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EPA 608 Practice

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EPA 608 Practice

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User Reviews for EPA 608 Practice


The questions are great and it’s really helping me study for my test. My one complaint is in reference to the questions that other people have pointed out having the wrong answers in their reviews. The questions haven’t been fixed, and their reviews are from over a year ago……

brosch03, Sep 30, 2021

Great so far. Along with the prep manual we got in class, I feel very confident going into all parts of the exam. Only minor complaint is that the question choices could be lower to prevent exiting a started practice exam.

buddykir, Apr 19, 2020
App still has bugs

Hi developerI purchased this app 2 weeks ago and using it just few days from now.I can see somebody already mentioned about the questions being chosen different with my choice after finish the test. When I go back to review I can see that. PLEASE FIX ASAP.And if you can add bookmark questions, that will be great!

Buiqtrung, May 15, 2019
Good study questions, poorly optimized app

While the study questions are good, the app itself could use some help. It is not optimized to work with newer iPhones with the “dynamic island”… the back buttons barely work and need to tapped multiple times in different areas for it to be registered as a click. Some of the text is also hidden behind the “dynamic island” making it unreadable.

Coreywilson95, Jun 12, 2023
Great way to prep for the test

I have been using this for days and reading the epa prep manual. This app has been helping me retain the information. I have noticed one question on the type 3 study mode has a wrong answer. Question 85 states 25 inches is correct but the epa study guide and web site state it should be 25mm.

DCellBatteries, Sep 18, 2020
Great app

I love this app and it helped me so much on my studying and I passed the first time I took the took the test. I just wished you have a book marked to make it easy to mark where you stopped the time time to continue study instead of going to the beginning again other than that I highly recommend

HfLyou, Jan 24, 2020
Good but not great

The questions on the app are right on with what I learned would be on the test but for some reason when taking practice tests and reviewing the answers after I realized that it was marking answers wrong saying I picked a different answer when I know I picked the correct answer. So just keep on that, but other then that it’s good

holycrapisthisnametaken, Nov 26, 2019

If it wasn’t for this app I would have never got my Certification! I don’t have access to a computer (I know it’s 2018 and everyone has one) so this app really helped me study while I was at work, family house, friends house, and my favorite spot to study in the restroom. LOL thanks a lot!

Inkubustim, Nov 21, 2018
Worth every penny!!

I purchased this app a few weeks ago. I went through every practice question and did all the practice tests 2-3 a week. Then, I Would read and review the ESCO literature and highlight all the familiar questions from the app. I ended up highlighting 90% of the book. The best part was that it wasn’t just yellow lines on a page, but the info was actually retained. I received 100% core, 100% type1, 92% type2, 92% type 3. The app had current information, and the exam questions were recognizable. It is Worth every penny!!!

J$W800, Mar 03, 2020
Best App ever used

I don’t usually write reviews, but I just got done taking my EPA 608 universal and PASSED. This app has the EXACT questions that are on the test and that is no joke! Normally they are worded different, nope, exactly. I literally studied this app the night before, last night, just ran through the practice test four or five times each and took my exam today and passed. 6 stars if I could. Great work, worth every penny, cause now I don’t need to pay for another test.

JustJason1, Feb 13, 2020


Contains hundreds of up-to-date (2018, 2019, 2020) practice questions to help you review for the EPA 608 Core, Type I, Type II, and Type III tests. Has both a practice mode and a test mode with review to see what you've missed. Core Section: - Ozone depletion - Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol - Section 608 regulations - Substitute refrigerants and oils - Refrigeration - Three Rs - Recovery techniques - Dehydration evacuation - Safety - Shipping Type I Section: - Recovery requirements - Recovery techniques - Substitute refrigerants and oils - General service and maintenance - Recovery techniques - General safety - Refrigerant cylinders - Refrigerant cylinder shipping Type II Section: - Leak detection and repair - Refrigeration - Recovery requirements - Recovery techniques - Refrigeration process - General safety Type III Section: - Leak detection and repair - Recovery techniques - Recharging techniques - Recovery requirements - Refrigeration - Refrigeration process - General safety - Recovery techniques – identifying refrigerants - Leak detection and repair - Recovery requirements