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TQL Carrier Dashboard

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User Reviews for TQL Carrier Dashboard

Company driver

Last time I used this app it didn’t update. Had to do it manually even with location turned on. It showed me at my pick up long before I got there and I still got calls to check on temp and eta . When I arrived at delivery I put in arrived but when I was empty and went to mark fine leaving it had already deleted my load. I pay for my own data not the company and I’m not going waste it on something like this.

9999666777, Dec 15, 2020
Not always working

Not all tql loads are posted here some loads are on dat that are tql loads but not posted here and tracking is headache if we don’t have the app open all the time it says location has not changed cant keep the phone on just this app and since this is TQL own load board your broker should post the temp and rate so we don’t waste your time and our time trying to find just the basic info on the load

a1cargo, Apr 01, 2022
Poor app design

At glace app is great, when you're using it is another thing. No matter if you have your settings for location always allowed, background app refresh on, cellular data on it won't track you unless you open the app throughout the day even if you don't close app you will still have to open it and manual check call, now when you manual check call the agent don't receive the information because you will get messages asking you if you're loaded/unloaded after you've already updated the app hours prior for that matter their message system is the same. It's a waste of an app for tracking until they fix the bugs out but overall app is easy to use, good layout.

Arios1893764, Aug 15, 2020
Doesn’t operate in background

I like everything about the app except that unless I have the app actively running, I get notifications literally every 20 minutes telling me that my location hasn’t changed or that I’ve shut off the app, neither of which are true. Even though location services for this app is set to Always, and background app refresh is on, I still get these annoying notifications All. Day. Long! I don’t have these issues with any other tracking app. Fix this and I’ll gladly give it 5 stars.

azcardnlz1, Oct 03, 2020
Why bother with the app?

Isn’t the whole purpose of the app so you don’t have to call the driver every 30 min? You guys just hound us to death! And why does this app totally invade our private information for things that have nothing to do with the load ? Our contacts? Our email addresses? Our pictures and videos? Really? Why you need that? Oh wait , Even our key strokes are monitored. So basically you have passwords. Bank info etc. then on top of all that you call us constantly! Everyone NEEDS TO READ THE USER AGREEMENT on this app. I’m sure they would be surprised to see exactly what info TQL actually links to this app.

Disturbed_all_day, Jul 26, 2023
Almost good

Literally the only broker app that won’t post pick and delivery times for loads.Need to block their number unless you need to talk to them because they call you all day asking if you have a truck available in a place where you don’t have a truck. They are trying to be efficient I suppose but it’s really gross when your trying to drive, they almost always get it wrong Still put fake info on DAT constantly Only major broker who won’t put driver info on rate confirmation It’s a shame. They have good loads sometimes and they are getting better responding to problems on loads, but it seems there is someone at the top coming up with these weird policies. Like trying to be creative from behind a desk without knowing how the business works.They start doing the above things normally they would be our first or second place to look instead of a last resort

Fludson, Feb 08, 2023

This app works fine I guess but a couple of things that will annoy any user. I give app access to my location always but I still get a notification telling me I haven’t moved and to update my location. What’s the purpose of giving access to my location if it wants me to manually give my location. Should be more self sufficient than it is. Also, would be nice to be able to see more load info.

jdsffasds, Jun 01, 2020

IM WARNING YOU NOW , if you respect your company and have dreams of growing do not book loads with them . They have soooo many negative reviews on other load boards it’s ridiculous. They screw your insurance up with claims thats not your fault. Will not pay you if items are damaged whether it’s your fault or not , they fight not to pay you tonu. They lie about distance and locations of shipper/receiver to save money on mileage . Beware truckers .I’ve learned from other drivers mistakes not to risk my company over their negligence. It’s up to you but I’m here to say I tried ! Be blessed truckers .

kbhairo, Aug 06, 2021
Could be much better

It would take the brokers/agents not even a minute to enter pick and drop times yet a lot of them fail to do that and I just don’t see how someone can be productive at work when they stay on the phone all day answering just those 1-2 questions when they could have avoided that and spent their time doing something else. Tracking is another issue in the app. If you stop for even an hour or two the system thinks tracking has been turned off and some of your agents start to worry about useless things. The app is close to perfect but I spend way too much time calling TQL brokers to get just pick and drop times or other small details which isn’t very productive for me. It shouldn’t be that difficult to enter pick and drop times! So until that is fixed, just TWO STARS from me and my team.

singhsation, May 22, 2023

This app is still useless, not only is TQL squeezing everything possible from the carriers they really waste your time most of the time. The ability not to see what time a load picks up or delivers is undesirable. Owners operators are going out of business, so will brokers. Let the mega carriers keep all the freight, their rates are a lot better.

SoCalMario, Jan 21, 2020


When your office is behind the wheel of a truck, finding your next load should be easy and convenient. Why? Because your time is money and hauling loads is your business.

Choose to rely on a provider that lets you focus on the road and manage your business, all through a free trucking app. Access the loads you want through a free load board, all with the touch of a button. Rest easier knowing you can always depend on live support from a team of TQL experts – 24/7/365. As one of the largest freight brokerages in North America, TQL has invested heavily in technology designed for today’s professional truck driver. TQL Carrier Dashboard is available to all TQL-approved contract carriers to search, quote, and instantly book loads, plus submit check calls and paperwork on every load. Streamlining daily tasks from your phone has never been easier. The benefits to your business include: • Access to TQL’s free load board with 65,000+ available loads every week • Unlimited load board searches and the ability to submit quotes on the loads you want • Instant load booking on select load postings with Book it Now • Ability to dispatch yourself, no phone call required • View booked shipment details, including addresses, directions, and load numbers • Reduced check calls by submitting location and status updates • Faster payment processing with uploaded documents using your phone’s camera • View payment history for completed loads • The option to post your truck and let the right load find you • Custom filters to set your load and lane search preferences • Conveniently find loads back home from your current location • Bilingual customer service When it comes to hauling and managing your freight, trust the technology and industry-leading customer support from TQL. We want to be your first choice when it comes to booking your next full truckload. If you are new to TQL, begin the process of becoming a carrier today. Access our carrier registration at www.tqlcarriers.com or call 800.580.3101 to get started. Stay in touch. Follow us on Facebook at https://business.facebook.com/TotalQualityLogistics/ to get the latest updates on TQL technology, services and news.

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