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Avatar Maker: Fantasy Animals Chibi

  • Entertainment
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Avatar Maker: Fantasy Animals Chibi

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Avatar Maker: Fantasy Animals Chibi

Add a couple things

So this is a great app they’ve got all kinds of things to use to make furries, scalies and Sans, Sans the Skelton. They’ve basically basic to exotic but they’re missing unusual. Only one beak-like mouth and no bird bodies. Also as an author this app has been helpful for character design it’s just that I can’t make characters of Sergals and Protogens. Finally if I could select and color individual sections of various parts that would be very helpful. Other than that this is a wonderful app, just lacking in updates.

Broticus 3.14, Apr 17, 2022
Love it, but a few problems.

So, First I absolutely love all of the apps that the developer makes. But, there are some few problems, bugs, and more updates I would suggest. Problems: I had just moved from a Samsung, to a IPhone. I had this app on my old phone and it NEVER did this. My new IPhone, when I got on the app, when I would choose a tail, or ears, ect. If I chose two tails it normally wouldn’t let me do two, but on the iPhone it let me put on two... Bug(s): Sometimes on my iPhone when I put to much accessories on the avatar it would kick me out of the game and put me to home screen, or it would glitch out. (Just a reminder, my iPhone is perfectly new i don’t know why it’s doing this. And my Samsung is cracked, you can see a little bit of inside the phone in a crack, it has a virus and won’t turn on at all now and the battery is burning hot when you touch it. So I threw it away so it won’t catch fire.) Suggestions: For an update mabye can you add like a turtle outfit that’s my fav animal! I have more but they wouldn’t really work. Sorry for making it so long!

cheezy chessa, Jul 24, 2019
Head and body what a dissatisfaction

Personally I like the app it’s but the head... I don’t like how I can’t color it but when u color the body it colors the head too is this a bug? Please fix it because what if I wanted to make a red head dog and a blue body oh wait I can’t it’s all blue. Well please fix this and I would like more grass backgrounds like forest meadows but in the day and like a fantasy background for fairys and unicorns.

Dream45$, Jul 27, 2020
Nice game but……

I do like this game but you need to make it so that you can make your character easier it’s a good game but it’s a little difficult to get it how you want it to look you should able to play as your character idk what you would play but you can figure that out yourself

galaxy/presten1fan, Sep 08, 2019
Great, but has a problem

This game is great, the animals, the way you can change the colors, etc., but it has one problem. Every time I go into the game it works fine, for about five minutes or so, and then it shuts me out of the game. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but it didn’t fix the app. Please fix this problem with the app!

GatorsandCrocs, Apr 28, 2023
Two flaws.

Okay, this app is amazing, I use it all the time in Pinterest, but, there are two flaws: One, the app crashes ALL THE TIME! It's very hard to make even one character without it crashing, however, I have a solution; for every change you make, save your character. Sure, it's hard work, but it works. Two, I think there should be more variety with the spots and things because my main OC has one white paw and there is no option for white paws, but overall, this is a awesome app! ~Night

Night's news, May 26, 2018
This game is really Entertaining

I got this app after seeing it on the App Store and I saw that it was free! So I downloaded it and gave it a try. I really do love this app. I made so many chibis that I don’t have much room left. I’m hoping the developers who created this will give more saving slots for people to create more chibis.

O""o, May 03, 2020
Great for making characters

I love this game and I think that it’s good quality but when I’m trying to make a furry character there isn’t any protegen parts, I also have a problem with the lack of being able to have, for example, different sets of horns. Also, when I play, every like, 5 minutes it just logs me out of the game completely,It’s a great game except for those couple of problems!

PrideFurryAccepter, May 25, 2023

Ok ok I like this app but a few flaws have occurred and a few suggestions 1st off some of the body’s that are on this well 8 think are a little inappropriate mostly the female ones it’s not too bad tho you could change the rating to at least 9 and up 2nd of all when ever you make a change to your avatar the app crashes and it’s so annoying but if your ok with that get the app it’s really a great game if you don’t mind those flaws 😃😒👍

sassy112309, Nov 30, 2019
Add more customizable features

This app is really fun and is great for making characters. I just wish there was a option to change the color of everything, even a paint mode would work. Don’t get me wrong this app is awesome but it just isn’t enough to add color to characters. Other than that I love this app. I definitely recommend getting this! 😁

SSilentFOX, Oct 24, 2019


Want to create an avatar of a new chibi animal? (fox, wolf, dog or dragon) Or maybe you dream of a picture of your favorite character but are not good at design? Our game is what you need! The app offers a large variety of fragments for you to mix and match and make up your original character for any type of story.

Customize your character’s eyes, lips, hair, clothes, wings, horns and other attributes. Share your pic or set it as wallpaper. * 10,000+ character options * Save and share features * Flexible color options * A great variety of stunning accessories * Female and male characters * Almost furry Add your pet to comics, anime and manga to make up your own amazing stories! *^_^*

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