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User Reviews for a-Shell mini

Value is a bit of

I will get a few

amari.hartman, Aug 06, 2023
Im a picky user and this app doesn’t disappoint

Ive tried a bunch of different shell apps. And everyone of them is clunky and gathering your network data and shoving adds in your faceThis app does whats its supposed to do very efficiently and the gui is great. I can connect to other machines with great ease. its easy to type of and use the arrow keys. This is a big plus.Thanks to the dev for making something that works.

Foxracer95, Oct 18, 2022
Instagram download


GucciLix, Sep 03, 2023
The first

I am so

Httuyyygg, Aug 15, 2023

i use this all the time, mostly for git. lightweight and super easy to use. occasionally forgets your shortcuts for mounted folders but that's really whatever, they're easy to re-add. thanks for creating & maintaining this app

Kavyle, Jun 15, 2023
A useful shell for SSH, other IT functions

I find this app very useful for core operations like SSH to servers for management, pinging devices on the network, plus finding uptime on my iPhone, ifconfig info, etc.There’s a lot of functionality built into this pared down version of its sister app, a-Shell (the full featured app). a-Shell Mini omits all the Python and other scripting libraries in favor of a smaller footprint, which is fine by for my needs. Again, if you want to do development, go for the full version.Otherwise, I find a very useful tool in my IT toolbox.

KayEssKay, Aug 12, 2023
Latest update broke app

Latest update just crashes the app when attempting to open it! Same for the regular ashell app! What gives? I’ve tried uninstalling the app, restarting, and reinstalling with no luck.

Leonphoto, Apr 15, 2022
Very good app to

But it is very difficult and

mazhharpatelrdhqs, Nov 06, 2023
I like the app but i need help

So im trying to download audio but every time i do it keeps giving me a error ive tried restarting it and its still giving me a error so I don’t know what to do

queenfanfhchcgg, Mar 23, 2023
A few things

No crash after first command, but the typed characters were not echoed, and there was no no response. Quitting and restarting fixed that one. I had trouble selecting characters to copy and paste. Tapping and double-tapping wouldn’t get a word selected reliably. I would pay a small amount if I didn’t see these problems. iOS 15.7 with 1.9.9.

vonlost1, Oct 24, 2022


a-Shell mini is a complete local terminal emulator, allowing to run most Unix commands on you iOS device. You can transfer files using scp and curl, edit them with vim and ed, process them using grep, awk and sed. Work with git repositories using lg2.

a-Shell mini includes Python, Lua, JavaScript and webAssembly for programming and scripting. It also includes native ffmpeg and convert for fast image and video conversion. There are also multiple network utilities: nslookup, ping, whois, ifconfig... Type help for help, help -l to get the full list of commands. a-Shell mini can be controlled from Shortcuts: run commands in order, process files in a-Shell, get the results as text or files, transfer files to other apps... a-Shell mini uses iPadOS 13+ “multiple windows” ability, so you can run multiple shells at the same time, with different commands, in different directories. You can edit a file in one window with vim and process it in the other with python. a-Shell mini is a minimalist terminal, designed to have a very small footprint (less than 250 MB). If you need more commands, please consider a-Shell, which has more Python packages, more JavaScript modules, Perl, make, a C and C++ compiler and TeX.

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