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User Reviews for Wordlito

It’s basically Worldly but not

It’s basically Wordly but it has an extremely limited list of words you can try. What is wrong with Rusty? Manse? Plait? Dirth? Plaid?Lance? Come on, this is ridiculous? I think it is awesome that people from all over the world make apps and I’m guessing this was made by non-English speaking people. But you can’t make a word game and simply leave out many, many words. Sorry, am deleting this game. It’s no fun to play.

Citymominwoods, Feb 06, 2022

I don’t expect every game to be ‘made for’ those of us who speak English, and I give some leeway to games that are hindered (but actively working on improving), how they handle language barriers/issues.PARDON MY CAPS, BUT:WHAT I FIND RIDICULOUS ABOUT A MEDIOCRE APP TRYING TO BUST IN ON THE ‘WORDLE’ FAD… You have the “DEFAULT SETTING” for most common 2,500 words, and the player must change this to get 25,000??????!!!Dear Dev, look at how every review is frustrated players complaining about common words not taking. Now, think of the 99.9% of ppl who don’t bother reviewing games they find ‘bad’. How many have you already lost to IMMEDIATE DELETION, by those who even gave a low rated game a chance at all, esp w/tons of copy cats, millions of apps, little time. Most horrible games have fake reviews to boost them in the above 4.0 stars. We know it. Seeing less than, most will never even DL this.I only checked reviews before deleting myself. Apologies on long review. I didn’t plan to b4 deleting. But…I just thought I’d give u a honest review about common sense.At minimum, change your default setting.DELETE.

Greypatchesoreo, Jun 29, 2022
good, but missing words

This is a nice simple word challenge game without all the annoying bells and whistles and ads. My only complaint is that there are lots of perfectly fine 5 letter words that are not allowed. Since there are no instructions it’s hard to know why! Are they disallowed within a game for some reason, or are they just not in the word list? What’s wrong with “siren”?

Jkvc2003, Jan 14, 2022
Has the potential to be so much better.

The interface in this game is nice. Clean, intuitive, easy enough. What gets me though is the sheer volume of words that the database says it not valid. As an example:SternRentsStingStallWindyMuggyFudgeNestsAll of these words are not valid? Yet using the common words list, “chine” is common? Fix the words list and database of common words, and you could match a great interface with a good database. Until then, I can’t be bothered.

Jorakae, Feb 06, 2022
Bad wordle copy

I love wordle and got this since it copies that. It’s a terrible clone though. I tried to enter spill as a guess because I had an i in the middle of the word and it told me that’s not a valid word, please try another. Then I tried windy and was told again that’s not a valid word, please try another. Then it took kinda as a valid word. I finally solved it and the word was bindi. Very strange and frustrating game.

Magicandmayhem, Feb 06, 2022
Great app!

Great app! much better than the original. Just need a quick review of common words. Otherwise, it’s great! 5 stars!

Popa Mango, Apr 28, 2022
Doesn’t accept valid words

When a Wordle clone doesn’t recognise plumb and pluck as valid words then it’s really not worthwhile spending any time playing it. Who knows how many other words it doesn’t accept. Those 2 were deemed invalid on my very first game.

Privacy_FTW, Feb 06, 2022
Had for 5 min and deleted

Basic design is pleasing and well done. Problem is the word database. Basic words such as beast & timid come up as invalid. Makes it unplayable. I tried all the settings, no help.

Rickc519, Feb 06, 2022
Needs realistic word choices

This would be fun but I’ve played it many times and have never seen a common word that anyone would recognize.

Schmi083, Jan 18, 2022
Word dictionary is limited to a bizarre collection

Standard, well-known English words result in an error. Words 90% of the people have never heard of are the most common answers. Takes a lot of the fun out of the game. I certainly wouldn’t spend any money on it.

The.Big.O, Feb 07, 2022


A word game, where you are to find the hidden 5 letter word in 6 tries or less. You are given clues with the colors of the letters shown. You are not limited by the number of words you can find, play as long as you like.

Includes accessibility and VoiceOver. Select between different difficulty level of words and and a word list with UK spelling is also available. Play two games simultaneously, side by side on iPad. There is no data collected and there is no internet communication required for playing. This app is fully designed with SwiftUI, with async actors.

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