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User Reviews for Artemis Pro

A couple small feature requests

I really wanted to contact the company directly vs leaving a review but there is no contact link through the support path.So far as lenses are concerned, there are enough Sirui lenses floating out there at this point that it would be nice to have those in the set.Further more, in the generic lens section why not have an option to customize your anamorphic squeeze? They have some 1.3 lenses but their new full frame lenses are an odd size of 1.6x. SmallHD allows this type of adjustment and it would be a great option to have in general.I have also noticed that you cannot select any focal lengths in red. I understand these would create vignetting but sometimes I would be cropping it anyway so I don’t really care if it vignettes, etc.In the case of ZCam, we can mod an MFT mount and put it on an F6 and pretty much get full frame coverage up to about 5k if the rear diameter of the lens allows for that.Any chance of importing our own stand in models or transparent png files would be huge as well.Thanks for such an amazing app, and for adding Z Cam.

bicklespickles, Dec 05, 2021
Depth of field

I love this app and I use it all the time for location scouting. It would be really cool to see a live depth of field calculator on the screen while framing a shot. Lets say you are taking a picture with 50mm lens at 2.8 aperture. What would the depth of field equal to as a reference on the screen. This would help to see how much light would be needed for a certain shots.

Eddie_789, May 29, 2020
Best Video Pre Production App On Mobile

I’ve had the app over 3 months now and the amount of information that I’ve been able to gather just by remembering I’ve got this tool on my phone is astounding. Once you it have your camera and lens choices set up, it’s very quick to capture your visual ideas and keep them organized. The only thing that would make this app even better is having the ability to create multiple camera & lens profiles to quickly switch between! Keep up the great work! ✌️😎👍

foto_alaska, Sep 02, 2021
Works for LF Cinema Cameras

If the new version crashes when you install, try this:Open the Settings App > General > Reset then tap Reset Location and PrivacyOpen Artemis Pro and tap Allow or Yes for any prompts.

jkmonolith, Jul 10, 2018
Artemis Pro is great!

I find Artemis Pro incredibly useful and easy to use. I was recently on a shoot with several different models of Red cameras, and the Artemis app excelled. The accuracy and flexibility of the app is so useful on a technical and creative level that that I’ve begun to really rely on it. Being able to move around a set or locations and share information with key members of the production is critical. I would highly recommend it cinematographers and camera teams. The Artemis Pro team is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. When I reached out to them about a specific question, their response was fast and accurate.

L Gress, Mar 24, 2023
Crashes despite all attempts to fix

I’ve tried every recommended fix to the crashing issue, the most I can get it opening the app and using it for a while, but eventually it will start crashing again and I have reset location privacy, which is super inconvenient to then have to go through all my other apps and ‘okay’ the pop ups.It also felt very deceiving to remove a lot of features from Artemis legacy and so that you’re forced to buy the pro version if you want things like 2.35 frame lines for cameras that don’t shoot it internally. Definitely would like to see the crashing fixed so I could actually use it, and then maybe it would be worth a couple more stars, and the price tag.

MattMillerDP, Aug 25, 2018
Artemis is the real deal!

I have used Artemis since it’s beginning… And can’t begin to say enough good things about it… It has been such a huge tool to helping setting up and designing shots. Sharing info with other departments.. it’s a massive timesaver and gives you the ability to communicate with photos and videos exactly what your plan is.. if I could give it an 11 star rating I would!!!!Josh Bleibtreu ASC

panahead, Oct 19, 2023
Stellar Customer Service!

When ArtemisPro first came out, I upgraded. I knew that it would have better features since the developers listen to their clientele. I was right. I use this app on every TV commercial I produce. I don’t micromanage the Directors vision or the DP’s framing but try and previz the oncoming circus that is known as production. If I know the DP who will be shooting the spot, I try to reach out to confirm the camera that might be used. I’ll usually just go with a generic set of primes to cover off the basic FOV.As they say, it’s all in the prep. I’ve had a few questions since this upgrade and depending upon the complexity of the ask, someone gets back to me in 24hrs. I recently had some issues with an uploading process that took some back and forth but fortunately the person I dealt with really wanted to understand the issue. He hung in there and eventually figured it out. Also, the fact that this marries up with HeliosPro, their sun/moon prediction app makes it a winning combo. Go to the hip, it’s worth every penny.

peterkeenan, Apr 17, 2019
Great app but crushes after a while

My Artemis pro starts crushing on opening on my iPhone 8 and iPad Air 2. It used to work fine on both device but a while ago it stopped working on my iPad first, show the logo page and quits itself. I tried reboot, reinstall, and even after updating the iOS it still won’t work. And now it starts doing the same thing on my iPhone 8. I also tried rebooting and reinstalling on my iPhone but no luck. Both device has the latest iOS and latest version of Artemis pro. Anyone experience the same issue?

snoozedan, Oct 15, 2019
Saved my movie

Wouldn’t have been able to do it in the ridiculously short time and ridiculously small amount of money we had. Lifesaver.



Artemis was the first digital viewfinder for smartphones. Over the years it has become an indispensable tool for professional filmmakers used by Oscar winners and film students the world over. Every day it helps people line up shots that become the world’s favorite moments in film and television.

This year Artemis was awarded an Emmy for its contribution to filmmaking, an award for which we are very honored. This new version of Artemis includes a wealth of new features including: Record video, trim the ends and add custom title cards. Create custom framelines for any shape size or aspect ratio you like. A built-in series of "looks" that provide a way to pre-visualise color grading ideas. You can also create your own looks and import Photoshop curves. Integration with Helios Pro. Add virtual stand-ins on the live camera feed and in storyboards. Virtual Wide Angle mode to overcome the camera limitation of your device.

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