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Zeb Zhao
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User Reviews for Spck Editor

I want to know

I want to know. Is this a cloud based service ?? and please add node.js .

animeshdhakal, Jul 17, 2020
Very good app

Why did the app disappear off the App Store?

ASTROIDer, Nov 15, 2022
Great on a tablet, impossible to use on a phone

I don’t know why but almost none of my keystrokes are registering

AtJa80, Jan 13, 2021
Really I’m sure I’m

Going back home tomorrow morning

erling.kuphal, Aug 10, 2023
App is perfect except for one thing…

I’ve tried multiple times but whenever I try to run a task it asks me to login and when I click on any of the buttons it won’t take me to a login page. Please fix this.

HauntedHaunter310, Mar 15, 2022
terrible keyboard

This app would be perfect if it used the normal way to select and scroll through text on iOS, but the app is unusable because it doesn’t. If it’s absolutely *necessary* to keep the text selection like that can you add an option in settings to use the normal one? No reason I should have to resort to using Notes for an app that has a text editor already..

M@GNOL!A, Sep 25, 2023
Browser preview

Great app! I enjoy using it to create my simple projects. I will appreciate if there’s a browser preview also

MaxNonso222, Jun 16, 2023
Please fix this major issue with Github Support & Syntax Highlighting

Large git repos crash the app. My repo has about 22,000 php, phtml, js, css, svg files, and some small jpg files. Whenever I clone the repo from git, it never clones. When I close the app and reopen it, the app lists the repo, but clicking into it does not list any files. I can switch branches but cannot pull.Downloading the repo as a zip and uploading it causes the app to perform extremely sluggishly until it completely crashes. Once it crashes, the app does not reopen, ever. The only way to restore the app to a functioning state, is to remove and re-download it.Syntax highlighting just randomly stops working after a while for JS. The only way to get it back is to force close the app and reopen.I almost gave this app two stars for these issues, but honestly it's a really good app, especially for free. Thank you. The aforementioned issues are really critical for this to really be taken seriously. Most major company git repos are not a couple hundred files. They're much more. Please add support.

Solomon Arnett, May 11, 2020
UX Is Not Friendly

Cool app, but it’s impossible to get back to the projects page that displays examples after you open a project. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to navigate, otherwise really robust editor.

stevenmcbeaven, Oct 14, 2020
Good but a hard to use UI

I've just downloaded this editor because of my friends recomendation and I am really liking it. 1 thing thats not very good is the UI, it is hard to get used to and I would love to see maybe a tutorial section so new people can understand it better.

THEcolorful, Dec 07, 2020


Explore fun JavaScript labs on-the-go with Spck Editor. A simple, yet feature-filled code editor that lets you access your projects from Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, and more! With Spck Editor, you can edit, commit, checkout, push, and run simple JavaScript projects.

This tiny editor is packed with useful features from powerful, intelligent code completion of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Other features include: - Local file access - Project-wide searching (with file filters) - Code snippets - Keyword completion to 20+ languages - Advance code completion for JavaScript/TypeScript & CSS - Context-sensitive hinting for JS/TS - Syntax Validation - Light/Dark Theme - Integrated JS Console - Git repo cloning, commits, checkout, push/pull - Git branches, logs, and remotes interfaces - Extra keyboard for code navigation - Dynamic keyboard for JS/HTML/CSS editing Terms of Use: https://spck.io/terms

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