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User Reviews for Dave & Buster's Ding Ding Ding

Terrible System and App

Dave and Buster’s reward system has always been pretty poor. Earning points is inconsistent and the app hasn’t always worked when you need it to, especially inside of your local D&B. Customer service is fair, but I shouldn’t have to call every time I want my points added because it didn’t work on site, and I shouldn’t have to call back because after being on the phone, the rep didn’t update my request. It was never fun or rewarding to use this app. Just spend your money and enjoy yourself. I was hoping with the new app update, there would be less glitching and a system that worked in real time, but nope. The message center in the app hasn’t worked since I updated and signed up again for the new program. I have an email stating that my welcome offer is ready and I can find it in my messages, but messages just load (on and off wifi at different locations). I’m pretty disappointed. I love D&B, but their rewards system and app are and continue to be a let down.

alreneeb, Jan 08, 2022
Another update and another disappointment!

Another update and another disappointment! After over a year of not being able to get anywhere into the app, as soon as I log-in, it instantly logs me out and asked me to log back in! Now I am in a constant boot loop of logging in and being instantly logged out as soon as I successfully log-in. Please don’t give me that “We apologize that you’re having log-in issues. Please leave a message with your contact info and power card number at 1-800-we-don’t-care for guest relations team. That’ll allow our team to better brush you off with what’s going on with your account.” I’ve been leaving my name and number for the last year with guest relations and get nowhere with them. All they tell me is “We are aware of the situation and and our team is in the process of a new update that will hopefully fix your problem. Please wait wait for the next update.” You know just as well as I do guest relations cannot help. Guest relations is about as useless as this app. It is gotten to the point that we are about to go to Dave & Buster’s and cash out all of our tokens that we have accumulated over the years, deleting your app, and never look back before you guys end up shutting your doors.Your establishment has become a sad situation for your most loyal customers!

Big mike 60411, Jan 20, 2022
Just one issue otherwise awesome

The Clacksmas D&B in Oregon. Great place nice people decent prize selection clean facility. Would have been 5 stars but the server at lunch was required to make us give her a credit card to “hold” when we sat in the booth to order food. We are two early 40’s adults with a 10 year old son. We ordered 3 meals and 2 apps and 3 beverages. Nothing unusual. I am a manager with one of the two largest banks in the US. This practice is a huge risk for fraud, card loss, etc. A card should not be out of the owners possession in that manner. I have her a card we don’t use and let her know that was not the method we’d be paying with. She was polite and explained the policy is to prevent dine and dash. I’d rather have simply been given the opportunity to pay right away prior to the food prep. She said the procedure is mandatory. I also could have paid cash up front. This is not a good process and made an otherwise terrific visit uncomfortable. And what if I had no cards? Not a good look. We are from out of state so we are not here often but this bears mentioning. We won’t eat here again.

bugnjess, Apr 02, 2022
The app is really bad…

When using the app to scan for games, it’s horrible. There are constant glitches and it’s constantly freezing when you are trying to scan to play a game. Sometimes you will scan a game and the app will charge you for the points but the game won’t start. With the card, you never have that issue. With the app it will deduct the points right away, but it takes a while for the tickets to load which is inconvenient. Overall, the app is very unreliable when it comes to tapping it on the scanner when you’re trying to play a game. It’s either stealing your points many times or not loading the tickets in a timely manner. It’s very unreliable and always has an issue with glitching or freezing every time I’ve attempted to use it this year. We just end up getting the cards because it’s such a hassle dealing with the app. Terrible, terrible app. It needs a lot of improvement. The only positive thing I will say about the app is that it’s a hub that has good information and prices, other than that don’t use it because it will steal it points.

eayala518, Dec 11, 2021
Overall, pretty good.

I've used the app and wallet features without issue but I arrived at D&B in Concord, CA, and couldn't reload. The only solution the team could offer would be a new card, plus activation fee. 🙄 It was fine last week at the new Fairfield location. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, it's a great app when it works. I find syncing issues with wallet versus the app, but I refer to the screen on the game to give me real-time information. Hope you get this fixed because I love feeling like a kid again! Leaving 5 stars because it's a simple bug that can be fixed on the next update. Overall, the app is pretty good and convenient so you can have one less physical card to carry around.

Heyitsmikey, Jul 09, 2021
Terrible time

We took our daughter here for the first time, my husband and I have been 100 times before and usually, we love it. We were so excited to bring her here and we were going to have lunch and then play games. When we first walked in, we waited forever at the counter for someone to walk over to seat us, we had to flag someone down to do so. We shrugged it off. Even though it wasn’t that busy. We sat down and our waitress seemed to have an attitude. We placed our drink order and my daughter got the snow globe drink, she was excited because it had the light up cube in it. When the waitress brought it back. It didn’t have the cube and it wasn’t the same drink she ordered. She said well we are out of those.. it would have been nice to know that before hand? She was extremely rude about it. She didn’t get us napkins or anything even though we ordered ribs. She never refilled our drinks. She never checked on us. Honestly it was terrible. Worst food experience I have had so far. The meal was over cooked and honestly I have eaten the same thing here a million times and it just wasn’t up to par. Then the games- almost every game we tried to play went down. It was already down. We didn’t even get to play all of them and had to spend most of the time waiting for someone to come and fix it because it took our chips. This was my daughters birthday present and I have to say, Dave and busters has started going down hill. I’m really disappointed.

Honeyblossomshookerpie, Mar 19, 2022

I like many other reviewers and D&B lovers, have been having a hard time using the app since the new update and or reward program. I had the same issue as everyone trying to log in and states has an account already. So today I went through the steps using the same phone number I always use, only difference is that I used a different email and BOOM I'm in. I can now see my card with the chips since our last visit and my many tickets that I've been stacking up. Hope this helps those that are still having issues getting in. 😉 I'll update my review once we have our outing at D&an today if any issues arise while using the virtual card ETC.

Peaaa.Nuttt, Feb 05, 2022
No one ever responds

I’ve been trying for months to get my account moved from my old number to my new one so I don’t lose my credits and tickets I have saved forever! But your staff can’t be bothered to answer emails at all! Absolutely disgusted with your customer service or should I say lack of customer service. Then in store I ordered a drink, the same drink I order every Wednesday! It rings $3. Something everytime except this one! I was charged $10 for my $3 drink! I mentioned to the server that I always order this and it should not be that much and pointed out the drink on my receipt was not the drink I ask for or that I had received, he then claimed he rang that drink up because it come out cheaper ! What ! No $10 is in no way cheaper the $3 . I ask for the manager and was left standing at the bar for a good 35-40 min and no one ever came I went to the front desk and that lady went to “find” the manager and server about 15 mins later she comes back and said the manager would be out soon ! I waited another 20 min and left ! Rude service and cheating servers .

sammyntoby, Mar 24, 2022
Lazy staff and Managment that needs to be retrained

Was told they could not make a frozen mudslide because it was not on the menus. The waitress who was a sweetheart seemed very upset and unhappy with her co-workers who were being extremely difficult over me ordering a mudslide. Very unfortunate, I’m sure the owner wants his customers to come back and I’m sure hopes that his staff would go above and beyond for customers since that is what employees the staff. Then the poor waitress came back and said they wouldn’t make me a mudslide on the rocks. This establishment makes many drinks that are not on the menu. I have never seen such poor service. Mathew the manger came over with an attitude and a scolding that he’ll do it for me this one time lol as if he’s doing me a favor and explained that they don’t have a recipe for a mudslide and everything is standard on the menu although many people are the bar are drinking drinks NOT on the menu. They blamed the waitress, made her feel uncomfortable and made me feel even more uncomfortable. How is this ok? Oh and it’s my birthday. Thank you DB I’m glad I came here for my birthday. The way the waitress is being treated who is sweet and excellent at customer service should work somewhere where she is appreciated.

sexy birthday girl, Mar 21, 2022
App does NOT work- Can’t redeem offers... Very disappointing.

I love Dave & Busters along with my family and friends but there are seldom offers like there used to be. I got so excited this week when I saw the $50 for $25 offer pop up in my app. Unfortunately, after 3 days of trying different methods to pay and claim the offer in the app I keep receiving the same error message stating there’s a problem on their end and they’ll work to resolve it. It has been almost a week and the problem is still not addressed or fixed in the app plus the offer is about to expire. I called customer service regarding the issue to see if they would take payment over the phone to redeem the offer only to be informed they could not help or accept payment and that these offers can only be processed through the app (when it works). Additionally, I was informed that the offer would not be honored if I went to D&B in store either. This was a very disappointing experience. Please fix the app issues and provide more offers that customers can actually redeem and that can be honored whether in app or in store in situations like these when there are technical errors on D&B’s end but the customer is the one who gets slighted. Thank you.

Spacy224, Feb 29, 2020


Download FUN & Rewards straight to your phone with the new Dave & Buster’s app! D&B Rewards is bigger & better with a whole new look and new ways to earn rewards. LEVEL UP and create your D&B Rewards account in the app and start earning benefits: - LEVEL UP by playing games to earn rewards & status - View your tier level & progress to the next tier - Complete challenges and keep track of your progress - Skip the Kiosk: purchase and re-charge your cards on the go - View chip balances & tickets levels from your phone - Tap to activate games with a digital Power Card® - Recharge your card anywhere, anytime - Receive exclusive app only offers Visit daveandbusters.com/rewards for full program terms and details.

There’s always something new at Dave & Buster’s – the ONLY place to Eat, Drink, Play & Watch Sports and get Rewarded all under one roof!

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