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BA II Plus™ Financial Calc

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BA II Plus™ Financial Calc

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User Reviews for BA II Plus™ Financial Calc

Upgrade to professional needed

As previously stated this app is really aimed more at the professional but even as a student you are taught and expected to calculate these missing functions such as NFV. I do not see the point in even offering the basic version - the professional version should be the only app available. An upgrade is in desperate need. Great financial calculator but fails due entirely to the missing functions. Deserves more stars - short sighted of the developer.

CB888888881, Nov 29, 2016
New design is frustrating

I don’t understand why the new design of the calculator doesn’t use 100% of the screen’s real estate? The new design has a WORTHLESS black band on either side of the calculator, forcing the buttons to be unnecessarily small. Next “improvement” should be to remove these black bands so that 100% of the iPhone’s screen real estate is used. It seems so logical, a company like Texas Instruments should be able to figure it out.Well done, sirs. Well done.

Chewdoggie9, Oct 29, 2020
Got a refund

Put off by the 2.5 stars, I bought this app that emulates a calculator whose base functions haven’t improved for the past 30 years. After overcoming the gall of TI’s total lack of innovation while still demanding $15 (and don’t get me started on what they charge for the physical calculators), I expected it would still at least work. But the CF function doesn’t even remember what I just put in and can’t go past CO1. Garbage company, garbage app. I’d almost rather calculate by hand.

classify endorse, Mar 02, 2021
Great App, Same as Real BAII Plus

This app exactly mimics the BAII Plus Professional Edition calculator in layout and functionality. I bought this app while studying for the FM/2 so I would not have to worry about forgetting my calculator at home while out studying. The buttons on the calculator are a little on the small side, so you have to be conscientious of your typing so you don't accidentally tap the wrong button. Other than reshaping the buttons, I see no way around that problem, so I don't count it against TI. I'm giving the app four stars because, although the app is fantastic and an excellent mobile version of its physical platform, the price is way too high.

crazyfrog1020, Apr 07, 2016
Please Provide a Free Upgrade to the Professional Version

This is a great tool and although I have both versions of the calculator in my home, I would much rather have the professional version on my tablet. I think anyone who is buying this software for iOS is more likely to be a professional user, so it doesn't make sense to constrain us to the student version of the calculator. I would give this application 5 stars if it were the professional version but I have to limit my rating to 3 stars for the student version. PLEASE PROVIDE A FREE UPGRADE!

Estudiante-1, Jul 03, 2016
Need to reset constantly

Clearing multiple times still doesn’t reset the functions properly. Calculating known equations consistently brings up incorrect calculations. You have to go through the entire reset function every equation to ensure you get the correct answer. The reliability of this is extremely poor. For the price, you are better off getting a real calculator or downloading a different app for the assurance that you will actually get the correct calculations. Very disappointed

Mitchk18181818181, Apr 15, 2018
Great app with some glitches

Generally speaking, this is a great app like the physical BAII Plus Professional. But unlike the physical calculator, there are some functions missing. So far, the missing functions that I've found are as follows:1. By using CF keys, there is only NPV, no NFV, PB, DPB, which are one or several steps further from NPV calculation.2. By calculating IRR, there is no MIRR, which is unlike the physical calculator.Hope these missing functions can be added soon.

msqianxiaoyang, Apr 14, 2016
Works As Promised

I am a real estate broker of 34 years. I depend on my BA II plus to compute monthly payments for clients. This app works exactly as promised. It mirrors my standalone calculator. I was able to get directly through to customer service and they helped me with my issue. I like the fact that you can actually get to speak with someone if you have an issue. Great product!

RoyalBroker, Aug 14, 2017
Change It Back

Am updating my original review. I HATE the new format. Before it had the same look and feel as my computer. Now it doesn’t look anything like any calculator. Ugh 😠😠😠Original Review (previous 5 stars):I just downloaded to iPhone 6S and had none of the resolution issues previously mentioned. This app works just as well as the original calculator. I believe the reviewers claiming a glitch skipped a set-and-forget step they did 20 years ago when following the book's instructions - be sure to set p/y =12. After that, everything functions just fine. Love this! One less device to carry around.

Shipwrecked in Columbia, Jan 02, 2020
That interface!

I downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago (on/about 2 December 2019) for class work. I love it, it has great functionality. It would seem last night an update was pushed out that totally ruined the GUI. I liked that looked like a real calculator. Now it looks like the standard iPhone calculator with extra buttons. So boooooring. Please change the GUI back!

Troy-78, Dec 20, 2019


See the capabilities of the most advanced financial calculator from Texas Instruments — the BA II Plus™ Professional calculator. This calculator is a great choice for business professionals and college students, in both corporate and university settings. FULL RANGE OF FINANCE AND SCIENCE FUNCTIONS • Performs Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) calculations including annuities, loans, mortgages, leases and savings • TVM P/Y=1 default matches current BA II Plus™ and BA II Plus™ Professional calculators • Generates amortization schedules • Calculates IRR, MIRR, NPV and NFV for cash-flow analysis • Stores up to 32 uneven cash flows with one- to four-digit frequencies and analyzes the impact of changes in variables • Evaluates bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call” • Choose from six methods for calculating depreciation, book value and remaining depreciable amount • Performs analysis on one- and two-variable statistics with four regression options: linear, logarithmic, exponential and power • Determines the days between dates • Calculates breakeven, profit margins and percent change • Includes trigonometric and logarithmic scientific functions • Choose between chain and Algebraic Operating System calculation methods OTHER FEATURES • Stores 10 values in memory which are retained by the Constant Memory feature • Enable key click sounds in Settings • Switches to second functions fast with one-touch 2nd function key • Support for split screen, portrait and landscape modes • Ability to copy individual calculation results to other apps • Includes both BA II Plus™ and BA II Plus™ Professional calculator features • The look corresponds to BA II Plus™ Professional calculator