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Bluetooth Inspector

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User Reviews for Bluetooth Inspector

Good and could be great app

This app does the most thorough scan for devices that Bluetooth detects. I have used many other tools in the past and none were able to detect much; however, this app was initially able to detect 30 devices, showing the signal strength of each and even revealing Core Errors and more. I plan to purchase the pro version to see those features but I haven’t yet because first I want to learn about what the definitions are and to find out if I’m seeing what I should expect to see on my scan. I feel that this is where the app falls short. I also know it wouldn’t be too difficult to provide the user with some definitions and screen examples…even some resource links would be useful. Besides that, great app!

Apple_sux_a$$, Dec 25, 2021
BT Inspector

This is a useless app as is … when you pay for the app, you really get nothing …. GPS info is collected but not displayed in Session dump, You cannot rename/customized BT entry, no user document, the developer has no easy way to feedback to him ….Things to add and improve:1) Allow changing the name of a BT device to indicate what it is (ex: Bill iPhone, John TV, etc) - Store that info so when it seen again, you know. 2) Add the GPS position to each device in the Session dump file3) Allow blocking or non-display of known BT device(s) (ex: do not display your personal devices, just everybody else, etc)4) Add link to developer feedback for the app5) Provide and allow adding a picture for device (ex: if it a phone, use a icon for a phone, if a printer, icon for a printer you can add)6) Store all this data on phone and cloud where ever so it inly entered once.Thank you

BobbyJo1358, Nov 15, 2023
A little gem of a tool

Not a lot to say, this is a wonderful and clean app that provides a nice clean interface to see what is in the air around you. It provides fantastic detailed insight into the bluetooth devices around you. I even discovered some things I hadn’t realized were broadcasting (like my Nvidia Shield TV remote is always on!). I love finding unbloated tools like this that follow the philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well. Everyone should try it to gain a level of knowledge about security and all of the chatter that devices do these days.

Brian_123456, Apr 12, 2022
iOS 14.5 Public Beta broke this app

App crashes immediately after showing progress indicator. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. App has permission for Bluetooth. Cool app I hope the developer fixes the issue.——-Update: thank you for responding to this issue. I appreciate how a bug in the beta OS could make your app look bad, and I agree that’s not fair. I kept this app on my phone specifically because I found it useful, not obnoxious, etc. I was disappointed when it didn’t work on my phone. Looking forward to a resolution to the issue.

Bricabracbabe, Feb 13, 2021
No other BLE app comes close

Every other BLE app feels half finished / not suitable for anything outside of development. This supports Automation, meaning it supports reading and writing values with voice commands. It’s not even fair how much better that fact alone makes Bluetooth Inspector if you are a maker and want to control any BLE device with your phone.

Carroll Vance, Jul 03, 2023
I’m a bit confused about this I downloaded

Because I felt like have been targeted by someone I use my Bluetooth a lot at home and work my question to the developer is that under the start interrogating named in then the unknown which looks like the device is hooked up to me is it???? Cause I didn’t give permission to these devices I am seeing on my phone can you please answer this question because it looked like they hooked up to my Bluetooth iPhone or am I being paranoid???

Dcvpaul, Oct 18, 2023
Can be helpful, but...

Works great with devices you want to connect with, but I don’t want to connect to, what I believe to be, my neighbor’s Bluetooth headphones to do the discovery. This is where the problem comes in. It keeps asking, and asking, and asking... consent is an issue especially with wireless and a device that are not yours. Local laws around my area say that is a violation and can include fines to attempt and/or use wireless devices that are not yours without consent. Quick fix would be to ask once and remember the response.

Exit on true, Jul 26, 2020
LEGIT AS F***!!!

Plain and simple, if your into who is honing in on your calls, txt messaging, and accessibility to your microphone and camera via Bluetooth because they have credential access (network providers) and all networking applications, or you shared your network hot spot, Bluetooth, wifi connection(s). This app will save you an eminence amount of time researching!

Hoss Troup, Sep 30, 2021
Works great!

This app have been really useful for me.But I still can’t get my apple devices that signed in with the same iCloud to show the battery.I can see my devices but no matter what I do, it won’t show the battery info.Any suggestions to fix this? Thank you

idk what nickname all taken, Jan 25, 2022

I feel like an adult version of my ten-year-old self trying to win street fighter by choosing random buttons. Except this time, potential losses include my already rocky marriage. 😂Is there any way that multiple "iPhone 13 Pros" (with different signal levels) would be coming from only one phone and showing under both connected and unconnected? Seems doubtful.

JKmbrx, Feb 20, 2023


Discover nearby Bluetooth peripherals and inspect their services for information and characteristics. • View information and signal strength for all peripherals and devices, updating in real time as you move around. • Get battery level for your own Apple devices — no need to install the app on all your devices. • See model identification broadcast by devices around you, mapping the Apple device identifier to the marketing name. • Extract software and firmware version strings from devices broadcasting this information. • Read any characteristic's value, even for services not well known and are custom to the device being interrogated. • Write characteristic values back to the peripheral as string, numeric or hex (pro). • See a history of the value of a characteristic since the session started, timestamped to when the value changed (pro). • Log found peripherals, services, characteristics and values, and export a .log file of timestamped events for your analysis (pro). • Shortcuts integration with actions for scanning and interrogation, enumerating services and characteristics, and reading values (pro). Get support on Twitter @grgarside or georgegarside.com/apps/bluetooth-inspector Constant use of Bluetooth connectivity can drain your device's battery. Bluetooth connectivity is only used when this app is in the foreground and up to a few seconds after being backgrounded to safely disconnect from peripherals being interrogated.

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