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User Reviews for Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt

It works, no annoying phone calls!

J B Hunt made this app right! I have been using it for 4 months with no problems. They are happy to know where I’m at, I’m happy they don’t bother me with distracting phone calls. The one time I couldn’t login support helped me right away and it was late at night. If you forgot your password, don’t waste your time waiting for that email to come to reset it, call support. I think that’s the only glitch they have right now.

Apple people please listen, Nov 12, 2021
It works but....

It works as described and have had very little error messages. HOWEVER, please be aware if you run into a problem after hours or on weekends you are lucky to get a response. Moreover, you are quoted one price on the book now and then informed by the broker we are not authorized to give you the posted rate and give you a lower rate. If they update or change these two things we would gladly give the app 5 stars....

CarondaKay, Jun 11, 2021
Can be Improved

Here’s something that’s been truly bothering me using this app. And it’s a vexing issue: You look up a load based on a set of criteria. 100 loads come up. As you’re scrolling down you put an offer on, let’s say, load # 53 on that list of 100 load displayed. Once done instead of the app taking you back to where you left off on the list, that’s on load #53 where you made an offer so you can continue scrolling down the remaining 47 loads it instead takes you back to the beginning that’s starting back to load # 1. That’s time consuming; vexing and unnecessary. Furthermore, We have this app and it’ll be nice to make adjustments so all detention time can be dealt with within the app. 2 weeks ago, I make a request for detention pay for 8 hours and do everything that’s required but forget to put the in an out time on the BOL and I get denied detention payment. How’s that’s fair? How’s that even right ? And while on your app, I couldn’t write a feedback in the feedback section of your app. Had to do it here 🤦🏾‍♂️ Wouldn’t it be nice to do it directly within your very own app ?

Edwile, Aug 12, 2020
Excellent Design but with bugs

Loads randomly disappear from from the performance score card. Which causes average to dip down randomly.Loads will be 100% booked on app (bid, accepted, assigned) but the scorecard will show you did not book within system. Leaving the scorecard at 80% as opposed to what it should actually be,Attempted to have corrected with customer service to only be told that it’s was to difficult for them to correct and that it’s the carriers fault for not ensuring that the scorecard was correct before invoicing.. hahaha. Scorecards do not update until after loads closes out.Again loads randomly disappear from the scorecard which also causes meterics percentage to drop.It’s as if someone behind the scenes is attempting to discreetly sabatoge a Carriers Performance Metric.Starting to believe that the complaints showed be voiced in Twitter for VP’s too see

jbcunttranssucks, Aug 03, 2022

Could use a navigation feature. Most GPS will take you to the front door of stop, not to where trucks are going. It’s a slight issue. Outside of that, the app is very user friendly and super convenient. Only one that I’ve used, that has the invoice feature. That to me is an incredible addition.

jeighjules, Oct 07, 2020
Re:Search for a load

It would be nice if the load search will go back to where I left off...it always go back from the beginning and if you scroll like a hundreds of load,once you go back it’ll bring you back from the beginning of your search...

knowburt, Sep 24, 2020
So far so good

I’ve been using the app now for a while and I must say it’s one of my faves, no doubt! The negotiation for loads could be a bit more realistic due to the rushed delivery times or the weight and slow/dead states etc.. Also, the load info should be a little more detailed, the weight and dates for pick up and delivery times a little more accurate would help very much. Instead, sending questions on a certain load just takes more time. All in all a great App! Hope to see more competitive market rates.👋

Layla Trucking LLC, Sep 17, 2018
Deceiving crooks lie as mush as TQL 🤥🤥

I really do t know where or they get there numbers but when you put in an offer they will counter with a lower offer and the if you lower ur offer it gets much lower that tells you that it doesn’t matter what carrier you are we’re gonna take it and if you want it it’s at what we want to pay nothing more than just GARBAGE 🗑 yeah the app part is a novel idea but there’s others with apps and there not that big off a swindlers and deceitful as this app and the company behind it. And you get them them on the LIES because they’ll post a load on their app that’s 50% CHEAPER!!! and on the DAT load board has the same load from them at a price slight higher rate if I could put pictures on here I would so anyone with this would stay away. As per there RHETORIC it’s the same as everyone’s —( THEYRE ALL SORRY THEY UNDERSTAND THEY ALL APOLOGIZE BUT NO ONE DOES S💩T ABOUT AND NO ONE WILL. Keep in mind a load post on the board was at $1200 and on there app was at $620 u can do the math = $580 in there pockets.

machinedevils, Oct 14, 2019
Not completely user friendly

Can’t assign a driver can’t add a driver I use Adobe to scan and store all my paperwork and it won’t let me upload them from adobe I have to rescan all of them again You can’t do check in check out times or do location checksAt the moment it’s working like it should but it’s been so touch and go sometimes you have to go to the website rather then the app When creating files the pages are not separate they are all put as 1 and not showing everything

Sharon/ Les, Dec 06, 2019
Very disappointing

The take pictures from the app rarely works. The image is messed up and I have to resubmit. I can’t import images from other apps like Cam Scanner. When bidding on a load. I can’t talk to anyone. I ask a question on a load and never get an answer. After I book the load I have to download and look at the rate confirmation because the app does not show the pickup, PO, or delivery numbers. But I gives me all kind of disclaimers and requirements I have to agree too. If I am one minute late I can’t update the status. I have to call in. The automated check call says there is an error and I have to speak to someone but no one is available so call back. The app does not work if I am moving. I am the passenger in a car going shopping with my wife and I cannot look at loads because I am moving.When I look for loads, 360 is the last app I use. It is so user unfriendly and has so many problems, it is the last of 8 apps I use to find a load.

Wpetty19, May 10, 2019


Whether you are an owner-operator or manage an entire fleet, Carrier 360 can help you run your business every step of the way. Carrier 360 is J.B. Hunt’s free trucking app where approved carriers can find available truckloads and manage their contracted power-only and drayage freight.

With Carrier 360 you can: · Access J.B. Hunt’s load board · Save your frequently made load searches as “Favorites” · Book loads instantly or negotiate offers in-app · Post your available trucks · Gain access to thousands of facility reviews and ratings · Assign drivers to loads and manage your fleet · Initiate load tracking · Manage detention automatically without making phone calls (requires location services) · Upload documents using your smartphone camera or files · Create electronic invoices effortlessly by clicking a few buttons · Get paid in 2 days or less with free Quick Pay* · Enjoy fuel discounts with the J.B. Hunt 360 Fuel Card, starting at 12 cents/mile** At J.B. Hunt, we strive to provide technology that helps carriers save money, find more time to drive, and experience a better way of doing business. Need assistance? Contact us at [email protected] or 1-844-252-1793. * For details on free Quick Pay, visit info.jbhunt.com/360pay ** Learn more about fuel Perks at jbhunt.com/perks

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