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Wordsmyth - Boggle, Relaxed

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User Reviews for Wordsmyth - Boggle, Relaxed

Excellent brain stimulation

I really like this daily exercise for my brain. I would have given it a five but a one of the functional updates done recently isn’t welcome. Now when I want to backup on letter selection, perhaps because I accidentally touched the wrong letter, all my selected letters are removed and I have to totally start over. Otherwise, the ability to customize functions and ‘mix up’ the letter presentation are great upgrade. Suggested updates: 1) If I missed how to do this, my apologies. Could you add a way to go back to previous days to work on those challenges? I haven’t figured out a way to activate those so I can work on them again. 2) Another nice to have would be the ability to place my cursor at the beginning or in the middle of a word that is already entered to change the word again. Much the same way as adding an S at the end of some words makes a new word.Thanks for a great app.

Ach4el, Jun 12, 2021
One request!

I really like the game. I enjoy spending time searching the puzzle (and my mind) for every possible word! The one thing I would like is to be able to have more than one new game per day. Sometimes I will open the game a few times a day only to realize that there are no new puzzles and nothing to do. More puzzles each day would make this an easy 5/5

allen.michael.m, Feb 26, 2022
Good but some flaws

I love how relaxing this game is. However, it's difficult to enjoy a word game that doesn't recognize valid words! On my first game, and it did not accept "hued" and "reshod" as well as others I can't remember off the top of my head. This kills the enjoyability of the game.Edit: changing to 5 stars because the developer response was amazingly fast and I was informed that getting the best dictionary for the game without making it get too tediously bogged down in filler words is a challenge. It’s clear that the developer wants to make the game the best possible and values user feedback.

GoWokeGoBrroke, Dec 26, 2021
Game crashed

I love this game play it all the time but suddenly I can no longer open the app. Every time it tries to load it just take me back to my Home Screen and I’m irritated. I just wanna seek words No issues with this in a while still loving life on the leaderboards

Hppavilionaire, Dec 21, 2021
Only one game a day

I like this game other than a few things. I’ve only had it a few days and would like to play more than one puzzle a day. You can go back and do puzzles from previous days you’ve had it but you can’t do any more. I’ve also been frustrated with some nonsense words, and some legitimate words not being recognized. I have had to just try every combination of letters a few times which is no fun at all. I also agree more directions and even a FAQ would be helpful. Three times I’ve had to come to comments here to try to find out how to do something.

Magicandmayhem, Dec 26, 2021
Love it!

This brilliant and very simple word game got me hooked immediately. It is beautifully designed and presents a big challenge that renews on a daily basis, so the fact that I have only one new puzzle to work a day keeps me going on it as far as I can get. The controls and color indications as you type words are both very well though out. One of my Game Center friends are playing but I have yet to figure out how to make the synch feature provide us with the exact same puzzle to compete together on.The hint feature is really nice when you get stuck but sometimes I find that I do not recognize the words I find through it. A suggestion would be to provide a way to look up the definition of any accepted words.Regardless of what may be missing, this seems like the perfect game for those who love word puzzles.

MarinasideSteve, Dec 24, 2021
Good, challenging game!

Good, challenging game that requires quite a bit of thought to find all of the words for each day’s puzzles! I like the relaxing animation/sounds. Wish there was an option to see the definitions of words found, especially with words I create that I’ve never heard of before (then I would be learning even more while I play).

mgmiller68, Mar 01, 2021
Daily Mind Stimulation

Great game, makes you think and enjoyable. The only issue some words should be considered a word like “gelato”…which is in the scrabble dictionary while some of the 3-letter words are questionable. But I can look past these minor issues and still enjoy the game. I would recommend to anyone looking for a word game to get this…you won’t regret it.

MokaV, Jul 12, 2021
Love this game

Very relaxing, no adds, and if I can’t find any of my words hints are provided. Thank you for providing the shuffle button! Don’t think I could provide any suggestions…except keep working as I plan to live longer than 18 years. 😊🤞

Solesister_3, Feb 19, 2022
Great game play let down by poor dictionary

I love the way this game plays, but any word search game lives and dies by its dictionary. This one isn’t very good. It doesn’t recognize obvious words like “raping,” yet it does include many that I find nowhere else. I completely solved a recent game by brute force. The 38 “words” in the solution included: sri sris dit dits sics siti cist cris strid irids sitis disci cists. More than a third of the solution does not appear in my dictionary, and this seems typical. (Dealing with autocorrect while writing this review is an exercise in frustration.) Ultimately this means the only way to completely solve any puzzle is by brute force, which really kills the fun.

StephenAT, Mar 09, 2021


Wordsmyth is simple - one new puzzle, every day you play. No timers, no levels and no distracting adverts - just you and todays 9 letters. Focus on them, absorb them and find as many words as you can.

There's no pressure, so sit back and take your time. The beautiful, dynamic scenery flows with every interaction, while the mellow soundscapes help draw you deeper into the experience. With over 18 years worth of puzzles, Wordsmyth will provide you with a peaceful, meditative puzzling experience for years to come. AppAdvice - Game Of The Week - Feb 26th 2021 AppAdvice - Games Of The Month - Feb 2021 148Apps - “a refreshingly chill take on Boggle” 4/5 iMore - “will relax, rather than stress“ PocketGamer - "a fresh new experience each day" Metro UK - "Near perfect mobile entertainment - 9/10"

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