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User Reviews for Code Recipes Pro

Very useful,

Having to work with almost a dozen different languages, it is hard to keep the intricacies and nuances straight. One glance through the implementations allows instant comparisons that refresh the memory, not to mention the many good code examples and recipes. With the first launch, it took me about 15 seconds to recognize the mistake in my code.

_NM_, Dec 12, 2021
Incredibly useful - I also got it on my iPad!

I purchased this on macOS and also got it on my iPad too. This app is extremely useful and was created by a coder for coders. If you code, you need to get this app. You’d only wish you’d found it sooner.

_NM_, Dec 22, 2021
Great app for CS students!

I wish I had known about this app last semester. It has better examples than my $200 textbook.

cccccc675567899, Apr 26, 2021
A well designed app that gets you the code you need.

I program in many languages. But the language syntax and features tend to collide. This app is extremely helpful because it has all the answers in the form of working code and in every common language. It’s insane how useful this is.I was very pleased to see SQL included. Anyone can learn to write a query and an insert statement, but what about that time you need to do a complex join? There are plenty of examples here.The developer even included common algorithms for searching and sorting. Honestly, it’s hard to believe so much information is organized in such a simple way and the price is extremely reasonable. Even if you used it only a few times, it easily pays for itself.

Jerry Hobby, May 04, 2021
All Inclusive, Easy to Follow Reference

Highly recommend for any developer

joshdavisdevopp, Aug 29, 2020
a really nice idea

Have only played with this for about 15 minutes, but the idea resonates with me. It has a set of (probably hundreds) of classified code snippets (e.g. converting to a string) across a set of 9 languages. You can click on a subject and look at the code for 9 different languages for the same problem.I often find myself needing a quick refresher when i move betwen languages.First impressions - the topics are well organized and fairly comprehensive. You can access the kotlin and swift playgrounds etc and run the code. Probably others. I've seen no mistakes so far in the snippets.Some UI areas to work on - it would be nice to see the full tree of snippets - when i go into a sub menu, it would be nice to see more context. Also, the star facility for a snippet doesn't seem to work - am really hoping this gets the ability to organize the snippets you use most in your own space, and possibly even add snippetsSome of the examples suffer a bit from trying to show parity between unequal systems. for instance, the kotlin threading stuff can't touch on co-routines for obvious reasons. that's a shameFinally, i'd love to see typescript supported. i'd pay for that!So a great idea, with fairly comprehensive subjects organized in a sensible way, with lots of potential for future work!

KingPurply, Oct 21, 2020
Great App For Web Dev!

Fantastic app!! Took me a moment to figure out how to switch languages to include Ruby with JS and Python, but once I did I love it!! Note to others, to add a language to the bottom you need to go into Work With DB then select DB and that’s where you can change out the languages on the footer. Kinda weird and took me a bit but once I had the languages I needed set, I loved the experience!!! Thank you so much for making this!

Oglopfoosbottom, Mar 09, 2022
If you're a CS major, get this!

Best app ever. This has a lot of good examples of many things like sorting algorithims and a bunch of other stuff. Highly recommend.

Washer34, Jun 07, 2022


• Programming languages: - How to get a substring? - How to declare a generalized method? - How to perform a database query? • SQL: - How to combine multiple tables in a single query? - How to sort the result of grouping data? - What types of data are there in SQL Server? These and over 300 of other code samples for each language are available in the application. • The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time.

Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application • You don`t know which programming language to choose? The application can compare syntax from every example in different programming languages and make a balanced decision during choosing a programming language. • This is an excellent help for those who often use several programming languages. The application reduces the time required to switch to a different syntax. • The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in different programming languages. • Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues. • Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in one or another programming language. If you can help with translating the names of topics into your language, please contact me by e-mail.

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