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Colordrop: Color Picker

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Colordrop: Color Picker

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George Jones
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User Reviews for Colordrop: Color Picker


Very much enjoying the new version. Thank you!

April and David, Jul 23, 2018
An Amazing Tool!

I am not a professional artist, and I am definitely not super creative. I am very good with color and absolutely love being able to have a way to capture the “I like what I see, now how do I recreate it?” moments. I love digital planning and this app is a tool that went straight to the favorites on my dock! Thank you to George for making a great app that is simple to use yet incredibly detailed in the information provided. This developer just made an app that is truly worthy of the saying, “There’s an app for that”!

Puakia, Jul 12, 2018
I can’t get it to work

I picked some colors, but it only let me keep four favorites. Then, when I went to check my colors, my faves and some other colors I picked weren’t there. It got stuck on that screen, no way out; it’s stuck in an endless loop of go back a screen & go forward a screen. Before I got stuck in the endless loop, I opened settings and went to the support website, but the two main help categories, “guides” and “how to” don’t work. I never did get to see the Munsell value of a color. Oh well, maybe it’ll get better down the road.

RoroRennyR, Oct 13, 2019


Capture and inspect the colors in your photos with Colordrop – a modern and advanced color picker. CAPTURE Capture colors from your photos. - Pick colors from any image or photo. - Open from your Photo Library, Camera, or Files. - Live Capture lets you see the colors around you in real time. - Open images or import colors from Adobe Creative Cloud. - Easily view and pick the most dominant colors in an image. - Select a 'capture radius' to have granular control over the colors you capture. - The Colordrop app extension lets you pick colors without opening the app, for example in the Photos app. - Today View widget shows you your most recent colors. - Manually add a color by hex code or using the built-in color picker. INSPECT The most detailed color analysis tool available on iPhone or iPad. - RGB, CYMK and RYB color overviews. - CIE-LAB, CIE-LCH, HSL, HSV, XYZ color values (and many more). - Complementary and split-complementary colors. - Triadic and tetradic colors. - Tints, shades, tones and monochromatic colors. - Square and analogous colors. - Similar colors for RAL Classic, Web, HKS and many more. - Color blindness simulator and color contrast checker. - Quickly copy or share color codes. - Color descriptions describe the appearance of a color in real terms. - Metadata tells you the source of the color, and when you saved it.

EVEN MORE... A powerful tool for developers and creatives alike. - Powerful search feature, including support for Spotlight. - Organize your colors with tags. - Drag and drop colors to other apps, or to save new ones. - Siri Shortcuts for capturing or viewing colors. - Apple Watch app to view all of your saved colors at a glance. - Export colors to Procreate swatch, Adobe color swatch, or to JSON or CSV formats. - Change the default illuminant for accurate color in any environment. - Customize the color data you see. Colordrop is developed by a team of one! Any feedback and suggestions for new features are greatly appreciated. You can get in touch on Twitter (@penguingeorge), or by emailing [email protected].

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