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User Reviews for Adobe Fill & Sign-Form Filler

OK! The iPad version needs work.

Adobe needs to fix the sensitivity of the app when it comes to using a Apple Pencil on the iPad. Currently, you can sign with the pencil but if your hand touches the screen as you are signing it impedes the signature and picks up what both your hand and the iPencil are writing. I use this app because it is included in the monthly membership I pay for, however Docusign is a much better app because once it recognizes you are using an iPad, the sensitivity level automatically switches to recognize the iPencil only and “not” touches of your hand which may linger while writing. It’s very awkward for me to have to write my signature with the iPencil with my hands raised so it doesn’t touch the screen of the iPad.Overall, it’s great for iPhone and needs to be adjusted for the iPad and iPencil. Does what you need it to do. Fix this issue and it would be 5 stars.

Aki.Rivz, Feb 08, 2020
Reviews Can Be Misleading

I read many reviews before downloading the Adobe Fill & Sign app on my iPhone and iPad. There were some that stated how difficult it is to place a text box in a fill line and how challenging it is to type in the text fields, and ... Those reviewers couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are obviously not tech savvy folk and are not familiar with detail maneuvers in digital applications. I completed a form very quickly and effectively on my iPhone 7 Plus. I also was able to complete a duplicate form even quicker because the app remembers previously typed information and automatically suggests adding that information. Retyping is prevented.I give this FIVE STARS!! It is an awesome program that I would recommend to anyone needing such a business application.

AWQuests, Aug 12, 2020
Unusable for Blind People

I’ve opened PDFs on browsers and had them read fine, while the issue there was that you couldn’t click and edit them. I downloaded this app hoping it would solve that problem and be an improvement over the web version, which says it has accessibility settings but often shows the document as completely blank. This app is the exact same thing. I open a document which reads out fine in the web browser, and that also reads fine when I first open it as an email attachment on my phone, but as soon as I copy it to adobe fill and sign, each page shows up as one image so I can’t tap on the area that I need to enter text in. Adobe has the largest product line around reading PDFs. Their products have been around for over a decade at this point. I’m sure you’re capable of figuring out how to make PDFs both readable and editable for screen reader / voiceover users when other avenues are only one step away from having that be the case. It would make the nightmare of having to fill out documents for work and other purposes irrelevant, and it’s an issue that really shouldn’t still exist given today’s technological advancements.

Bjaxstriker, Nov 30, 2020
Love it! #Grateful

I have been through many frustrations trying to find an easy way to sign documents I’ve had a few things to come up and I don’t have a Microsoft office subscription I couldn’t figure out my Microsoft office password to use the free resource online and I was so glad I ran across this well I am so glad I ran across this I was able to sign a document for my daughter school right on my iPhone without using a computer desktopAnd I had many options it was quick to access the document they have a variety of ways to access the documents a variety of features to circle or check boxes or delete if you make an error safe send is a one stop shop and user-friendly thank you thank you thank you so much!! I’m going to now look for it on my laptop the document I just filled out was a one pager I have a few pages to fill out with another document I will be looking this up thank you again

geminiqt76, Mar 09, 2021

I just used this to sign huge long real estate contracts long distance. It allowed me to get the job done but there are a few points that I would like to make.📌 Make bold, italics and underlining available in text fields📌 Make A dozen or so choices of your name and initials written up in different Scripts that you could choose to use in documents.📌 give us a color choice for text and or bullet points.When doing a multiple page document in which I had to sign every page, I could not scroll to the next page… I had to select "done" at the top of the page, Then go back to my list of documents and select the document again, and then page through each completed page to get to the new page. If there is a way to avoid this lengthy process, I sure couldn't find it. If there is a way I would sure like to know!

jiddins, May 13, 2017
So easy to use ! Thank you!

I won something on Instagram and needed to sign a pdf document that they sent me through yahoo. I couldn’t edit the document straight on my phone because text was acting funny and just too big. So after downloading like 5 other apps including word, this is the only one that worked! All I had to was save pdf from my email to my phone, then launch app and find the file on my phone. The app lets you fill in text so easily and I was able to save filled out form on my phone. And I’m happy that it was free. I’m sure you could probably upgrade but what it lets you do for free is such a headache relief especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a computer or laptop right now at home besides a cell phone. I recommend this app to anyone who’s not really tech savvy like me. 5 stars. Thank you again!

JuithCa, Apr 22, 2020
Works well but Adobe needs end-user input for better UI

For the most part, it is similar to using the PC version of Acrobat with the Fill & Sign capability. Which means it still thinks you're using a PC instead of a tablet or phone screen. So if you have the Apple pencil, you cannot use it to sign the document, but to can use it to create a stored signature that is inserted into the document. I would much rather sign on the document itself as the whole point is to sign and not insert the same exact stored copy of my signature into every document. Sort of dumb.Also when inserting a field to type in text, it doesn't seem to see the context so it just puts it on the point you touched rather than attempts to align it. Which is odd because the Check-Box feature is very well done so they are doing context checking.Lastly, it would be nice to be able to use the Pencil instead of my finger to do the field inserts--that might be a feature, but it didn't occur when I tapped my pencil--the pencil only seemed to select and then create my pre-created signature or initials.

LongShadow, Apr 06, 2021
Soooo Easy to Use!

I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get this App uploaded onto my I-Pad, how simple the instructions were to follow in order to use it, & how quickly I was able to pull up & fill out the Document that I needed to sign & then email back to the original sender, all using this one simple App!! It was amazing...My printer is inoperable, so I needed an alternate way to “hard-sign” & send back this Document ASAP! This Adobe App saved me valuable time & the extra expense of having to seek out a 3rd Party to print out this Document for me so that I could then sign it, photograph it w/my iPhone, & finally email it back to my Contractor...What I originally thought was a task that was going to b fraught w/numerous obstacles turned out to be one which was SUPER easy & actually fun to use; it’s truly a BRILLIANT App! Thanks!!

Occasionally Tech-Challenged, Oct 03, 2018
Life saver!

I am a high school student whose had a difficult time with filling out online applications and needed one quickly. I’ve tried five apps who promised an easy time with editing documents and signing as well but out of desperation I’ve foolishly downloaded all of them to which left me with dissatisfaction and disappointment. While using those other apps, I had to pay in order to send my already signed application, and need I say that I am unemployed and have no bank account or credit card to pay for the premium the apps offered. But I stumbled upon this treasure and to which I am deeply grateful for! Thanks to this app, I have two interviews next week! If you are going through the same troubles as I’ve experienced, this app offers free editing, signing, AND emailing access to whoever on whatever device! 10/10 recommend ! Thank goodness!

SATISFIED USER! 670/680!, Jun 28, 2021
A must have for everyone /suggestion for a functionality which could boost the apps productivity

Very useful for signing documents on the go. I have a suggestion/functionality for them which they could may be imbibe in their app . Here is a use case where I get two attachments(both need signatures & both need to be sent back ) in one email , in the current version I should separately open each attachment and export it to Adobe app and sign it and through the abode app when I try to select two of the signed files to send them in a single email it is not possible so I had to send one email for each file which is little inconvenient . So if adobe had the option of selecting two files at a time and then o could share it to other app such as gmail I could send the two files together in the single email .This functionality could make life a bit easier if you had to sign and send multiple files to the same email id .But over all the product is very good .

Seri kiran, Nov 29, 2018


The free Adobe Fill & Sign app lets you fill, sign, and send any form fast. You can even snap a picture of a paper form and fill it in on your phone or tablet. Then e-sign and send.

No printing or faxing needed. HOW IT WORKS: • FILL. Scan paper forms with your camera or open a file from email. Tap to enter text or checkmarks in form fields. Fill forms even faster with custom autofill entries. • SIGN. Easily create your signature with your finger or a stylus, then apply your signature or initials to the form. • SEND. Save forms and send to others immediately via email. It’s that easy. WHAT CAN ADOBE FILL & SIGN DO FOR YOU? • GET IT DONE NOW. Fill in forms anytime, anywhere. • GO GREEN. Send forms by email to eliminate printing and faxing. • STAY ORGANIZED. Store your forms in one place. Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use (https://www.adobe.com/legal/terms-linkfree.html) and the Adobe Privacy Policy (https://www.adobe.com/privacy/policy-linkfree.html) Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.adobe.com/privacy/ca-rights-linkfree.html

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