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User Reviews for Adobe Connect New

Plz adobe listen to us !

adobe you are great company plz update app and fix issues , you can do this .

Aliinanloo, Dec 12, 2021
So cool

So i use this app for my school and i have to say that this app made me have one of the best experiences from online school thanks adobe💖

bahar dono, Jul 11, 2021

Please add Q&A support. This one is so much better than the last but I find myself being forced to use the old one because this one doesn’t have everything I need yet.

Infern08, Dec 01, 2021
Access to PDF Files are Necessary

This version of the Adobe Connect application has a better appeal compared to the older application. Everything seems smoother to operate, but we need to have the ability to access pdfs and web links. We also need to be able to view pdfs that are being presented by another individual. Other than that, the application is great.

life is an enigma, Feb 04, 2022
Massive improvements !

Design and compatibility changes are wonderful. Please add pdf support

Mehrad A, Oct 02, 2021
Better one the UI but not the performance

It’s better than old one but also cannot support pdf files please add it

Mohammad Parsaa, Oct 03, 2021
Not as expected

It has two big problems:First it doesn’t work and jump from chrome to app So you should enter the link in the appSecond it keeps giving this error: enter a valid linkBut my link was valid!!!!

Ramtin83, Oct 18, 2021
Very very very nice and best version!

It is so better than Old version and orginal version from Adobe!the orginal adobe version is so old and Bugs. please add support from PDF Files.

stahask, Dec 12, 2021
Does not work well on an iPad

The sound volume kept fluctuating, no handouts available, app kept freezing, and I was not able to view the slide presentation! When I switched to the web I was not able to hear the sound 😡

TechTrainer66, Apr 27, 2022
Buggy on iPad Pro

The app has an annoying issue where if multiple people in chat post a message the chat window snags and you miss the most current messages being sent. You have to manually scroll down to see more messages, but since it doesn’t automatically scroll to the most recent you have no idea a bunch of people have sent a message.

thecoffeeroaster, Aug 09, 2022


Attend meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms with Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect for iOS brings critical meeting capabilities to your mobile device, enabling you to attend meetings directly from your iPhone or iPad. This is a brand-new Adobe Connect mobile application entirely rewritten to provide even greater levels of performance and quality.

This new application delivers a modern user interface, supports higher resolution camera broadcast, and supports both landscape and portrait viewing. Join any Standard View meeting, including meetings with the new Enhanced Audio/Video Experience enabled. This new application does not yet completely replace the original Adobe Connect mobile application. For more information about the different features of the two apps, please see this blog post - https://blogs.connectusers.com/adobeconnect/2021/06/a-tale-of-two-mobile-apps.html Use your built-in microphone and speakers, a connected headset, or a Bluetooth device such as Apple AirPods to join meeting audio. Or join a telephone conference if included with the meeting. Participate in video conferencing using your device’s cameras. View high quality PowerPoint® presentations, videos, PDF documents, images, GIF animations, or desktop computer screens being shared. Participate in chat, vote in polls, read notes, ask questions, raise your hand, agree/disagree, or let the host know you have stepped away. FEATURES: • Talk and listen using your microphone and speakers (VoIP) or another device • View cameras being shared and share your camera if allowed • View PowerPoint slides being shared • View screen sharing being shared • View MP4 videos, JPG and PNG images, and animated GIFs being shared • View PDF documents being shared • Listen to MP3 audio being shared • Participate in chat, including selecting colors and private chats • Participate in polls, including multiple-choice, multiple-answer, and short answer • View notes including formatting and hyperlinks • Ask questions and see other questions and responses in Q&A • Change your status: including Raise Hand, Agree / Disagree, and Stepped Away • Participate in breakout rooms with audio, cameras, and chat • Support for Single Sign-On requiring two-factor authentication • As a host, login and promote others Support for additional meeting activities will be coming soon. This application does not yet support Whiteboards, annotations, WebLinks pods, File pods, closed captions, and custom pod applications. These activities can be accessed by joining the meeting using a standard mobile browser. Note: This application is NOT for watching recordings. Adobe Connect recordings can be viewed using a standard mobile browser while online. For offline access - recordings will need to be converted to a video format by the meeting owner and distributed separately. Requirements: iOS 13.0 or higher. Devices supported: iPhone 6s or higher, iPad 5th generation or higher. Requires WiFi or a standard 4G/5G mobile connection.

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