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User Reviews for Truckstop Mobile

Horrible service

This service used to be excellent. Now the customer service and tech support is nonexistent. You can only contact chat support. When you explain your issues and you are told to unload and reload the app. And that doesn’t work. This has been happening for over a month. They are taking your money and you’re getting no service. When you ask for a direct contact for tech-support you’re told there isn’t one. I’ve been with this company for a couple of years and it was excellent at first but now the worst on the market.

absurdly bad, Dec 29, 2021
Truckstop or abusive brokers

Recently I call a broker about a load from LV to Fontana California. The broker proceeds to tell me the load is delivering to Wilmington California which is another 45 miles. Then I see they have many additional loads going into California. I ask about them and they told me they put up multiple listing for there loads so they can get calls. However they really only have 1 or 2 loads going to the exact same place. This large company is abusing the load board purpose. TQ There is no place for this nonsense and Truckstop is allowing this abuse to happen. I pay for a load board service not a bunch of nonsense. Integrity is the key with the load board. Nevertheless I guess I’ll need to get other boards.

Abusive Brokers Board, Mar 29, 2022
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

Been using it for 2 years. Sometimes it tells you wrong password when it’s not wrong, or doesn’t filter out weight. You have to call and deal with customer service to fix it. The website has so many features and they refuse to update the app and bring it up to standard. The app is a totally different entity not even connected to the site like most apps are. It’s a big hot mess and really frustrating

airforce1245, Jul 26, 2021
Worst customer service.

Their site has been down since last Friday. Now it’s back up but it forgot my password. It won’t let me reset so I had to sit on hold for 1.5 hrs to have them reset it. Finally got a live person who gave nothing but excuses. Asked to speak to billing for a refund for when the sight was down. Got transferred. On hold for 1 hour 7 minutes and then heard “customer support, how may I help you. I asked for Billing again and wastold they would transfer me. Rang once and got message that told me to leave a message. Just out of curiosity, I called sales and they answered right away. Go figure.

AultcoJack, Dec 30, 2019
Samsung issue

Seems our dispatcher that has Samsung phones can’t get app to work then tried reinstalling and app doesn’t come up on store also when using our web log in our search details go blank every time we log in really frustrating and sometimes just the time it takes to reset our search loads are gone really hurts our pockets as of right now if you don’t have it yet not worth the risk in investing in this app and it not working 3 weeks ago it was great from then to now don’t know what happen but it’s trash hope they fix soon

gshdndjdnn, Feb 10, 2022
It’s ok

The app is somewhat aggravating to use. Requires tapping multiple times on certain menus to get them to open. Scrolling through posted loads is tedious only a handful are displayed each time. Posting my truck is irritating due to several reasons. Often I’ll post to a certain region looking for a TL, and it will post as an LTL for anywhere in the US. Also selecting certain states will often throw in unwanted states while scrolling. The DAT app is much more user friendly, but in the end TS has better loads.

Gumper1986, Apr 08, 2019
Maybe I’m missing something

Was interested in checking out this load board. After signing up I find that I have no access to any features in the app. In order to see the quality of loads and the app itself I have to pay for a monthly subscription. That fee is, of course, fine if I decided to use the app, but not before seeing the quality. Your competitor, DAT, allows anyone to freely browse their load board. Just can’t book anything without the monthly subscription. Since they aren’t hiding how their app works behind a pay wall, I guess I will stick with DAT.

Jgatzb, Oct 18, 2020
Complete degradation

The app became next to impossible for use. Too many errors, too many good features don’t work anymore. It’s a constant mess and nightmare. It doesn’t delete old searches, app changes my parameters on its own, adds equipment I don’t have, add dates I don’t need, sometimes doesn’t open search results at all so it requires to logout and re-login. Sorting loads by age is like the app has dementia or it’s a kindergarten child who doesn’t know that 3 hours is longer period of time than 3 minutes. Extremely disappointing and frustrating. No live chat, agents are always busy, endless transfers from one extension to another on the phone, useless Frequently Asked Questions.

plasenter, Dec 28, 2021
Bad app and rep off company

This app is useles and the company have bad management specially the ppl who woke in this company are dump they promise me of refund and they never refund me I had to file disputes with my bank get get this money back , Dat load bird way better then this stupid app very slow and screwed up , also never use the book now load from this app they charge % to use there app I always call the broker and get more money of the load , I do not advise you to go with this company because it has bad management they are thif and they bagged me to sign up with them and the. I dumped them same day after I signed up

specialmoe, Mar 28, 2020
TS App

I like using your app but there are a couple of thing that would make it better for me first when I use the map to see where the load is pick up and going it always uses my location not from pickup to delivery. Then when I want to see where the brokers home location is it gives me the pickup location for the load instead of there home office. Not sure if this can be fix with out to much trouble it’s not a deal breaker but it would make it better for me

vernsjunk, Feb 12, 2018


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