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User Reviews for DAT Load Board for Truckers

Great app

Makes searching for loads a breeze . Only thing I could add as of this moment is the feature to remove a post from visibility . If a load is old/cheap or if I called on it already a simple swipe right just like the add to work list but the opposite would be great . And bring it back up if they change something on the posting like raising the rate for example . This was possible on the old DAT program before it went to web based . Great app overall though thank you .

beartow01, Jun 20, 2019
Crooked Brokers

You banned nan brokers that under pay the load; the post an offer when you call they want to bring the price lower. If post a price we should negotiate according to that price. Beside the fifteen day run don’t mean nothing to them.You have a spot to rate these brokers and much bad reviews should remove them. The business is hard for everyone as everyone has pay fees and bills; fairness will keep everyone happy and running. Good apps make these improvements then you have a 4 1/2 from me.

Cyletj, Oct 17, 2019
Decent app but needs alert function

This app is overall good, user friendly and easy to use. Only problem is that I pay the higher premium to be able to use certain functions like alerts, but those are only available on the computer website, not this app. Adding an alert function to the app (if you’re under that tier) would be amazing. If I can get notifications on my phone, when a new listing within my perimeters pops up, that would be game changing. Please consider adding this function to the mobile app.

DenKapiy, Feb 14, 2022
Mandatory Fields (Rates,Details,Dropoff dates)🙏🏾🤬

Please make it mandatory brokers post rates, details, drop off dates and times. I’m Beginning to spend hours on the phone with brokers who already know the rates there paying aren’t going to get covered. If carriers knew the drop off dates for your loads these wasted calls could be avoided. I’m not sure why this isn’t mandatory, this is a scheduling app. Details are really important in this business please help your carriers out we also pay the monthly premium. Please it’s your app and your #1. I don’t want to hear brokers have there discretion. 7/10 reviews have asked for this change. Besides this the app is great!!! My reason for 4 stars it pays for itself x10.

DWashington1, Aug 10, 2019
Crashes every week

Load board seems to have issues every week. For some reason it’s been happening more frequently. If not every couple days every week. Especially considering the fact that they bumped the membership from $150 to $170 a month for one user. We have two more additional log in and pay close to $400 a month for it to crash every week when I have trucks sitting I can’t find freight for. This is ridiculous, going to look into taking my business else where. Only kept their service cause they were partnered with our factoring company but since they lost their contract no sense in staying with them.

ismet-314-, Oct 28, 2021
Brokers should be required to list offer

Why do we do this? It’s about the money. It’s always about the money. It saves everyone time, list the price and accurate locations for pickup and delivery. DAT needs a feature to help describe and maybe layout multiple stop loads so we can all figure quickly if loads make sense for our drivers our not. We also need an additional filter on top of what you currently offer. Thanks! Diversified Trucking, LLC

milliondollarlife1974, Jan 27, 2022
Not happy with update

The new update is not team friendly whatsoever!! My husband and I run our operation together and many times we are both logged in looking for loads. Now we are not able to do this. We pay for this service and it’s very disappointing. I am strongly considering canceling our service. I refuse to pay for another subscription. Instead of hurting the small single truck operation, why not improve your app by making it impossible for brokers to post a load without giving details like pickup/delivery dates, weight, commodity etc? You’re the biggest Loadboard and make the most $! Truckers ( your bread and butter) are being nickeled and dimed to death as it is and you want to now add to the problem. So frustrated.

PJA9691, Oct 17, 2019
Also what D Washington said

In addition Brokers are hiding facts and getting away with selling you one thing and then surprise it’s something else. You don’t find this out tell after you sign their rate con that’s when you get the rest of the information. Second drop, extra heavy load, lumpers required, won’t pay detention till after 4 hours. In any other business this would be illegal bait and switch ! Besides there is no negotiating with brokers these days, they have the upper hand and they know it. Last year was a record breaking year in profits for brokers at the truckers expense it looks like this year is going to be even better. Please help us, keep brokers from omitting details and make negotiations fair !

plus or minus, Sep 24, 2019
TERRIBLE Customer Service

The main purpose is to be able to search and book loads. One search produces 365 loads but out of those 365 loads there might be only 30 different loads. Brokers post the same load 12 times in a row then you will see another load 8 times then back to the original 12 for another 8 postings. I complained on deaf ears DAT representative said it’s the brokers fault and DAT can not control their own app. Well it just cost them $70 a month for terrible service. I have both DAT and Truckstop. Save your money and just go to Truckstop customer service is great. You have a personal representative and the product and service is 10 times better than DAT.

slehorns, Jan 15, 2021

Low rates, DAT board is horrible. How can any driver survive with this crap. Often rates are so low they don’t even post them. DAT is very broker friendly. The broker side of app seems way better. Your putting hard working Americans out of work. Hope you burn in Hell along with these brokers. Anyone who reads this the only way you’ll earn a living for your family is to deal with the customer direct.And to respond to your reply. No your a brokerage firm manipulating rates with other brokers. #monopoly. It obvious (with the other complaints and issues in reviews ) who you actually are here for and who you are just using as cheap labor. Brokers often put next to no information next to their loads. i.e delivery times , rates ( which rarely are anywhere near 1.80 even for reefer.)We live in the Information Age so for those of us with some business and computer sense we see exactly what your doing. Unfortunately for you the less informed older drivers are retiring 🤷‍♂️

TruckingTee, Jan 21, 2020


Find freight faster and easier with DAT Load Board for Truckers, the most advanced load board app for owner-operators, carriers, and dispatchers. DAT subscribers get access to nearly 1 million truckloads posted every business day on the DAT Network, all from the palm of your hand. That's more than 235 million load posts per year (2018 est.), with 181 million of them posted first on DAT or nowhere else.

Thinking about starting a trucking company or just want to research available loads? Create a free account to search live loads and see offer rates on all 65,000 lanes. With a DAT subscription, you can log in with the same info you use for DAT Power, Express, TruckersEdge, or MembersEdge and get access to easy-to-use tools you can’t find anywhere else. - See up to 500 results at once – No need to thumb through pages - Sort search results by offer rate - Learns how you work - App remembers your preferences so you save time - Broker reviews and credit scores - Spot market rates for lanes you search (depending on your DAT subscription) - Remembers lanes you recently searched - Post your trucks so that brokers call you about available freight - Worklist allows you to save load details for follow-up, trip history, and for future reference Find truck freight that fits your business needs, no matter what type of trailer you’re pulling, including: - Dry Van - Reefer - Flatbed - LTL loads / Partials - Expedited freight - Power only - Stepdeck - ... and many more Not already a DAT, TruckersEdge, or MembersEdge customer? Call 866.586.6320.

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