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Sean O'Connor
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User Reviews for WordStorm

Word order

Love the game, just wish there was an option to list words alphabetically instead of by difficulty/score. It can be annoying to enter a word only to have it accepted before I finish typing it.Example, wanted to type in defended but word was entered after typing defend. Only then did it accept defend with different endings.

Anne8088, Jan 09, 2022

Does not recognize completely valid words. Sometimes it says “valid word but not included” fair enough, but mostly it just doesn’t respond. Each time I get to 95% and cannot get the last three words. There is no option to admit defeat and reveal what I missed so I looked up a word unscrambler and tried every single one; nothing! I tried 2 more; again, nothing. I wonder what “popular” words I and 3 computer word unscramblers cannot find. I love words and wanted a challenge that would be relaxing and rewarding, not annoying and frustrating. Deleting this game now.

Citymominwoods, Jan 06, 2022
Entertaining & educational

I love this game. Keeps me thinking. One thing I’d like to see added is the ability to sort found words alphabetical so I can easily see if I already found the word.

DuongTu, Jun 26, 2022

This is a game of picking only the words that the developer thought of. All too often I layout great words but the game doesn’t recognize them. I think the game needs a built in dictionary so it will know correct words when it gets them.

FairReviews, Jan 05, 2022
35 most common words?? No

The description says the solution will be 35 most common words that can be made from the 9 letters. That is never true. There will always be a few everyday words that are not part of the solution and a couple very unusual words. I’m sure that’s meant to make the puzzle hard, but it makes the description and instructions false. I’d give it more stars if it were truthful with the player.

Hank.T., Jan 13, 2022
Great challenge

I love this game. I’ve been playing it since I got my first iPad. Yes, it’s challenging and no, there are not hints. But so what? If I want to know what the answer is, I can use the “win every game” website to look it up. It doesn’t invalidate the fun of this, if you like word games. My friends and I like to see how well we can do independently and then when we’ve gotten all we can, compare and see if we got 100% together.

Ipadslave, Oct 27, 2018
Can’t be both right and wrong

I started playing last month. I really began to enjoy the challenge of increasing my monthly average. Then I noticed I was repeatedly getting the reply that the word was VALID but not one of the solutions. Annoying, but not a disqualifier. What has me ready to delete the app altogether is that I have two correct solutions that use ALL the puzzle letters but trigger absolutely NO RESPONSE. I see the developer has many apps. Quality is better than quantity.

Lady Roots, Feb 05, 2022
No hints, not all words accepted

I liked this game at first, but found that even when I submitted perfectly valid words they weren't always accepted. I take this to mean the words you choose have to be those specific words the author had in mind, and other words, no matter how valid, aren't allowed. That's OK, but when I got stumped, I didn't see a way to get a hint, either! The idea for the game is good and the interface is ok, but it needs some work on the actual gameplay. Not happy I purchased it 😒 It wasn't until later I saw the 'lite' version.

LizaLaign, Jan 15, 2017
Frustrating word list

I like this game and play a lot (you can go back to years of puzzles) but it’s so frustrating because the developer’s word list is full of weird and archaic words and it doesn’t accept common really good ones. There is no way to get a hint if you get stuck and if you “admit defeat” it boos you! Then you reveal the “common” words you missed and they’re lame like beavering, rowel, bravi and inwove. Meanwhile it tells you that half the dictionary is slang and not valid, like binge and soccer. Many times I’ve found really good long words and it says it’s a valid word but not on the list and then I’m supposed to find these nonsense words that even my spell check has never heard of. I got it a day that it was free but I would be annoyed if I had paid for it. Needs work.

Magicandmayhem, Apr 15, 2022
I love this game but ………

I play this game every day until at or above 70, but the scoring is not by percent. It is an arbitrary number based on difficulty with the easy words getting more points than the harder words. Ex. I was at 65% got three of the more difficult words as shown by their placement in the bottom of the list and have a new score of 68%. 3/35 total words should have added 8.5% to the score. Why not just assign each word 2.9%?

RageKills, Jun 05, 2022


WordStorm is a highly addictive and easy to play word puzzle game. Try to guess all of the 35 most common words that can be made from the 9 letters shown. Each word must be 4 or more letters long and must contain the central letter.

There's a unique puzzle for every day which everyone else will be playing that day too! For the latest news on all of my games please follow @SeansGames on Twitter

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