had mad fun with it since I first got it, furthermore this app also cost money (paid $3) Without an update this app WILL NOT WORK with iOS 11! PLEASE FIX/UPDATE IT SO THAT PAID CUSTOMERS CAN PLEASE CONTINUE TO ENJOY USING AND HAVING THIS APP!Thank you.

SHADOWFIGHTER12342, Oct 20, 2017

I love this app , it is amazing , but the double tap to undo future is annoying , and frustrating , when im doing a quick tag , it accidently just erase my whole work , thinking i wanted to undo it all when that not at all what i wanted / mabye a undo button , would be way more helpful , and thats why i give it a 4 outta 5 , but other than that it is still the best graffiti app out there .. I can use this all day, everyday , worth EVERY penny 😍👌🏻- thank you

SocietyKiller619, Jun 22, 2015
Phone updated; Won’t work?

I love this app; hate to give it a 4/5 but I haven’t been able to use it for like 2 weeks, (ever since I updated my phone). Please make the app I paid for usable. Regardless, fantastic app otherwise.

Treywall3103, Oct 22, 2019
Great app, NEEDS a Fix to be perfect.

This is the most realistic graffiti-type app I have seen so far. It is very fun to play with and create unique things I could otherwise not compensate for on my own with Autodesk Sketchbook which I use now. One thing that needs (I stress Needs) to be changed by dev, that prevents me from rating a 5/5 is the double tap feature. This deletes your project with no way to retrieve it, and is frankly a huge issue that has been overlooked! I agree with the other review, a step based, paint-program type system would be very effective, with an undo/redo feature. This could be included in the space with the other menus. Also, in other apps I have seen opacity sliders, and splatter&drip control for more/less effect on a gradual scale. It would be nice to see ideas like this incorporated as well. However, despite these criticisms I applaud this app for its creativity and ingenuity as what it is, which is the best tag creating app out currently. :)

uberepicpwn, Dec 01, 2015


Fat Tag Deluxe - Katsu Edition is a deluxe version of the popular Fat Tag graffiti tagging app. The Deluxe Edition co-created with NYC graffiti artist Katsu includes the following features: Features include: * Multiple pen/brush tips and colors * Full accelerometer based drips * Multiple backgrounds * Additional background selection from camera, photo library * Scale, rotate, angle, opacity options for realistically overlaying tag onto camera image. * Speed based thickness * Upload tags and screenshots to 000000book.com * Save tags to your photo library The new scale and 3D angle tools allow you to realistically position your tag onto a surface in a photo - making it look like it is on a wall, or the side of a truck for example. Some helpful tips: * You can clear the screen with a double tap when in drawing mode. * Triangle button in corner shows/hides all interfaces elements. * To access drawing and move settings - tap on the icon when it is already selected. * You can save images from Safari to your photo library and then load them as backgrounds.

More information on Fat Tag Deluxe here: http://fffff.at/fattag-deluxe-katsu-edition/ See your uploaded tags at: http://www.000000book.com Made with openFrameworks Theo Watson 2018 Update 1.3 adds metallic ink and support for all retina devices. Any other feedback is welcome!

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