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Accsoon Go

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User Reviews for Accsoon Go

Do not use for 2x anamorphic

I shoot with a Panasonic S1H. Like the GH4, GH5, and GH5S before it, the S1H can shoot in 4:3 video for use with 2x anamorphic lenses. And that is exactly what I do. However the flavor of anamorphic desqueeze that this app has is just vertical scaling. So it takes my 4:3 video signal and squishes it down vertically until it is properly desqueezed but is now only using a tiny portion of the screen. Most cheap monitors with anamorphic desqueeze do the same thing. I had some hope for this app though because I saw it had a 1.5x zoom. Which could have completely solved the problem. But the zoom on the app crops the video vertically. It doesn’t expand the whole frame so you can use more of the screen. Whoever coded the anamorphic features on this app clearly never tried to actually use them. This would be such an easy fix to implement. Please do. Until then, the cineeye is useless to me.

Alex Raaen, Aug 27, 2020
Won’t do the motion settings.

I tried to use the creative app feature, but the app won’t log in my Points. Would love some help with it.I punch in the time and then nothing appears.

bonkaijoe, Jul 05, 2019
No joystick reverse Function!

I need upgrade to include joystick reverse (tilt) function . Some person like air plane mode other like up down .. please increase it to make it more better !

DeeJaySid, Aug 16, 2020
Cineeye doesn’t work with this latest app update.

Have my cineeye for over a year and it works fine with the previous app version on my other iOS device. It doesn’t work with this latest app version. Very frustrating.

fuji27, Oct 26, 2020
Mostly Amazing

I have been on professional sets where everyone from the director to the PA says that the Cine-eye is the coolest piece of technology on set. It is so handy for lighting especially, I can walk around with an iPad or an iphone and see the changes that I am making live without carrying a massive/heavy monitor. That being said, I own two cine-eyes so I can look at multiple cameras. It’s a pain because it cuts in and out, although it is manageable. I have found that just by leaving the app and coming back it temporarily solves the issue. Also, if it says you have the wrong WiFi password just restart the cine-eye. If you’re willing to work around the sometimes frustrating issues, it is a really spectacular piece of equipment. Also, the lists work fantastic, you just have to download them ahead of time using the “files” app to copy them to the Accsoon folder. I love it for when I’m shooting in S&Q mode on the FS7.

jessejtodd, Dec 18, 2019
Need Mirror / Flip horizontally

The app works well with the accsoon cineEye air, but it is missing one important feature - screen flip. So, when the subject in front of the camera moves right, they see themselves moving left instead. There’s a reason a camera with flip screen mirrors the display when it is fully flipped out. Here’s to hoping for an update.

macadology, May 12, 2021
Very good app but

I love he app, super useful, however I need to take screen grabs for my work at it doesn’t have the option. Since you can record video I thought it’d be easy to have a frame grab button option so I don’t have to do screenshots. Can that be a feature for the next update?

nvsgarcia, Feb 02, 2021
This latest update has a consistent issue.

There is a permanent 2:35 ratio white line that won’t go away no matter how you change the settings. Needs fixing QUICK!!

Timekillers, Mar 19, 2020
On the right track

The provided tools make it easier to see and pull focus as the picture is sharp. I haven’t had any connection issues once everything is up and running. A requested feature would be to add more ratios for framing under markers as this can be used for both pictures and video work. Most cameras don’t have all the ratios of the most popular social media standards such as 4:5 for portraits for instagram. Adding these ratios will help a lot. If you can add the ability to have custom ratios you can future proof this product. It will allow you to use any camera to get the framing right from the beginning which makes things much easier. This can be an added value to any setup and can help those out with mixed setups tremendously. Also adding more grids and allowing it to be adjusted based off of the chosen framing would help to elevate the app.

VeinMere, Jan 01, 2021
Amazing piece

The anamorphic feature is amazing!!!! Really fast latency, no delay that I could tell. I couldn’t get the in app recording to send the videos to my camera app but I wouldn’t use that on set much anyways. Overall a stable of my camera rig.

vfxblender, Jan 18, 2020


Accsoon Go is an App for Accsoon gimbal and wireless video transmitter products. With the gimbal, the App can be used to tuning the settings of the gimbal, camera control, gimbal remote control, gimbal calibrating and firmware upgrade. 1. Easy motor tuning With the auto tuning, Accsoon Go can adjust motor parameters automatically based off the camera setup.

Also, users can further adjust the Motor Power, Speed, Follow Speed, Follow Deadband, Rudder Speed, and Focus control speed of the gimbal. 2. Creative Photography Accsoon gimbals supports panoramic photography, timelapse, motion control and ultra-wide angle photography, users can easily create high quality creative videos and photos by use the App. 3. Update the firmware When future firmware versions are released, users can update the gimbal firmware by the App. With the CineEye Wireless Video Transmitter, the App can turn phones and tablets into professional monitor. The functions of the App are: 1. Gray scale/RGB 2. Focus Assistant 3. False color 4. Histogram 5. Zebra 6. 3D LUT 7. Waveform 8. Video Range/Limited Range 9. Center Marker/Scale Marker/Safe Marker/Marker Color/Marker Width 10. Zoom In/Out with Pinch 11. Anamorphic De-squeeze 12. Wi-Fi Settings

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