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DaVinci Resolve for iPad

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User Reviews for DaVinci Resolve for iPad

absolutely great (READ IF IT CRASHES ON STARTUP)

industry standard video editor on an ipad! and to all the people saying it crashes, im on an ipad mini 5, it works fine, what more can you ask for? if it's crashing on startup, delete it and reinstall it. This app is free and has more features than other "pls subscribe and give me money" video editors. Every other editor is permanently out of the question. Davinci Resolve includes amazing editing tools for free, with even more amazing tools with Davinci Resolve Studio, for $95, which is actually a pretty good pricepoint for professional software such as this. I’ve seen softwares that have only one focus, and cost $200, while this is a full-featured, Hollywood professional movie studio quality editor, which of course is more than suited for my needs, simply making memes and editing my videos, and while some people may be immediately turned off by the fact that it simply looks quite complex, keep in mind, almost no professional software (Blender, Affinity Photo, Davinci Resolve, etc.), does not look complex, as it’s possible to fit advanced features without hiding them away in 350 different bundles of menus. Overall, 11/10, absolutely outstanding piece of software. The one and only request I have is the addition of more tabs. (Fusion, fairlight, etc.)

anonymouse293018, Dec 24, 2022
Very basic and missing fundamentals

Well I was hoping that BMD would at least assure that their own software would work with their own cameras but as of now at least Resolve for iPad only supports BRAW but not the CDNG format many of their previous generation cameras shoot into. It sees files shot in CDNG as just stills and won’t import them properly as a clip for any of their older cameras. Also missing is the ability to add any custom 3D LUT’s at all, you are stuck with the basic LUT’s Resolve comes with, there’s no option at all to add any third party LUT files whatsoever. Hopefully they address both of these major issues, even if it requires me buying the Studio version, which I totally would if it supported both these features.

chasehagen, Dec 27, 2022
Feels terrible, iPad corrupts files

If you are thinking of buying a iPad for this app, don’t! Just wasted $1300 as the iPad file management is absolutely horrible and can’t even finish a project without corrupting the sd card and losing all the files!! I was going to try and do some quick edits for a job, and now everything is lost! The interface on the app just is a hassle, example cutter goes away when the inspector is up, so it’s a ton of clicking to close and reopen tabs for no reason. Using the Pen is even worse with the app as it responds to half the inputs. I was really excited about this app and purchased the iPad Pro m2 to get the most out of it, but it’s completely worthless and will be nothing but a giant paper weight that I very rarely use (unfortunately couldn’t really test app until return date is past).

Dance_Like_Clinton, Mar 06, 2023
Pretty great, except for software bug

I’m pleasantly surprised that Resolve runs smoothly on my 4th Gen iPad Air (although I am disappointed that I can’t export in 4k without upgrading to an iPad Pro). That aside, I stumbled across a possible software bug when editing vertical content: it is shrunken down and surrounded by a large black border that I can’t get rid of. I have already tried adjusting my project settings to 1080x1920, cropping the clips (doing so only zooms in to the clips without enlarging them), and adjusting the Retime/Scaling settings. Note that, regarding the black border, I’m not referring to the empty space that would otherwise be filled if the clips were horizontal. This problem, however, doesn’t occur when editing horizontal video. I figured that I was missing something or doing something wrong, so I imported vertical content into the desktop version of Resolve to see if the issue persisted. I used the same project settings I used on my iPad, but the desktop app displayed the vertical clips correctly. With that being said, I would appreciate having this software bug fixed so I can utilize the app fully. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, to no avail. I’m curious if other users have also experienced this problem.

EJMuffin, Dec 26, 2022
Desktop style video editing On-The-Go!

I have been using DaVinci Resolve on PC for years. It’s always been an intuitive yet powerful video editing tool, able to be as simple or advanced as the user would like. When I heard it was coming to iPad, I was skeptical. I have the iPad Air 5 and wasn’t convinced it would operate effectively. However, upon downloading and working with it, I realized how badly I judged the shift to mobile. The videos I edited were only around 5 minutes at most, however it seems the application delivers quality results regardless of the needs. It’s definitely worth the free download for anyone who would like to get into amateur video editing on entry-level devices. Fantastic job.

GRAMAZ_, Jan 19, 2023
Valiant attempt but key pieces missing

This attempt to bring DaVinci to the iPad is amazingly well done. It is possible to construct and color grade a video timeline almost as good as you would on the full version. Almost but not quite. There are some shortcomings to the functionality especially in the audio features. Annoyingly there’s no easy way to fade in and fade out an audio track - - the little white handle that you can drag in the edit module of the full version is non existent on the iPad. For that matter, the edit module is not there at all, neither is the Fairlight module. Paying the $ 99 upgrade to the iPad studio version doesn’t open up these features either, although it opens up many additional transitions and fusion features. Don’t get me wrong, I have created several pro looking videos on my iPad with this app and I am amazed that it actually brings a fairly good version of DaVinci to a mobile device, it’s just missing some audio control features, which I am hoping will be added in future updates. I

ianmbelinos, Mar 05, 2023
Perfect video editor for iPad Pro

I have spent years practicing video editing on a wide variety of platforms. As an Apple user, my go to app has been Final Cut Pro. The first time I used DaVinci Resolve was on the iPad. Now that I am taking classes on DaVinci Resolve I am amazed to see just how useful this app is if u are looking for the best video editing app on iPad. Compared to Lumafusion and iMovie, (both of which I have used on the iPad) this app is a the perfect professional video editing and color correction app you can use for every kind of video editing requirement. Even if you don’t have any experience with DaVinci Resolve when you start using this app, the same situation I was in when I downloaded this app, you can easily start importing and editing footage in the app and learn as you go along. If you are interested in using all of the editing pages Mac users rely on, this can be achieved by simply evoking the keyboard shortcuts list and assigning keyboard shortcuts to the other pages in the app. This will enable you to enjoy the full DaVinci Resolve editing experience from the beginning of a project, through the delivery stage.

MacLoverPro9, Apr 09, 2023
From a guy never used DaVinci Resolve before and only using Lumafusion

I first heard about this editing software when it came to ipados, never knew that it existed on computer. I heard lot of professional editor like using this software. I never tried any editing software on the computer maybe because it’s performance very bad and cost too much money. So i try it out after 5 years using Lumafusion to editing for my videos. At first it’s very hard to use. can’t pinch in or out the clip line, comlicated zoom and out effects, theres some cool effects that I liked. After tried to learn it and final straw that broke the back is that, audio very buggy when i played the video (on 2021 iPad mini). So I decided to head back to Lumafusion because it’s kinda simple, enough for my video cutting, easy to zoom and out of an video, enough effects. It does all the stuff for me like Color Space based on clip I put in the project so I don’t need to worry about. Maybe i’m just an idiot trying to learn this “professional” app. If it’s the good editing software for you then use it and purchase the Studio mode for it. I just find it very hard to use and it’s sort of anti new user. If you find this review stupid then yea, i’m stupid.

MinhNguyen245, Jan 26, 2023
A nice tool for low budget DIT but needs more update

I am a digital colorist, also 2nd camera assistant on set. Used the app on a set with wireless video receiver and UVC capture card. I captured incoming video as H.264 and made a grade roughly for DoP. It took only 3 minutes, He knew actor’s hair needs more light if we want to change hair color more vibrant and subtle cyan feeling in the post. We resolved the issue within another 5 minutes and everything worked flawlessly, both director and DoP was happy. It was not a livegrade but anyway works. Even recorded footage from C70 played butterly smooth. However one thing was disappointed: It does not support Canon Cinema RAW Light unlike desktop version, nor ProRes RAW, although my 12.9 6th gen iPad Pro have a decoder engine for that. Hope to see more format support in the near future and hopefully livegrade support.

Stitans, Mar 01, 2023
Can’t wait to see where it goes

I love that this is a full version. What I mean is that you can have someone on an iPad while someone is on a PC at the same time with cloud collaboration. I think the Cut Page and Color Grading pages are great for the iPad. It just needs to get the Fairlight & Edit page next. If you’re looking to get this, definitely try it first. If you’re already used to Resolve, then you’ll have 90% of the learning curve down. Definitely expect some learning curves. The workflow and other things will be a bit different and you will be slower than normal at first.

Vader Tator, Apr 18, 2023


DaVinci Resolve for iPad DaVinci Resolve for iPad is the world’s only solution that combines editing and color correction in one software tool! Its elegant, modern interface is fast to learn and easy for new users, yet powerful for professionals. DaVinci Resolve lets you work faster and at a higher quality because you don’t have to learn multiple apps or switch software for different tasks.

That means you can work with camera original quality images throughout the entire process. It’s like having your own post production studio in a single app! Best of all, by learning DaVinci Resolve, you’re learning how to use the exact same tools used by Hollywood professionals in high end post production studios! Turn work around fast using cut page editing! The cut page is perfect for projects with tight deadlines that you have to turn around quickly. It’s also great for documentary work. The cut page has a streamlined interface that’s fast to learn and designed for speed. Features such as source tape for visual media browsing, fast review, and smart editing tools help you work faster than ever. The sync bin and source overwrite tools are the fastest way to edit multi-cam programs, with easy to create perfectly synchronized cut aways! With DaVinci Resolve you’ll spend more time editing and less time hunting for shots. Hollywood’s favorite color corrector! The DaVinci Resolve for iPad color page is Hollywood’s most advanced color corrector and has been used to color and finish more high end feature films and television shows than any other system! It’s also approachable with features designed to make it easier for new users to get great results while they continue to learn the advanced tools. For example, primary control sliders will be familiar to anyone who’s used image editing software, making it easy to adjust contrast, temperature, mid-tone detail, saturation and more. The color page has an incredible range of primary and secondary color grading features including PowerWindows™, qualifiers, 3D trackers, advanced HDR grading tools and more! Blackmagic Cloud Collaboration DaVinci Resolve for iPad supports the revolutionary Blackmagic Cloud, a whole new way of collaborating using cloud based workflows. Simply create a Blackmagic Cloud ID to log into the DaVinci Resolve Project Server and set up a project library for your project. You can assign any number of collaborators to a project, using Blackmagic Cloud to share projects. Multiple people can work on the same timeline! When changes are made, you can see and accept them in the viewer, changes are only applied when you accept updates. A single click can relink files, update timelines, or view changes. Built in timeline compare tools let you merge changes into a master timeline so others can continue with edits. AI Tools for Creativity DaVinci Resolve features cutting edge AI processing powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine. Tools such as magic mask need only a single stroke to locate and track people, features and objects in a shot. You can make characters stand out in an under lit shot, or invert the person mask and stylize the background. Smart reframe repurposes footage to dramatically different aspect ratios by recognizing the action in a scene and panning within it so you can quickly create square or vertical versions for posting to social media. Voice isolation lets you easily remove loud, undesirable sounds from interviews and dialogue recordings from noisy locations. AI tools create quick, accurate results saving you hours of time! Compatibility Recommended for use with Apple iPad Pro M1 or newer models. Earlier iPad models may be restricted to HD, and memory limitations may limit some features. DaVinci Resolve projects (drp) and project archives (dra) are fully compatible with DaVinci Resolve 18 on desktop. Supported file formats include H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes and Blackmagic RAW. Supports the Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil as well as Studio and PRO XDR Displays.

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