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Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages

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Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages

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User Reviews for Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover Text SMS iMessages

Does exactly what it's supposed to

This app is amazing- and a life saver. I needed to export messages for legal reasons and it was very easy to use and quick! Once I backed up my iPhone to my windows PC, I downloaded the export iMessages app and opened it. Browsed to %AppData%/Apple Computer/MobileSync/BackUp where my iPhone backups are stored by default and I was even able to filter messages by contact and it exported them to my local downloads folder in 4 different formats. Easy to read and easy for printing. My only qualm was that it prints most recent on the top rather than from old to new-so you have to read backwards to follow along with any conversation and timeline. But you can use the .xls document and change the sort of you'd prefer-I just wanted it in PDF format. But seriously this app is the sh*! and I totally recommend it.-Panda <3

Amandapanda26, Feb 21, 2016
Worked well even on my very old PC!

I am really glad to say that this app worked! It takes a little extra work to download the corresponding program on your computer, but it was worth it. Didn’t take very long to complete the whole process and it allows you to save your files in multiple file types, which is very handy. Also worth mentioning that it even allowed me to export and save a large number of voice messages - literally voice messages sent via text - I’m not talking about voice mail. Anyway, those saved as AMR files, so I’ll have to convert them to something else or find a way to play that file type, but hey...better than having to transcribe hundreds of voice messages! I needed my texts and these voice messages for legal proceedings, so this app is a huge help so far! Lastly, my computer really is OLD and the app and program still worked on it, so cheers to that! Used on March 25, 2021.

Benny&theJess, Mar 25, 2021
It works (but not well)

Does what it claims (sort of). It would appear to use voice recognition to transcribe the text thou for the life of me I don’t see why it would, resulting in many misspellings. It’s also very cumbersome to use, involving first backing up to a local computer using iTunes, then using the app to look for individual text conversations, converting these to an excel format (if you go for pdf or a photo, you loose the ability to put the texts in chronological order as they DONT convert in chronological), then go into excel & format them to fit a std page (hope you’re semi conversant with excel) as you need to first sort, format all cells for auto height & width, then manually adjust certain rows to eliminate 1-4 lines of blank space that seem to show at the top of 15-20% of random cells.All that being said, it does work & for the price is MUCH better and faster than apples method of screen shots, scanning the photo, assembling the scans into one document and still NOT having dates & timesWould I buy it again? Yes! Would I get something more user friendly & pay again? Yes

Don88203, Jul 01, 2019
Wow! An app that really works!

This app was easy to use, I was happy I didn’t have to give up my Apple ID password. I downloaded the app from the App Store, then connected my iPhone to my MacBook Pro via cord. I backed it up the iPhone onto my computer, instead of iCloud. Next I had to download another package from the Internet onto the MacBook Pro . On that program I was able to find the text message thread I needed to download. I had previously selected to have all of my iTunes back ups/text phone back ups encrypted and I couldn’t remember the password for that encryption. I actually did find the password in the keychain from the last back up I did with my phone. I had contacted their support meanwhile and they got back to me within 20 minutes.

Entropy898, Nov 18, 2017
Very pleased

I am an iPhone 8 Plus user and I was looking for an app to allow me to print a text message thread for legal purposes with phone numbers displayed and time stamps. I had some difficulty in the beginning as you need to download the app to your pc, back up your phone using iTunes to the pc your using in order to access your files. I was using windows 10 and haven’t used my laptop in years, I must say I messaged the developer expressing my difficulties using the app and given an 11 hour time difference between us, the developer contacted me and was readily available to assist. Luckily with some help from a friend and a different laptop I was able to figure everything out, my issue was mostly caused by an outdated laptop. Definitely recommend this app!

Maria2984, Aug 07, 2018

I got a whim last night that it would be useful to have a backup of certain txt chains and found this app. It was late at night and the moment I bought the app I hit what I thought was a wall because it wanted me to do a back up to iTunes before doing anything and I use iCloud for backup. I emailed the developer and went to bed only to wake up this morning to a text from him he had sent immediately last night. I texted back early this morning saying I would try this later and he texted back immediately again. Later when I had time to work on it he was still readily available and walked me through exactly what I needed to make the app work properly on a PC. The app is as useful as I had hoped to but the tech-support was truly impressive.

Movienut45, May 13, 2016
Just what I needed!

This App 100% did exactly what it was designed and promised the consumers it would do. At first I had a problem getting it done however after reaching out to the publisher he not only FaceTime me but also text to walk me through the process in its entirety to ensure I was rendered the services in which I paid for.App saved the texts in multiple formats - PDF, XLS and HTML, as well as puts all attachments in a folder for reference as well.My mother was ill and I wanted to save my texts over the last several years as a way to record the journey. My phone was so full it wouldn't even take pictures anymore. Transferring photos to my computer did not free up enough memory. This app solved my problem! The text messages, and attachments are now in three user-friendly formats that I can print if I want.I highly recommend this app to everyone who has an iPhone. I’ve been looking for an app like this for quite some time and am so pleased to have finally found it. It’s very easy to use, works perfectly and the developer is very helpful and quick to respond to questions.I wanted to thank the developer of this software as this app is very useful - I could save and print plenty of memories.

Ray-2019, Jul 27, 2019
Amazing app

I wanted to thank the developer of this software as this app is very useful when it comes to data export. This app is not just export the text message, images, pics, videos...etc but it will also export the data along with time stamp which is commendable and very much needed when it comes to legal requirements. The entire process is very simple and within few minutes you will be able to export all the data. The highlight features are (1) you can select the phone number(s) which you want to export or you can also do it all at once as well (2) you can choose desirable file such as excel, html, and csv..(3) Cost, not expensive and it is worth spending money to get complete data back up and free up space in your phone. Moreover, when you get real or near real time response from customer service. What else we need more from the vendor. This is amazing, and I highly recommend this app.

Satish aka Sam, Oct 09, 2017
This App Solved My Problem!

Once I figured out where my iPhone backups were located, I found this app easy to use. It did everything I needed. My mother was ill and I wanted to save my texts over the last several years as a way to record the journey. My phone was so full it wouldn't even take pictures anymore. Transferring photos to my computer did not free up enough memory. This app solved my problem! The text messages, contacts, and attachments are now in three user-friendly formats that I can print if I want. I thought one backup deleted the previous so I contacted support in a panic. The developer of the app contacted me directly by text to help me understand and locate the different backups. The hard part was finding the iTunes backup, not this app! I understand it is coming out soon for Androids so your non-Apple friends can use it to. It was well worth the money!


This app, and also the company deserves 100 gold stars, because they are both so SPECTACULAR!!!! This app is literally a lifesaver, and I couldn't have asked for better (or faster) customer service. If you need to print your text messages, this is the app to use. My PC is very old and tired, and had A LOT of issues on it.... Not a problem though, because this app's Customer service fixed the issues on my computer so that I could use their app!! I have almost given up on the good people and companies in this world, but this company and app has changed my mind and perspective. They are great, and I am going to tell everyone I know about how great they are. Trust me, you are going to be really happy and also in great hands with this app. I wish all apps were like this. Thank you sooooo much!!!! Sincerely, Happiest Customer EVER

Theponygirl, Apr 07, 2016


Export Messages App allows you to Save/Export all Text Messages,Audio messages, Images/Pictures,videos and other attachments to your MAC/PC from Messages App.If you need to print text messages for legal purpose, this is right app for you to take a print of any Text conversation. [IMPORTANT] You need to Download latest Desktop app from http://backupsms.weebly.com for iOS 10.0 or latest iOS support WIndows PC users & Mac users must follow the instructions given in "FaQ" tab with in the Application. Make use of Export Messages App and take a copy all the Text Messages in Messages App to your Computer and keep it safely before Upgrading to a new iPhone Please refer FAQ tab with in the App for instructions on how to Export Messages using the App. Detailed user guides provided in App support website http://backupsms.weebly.com/ + Never worry about losing SMS/iMessages/Text Messages, you can now take backup of all text messages including pictures, videos and other attachments in your messages app to your MAC/PC. + You can free up memory by saving all the the messages permanently to MAC/PC in PDF/HTML/Excel format + You can print save or email SMS, iMessages & Text Messages, MMS, attachments, audio, video messages. + You can filter messages by contact and date range + All attachments saved in a separate folder + This is the Only App in App Store supports iOS10.2 encrypted backups, so export/save messages without compromising on security.

Don't waste your time, contact support if you are having any kind of difficulty in using the app. + No in App purchases, you can do unlimited exports for the device on which App is installed. Minimum Requirements: + Mac or Windows PC + Latest iTunes installed on your computer + iTunes backup encryption password required only for Encrypted backup users. Note: Companion PC/MAC applications are having advanced features, you download and use it for free from http://backupsms.weebly.com/

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