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Behance – Creative Portfolios

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User Reviews for Behance – Creative Portfolios

Has potential

This app has potential to be good. It really does! Just a few weird things I have found so far:When you’re browsing through the search function, you can’t just “like” something unless you go to the creator’s profile and find the project. I get that everything is split into projects with multiple items within each, but I guess there was an easier way to interact with creator’s pieces.Also, I cannot check my notifications. It keeps telling me I have two notifications, but when I select the notification bell, it prompts me to upload a project. Completely glitched out. I’m going to try to reinstall, but not hopeful

Aforadultery, May 16, 2021
App Problems

I have just downloaded the app and decided to create an account with my Facebook account. I went through the process and it said everything worked. I was able to check out everyone’s work but it wouldn’t load my profile at all and said there was an error. Thinking I could just log out and log back in, it still didn’t work so I chose to create one with my email- still didn’t work and it did the same thing.

AkiraPatten, Nov 18, 2019
Running service

I love this app, however the app performance is an issue. I’m always experiencing the difficulty to access a certain creative field or finding conceptualists in experiential projects. Rather the website at choice but it is less functional than the Behance app. I see that searching for things on app brings up most of photography, I have to spend a lot of time trying to dig for content or a certain demographic no matter who I follow. The app also tends to move in slow motion on to blank, freeze and cut off at a certain amount of time of scrolling for those fields at any given time. The works me to move through and up keeping through my appreciations which drives me nuts no matter how much this app has me on a love hold .

Angel Alesse, Aug 26, 2021
Home tab?

I feel like this app has a lot of potential.But I’m not sure I understand the home tab. It feels like a regurgitated version of the search tab. On the home tab, I’m looking at works that don’t even interest me. The feed are a collection of accounts I don’t follow or are even interested in. Is there not a way to curate this feed? And normally I would just over look this if I can access a list of accounts that I have followed, but appears that I can’t even do that.Then I thought, I’ll just use the moodboard feature but now I’m discovering that I can’t remove projects, only add.I was hoping this app would be a place of inspiration tailored specifically to my interests but instead I’m looking at projects that are tagged with hashtags that sometimes have no business using that hashtag. I’m not against a tab for discovery, but a hint of personalization would go a long way.So this is why I rarely use this app. It’s possible that I’m using this app all wrong but I hope you see where I’m coming from.

Astrid user, Aug 02, 2020
If you quit once, it makes it easier to quit the next time.

Behance has been such a great work place for me. It's given me the wonderful and authentic experience to display my work, as well as influence. I've met people who are kind and helpful. There are endless amounts of ideas out there and Behance gives the platform to share. However as of recent Everytime I attempt to go to my portfolio of any portfolio the app crashes. Why? I don't understand. I can't look any projects and is frustrating. I've logged off, undocked it, deleted it and restarted and NOTHING!

BronzMan1, Sep 13, 2021
The incredible sensation of being creative in the Behance era

If you born in the 90’s or after, you couldn’t imagine how tough was being a creative before those years, but if you born in the 80’s like me or before, you are really going to appreciate the existence of a virtual place like Behance.Behance is not only a social media for designers or professionals of the creative disciplines, Behance is a democratic place to share knowledge. For the first time in history, they create a Behance way to show a project, a storytelling, and a way to curate like in a “virtual art gallery”.Thanks Adobe to buy Behance and have invested in those Spanish guys who transformed the way of creatives lives.

Juan Crescimone, Aug 10, 2020
Hope the first issue gets fixed. Dont know if the second is fixed yet

Cant see a couple of my projects, the app crashes for some reason when watching those same projects time and time again. Issue still persists even after a couple of updates. I don’t recommend anybody to edit their projects on the app. Do that on the web as it deleted a lot of my projects. All i did was just delete some text and after i pressed “publish” (there wasnt a “save” option like on the web) half of my projects got deleted.

Kastriot Qerimi, Mar 26, 2021
Great content, glitchy video

This app would be fantastic if not for the fact that when watching any of Adobe’s live streams, the video refreshes every several seconds, causing the feed to go blank and a couple seconds later reappear, causing a few seconds of sometimes valuable information to just be lost. Opening a live stream in a browser as an alternative works until you sign in to the chat at which point you are redirected automatically to the app and therefore the buggy video feed. So the best experience is just on a desktop in a browser in order to avoid this app. If this bug could get fixed, the experience would be about perfect. So much really great content.

Nergon, Jul 13, 2020
Poor Redesign

The old product was much more useful. I could easily browse projects and not feel overwhelmed with these new stories and a social feed. This isnt instagram. This is a place to dive deep into high quality work and discover artists and designers. Completely copying Instagram’s UX makes no sense in context of what myself and many others use Behance for. Some constructive design feedback: 1. use a 2 column grid for projects. It used to be much easier to browse multiple projects at once. 2. Get rid of stories. This shouldn't be an app to post ephemeral content. 3. Why is posting a project the main call to action?? This could significantly reduce the quality of the the posted projects. Behance will become just like Dribbble which is not a good thing.

T_todd, Jul 22, 2018
Clicking On Notifications

When I click on notifications, the app is stuck on that project page. I can’t close out of the project, click on the artist, or use any gestures other than clicking on the pictures. I have to close out of the app and reopen to get back to the home page. This just started after the last update. The other issue I have is that you can’t click the top of the screen to return to the top when a project is open. Not sure why this hasn’t been fixed yet.

Thomas.Montes, Feb 06, 2019


Use Behance for iOS to explore work by the world’s top creative talent wherever you are. Search millions of projects across creative fields and industries, including: Graphic Design Photography Illustration Interaction Design Motion Graphics Architecture Product Design Fashion Advertising Fine Arts Crafts Game Design Sound ...and much more! KEY FEATURES - Browse work curated every day by humans and shared by creatives you follow. - Build moodboards from the projects that inspire you while exploring the community. - Share your own projects from start to finish and get feedback from Behance members. - Watch livestreams to learn the techniques used by leading artists and designers. - Get notified when you receive new comments, appreciations, and followers. - Send and receive private messages and job opportunities.

ABOUT BEHANCE Behance is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work, and is part of the Adobe Family. Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use (https://www.adobe.com/legal/terms-linkfree.html) and the Adobe Privacy Policy (https://www.adobe.com/privacy/policy-linkfree.html). Do Not Sell My Information: https://www.adobe.com/privacy/ca-rights.html

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