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Les Bird
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User Reviews for Letter Wizard

Great puzzler

Really great puzzle game with challenging features. Natural controls. Perfect game.

chrisbellco, Jan 30, 2021
Fills the void left by bookworm, but could be use some adjustments!

Like others, I found this app while desperately trying to fill the void that was left by bookworm after it vanished off the App Store. I’m happy to say that it does just that! Though there’s a couple of wonky things I’ve noticed while I’ve been playing.The most severe and weirdest, was having my game end really abruptly about 250k points in. There was one fire tile at the top, and when I cleared that it just gave me the game over panel and prompted me to restart. I still have no idea why, but it was frustrating because I had 8 green tiles and 4 blue tiles on the board that I was stock piling.Also this is a minor gripe, but I think there should be a two letter word exception for Qi. Having just a Q fire tile (and not a qu) is almost certainly a game ender unless you scramble until you get a u beside it. Being able to use Qi would balance that I think.Last, also minor critique, but I feel like the play area could be a bit larger. There’s a lot of extraneous stuff on the screen that squishes it down (like letter wizard being at the top and the art wizard being large at the bottom). This is especially an accessibility issue on SE devices where the screen space is much smaller. Measuring it on my screen, the playable area is about 1.35 x 1.35 inches maximum.I feel like other comments address other quality of life issues fairly well, though!In any case, I’m not meaning to totally harp on this app - I love it! But with some improvements it could truly be great.

Coffeecore, Jun 26, 2021
Missed a game like this!

Really happy to have found a game like bookworm! I missed it so much. I’m hoping that you can add some more flame tiles, they get very less in the high levels. Thanks!

izzigal, Oct 18, 2021
Almost Perfect, But Not Quite

I’ve been looking for a bookworm clone ever since it lost Apple app support. This is a very good replacement. I wish you could double tap the last letter of a word to submit it though. It’s a little thing that greatly improves the game experience.

Kajohnna, Apr 10, 2021
Pretty close, definitely enjoyable!

I miss Bookworm so much and I was super excited to finally find a game that’s almost the same. I enjoy playing this game a lot. Just a few things I’ve noticed so far: my bonus word is “SUQ” but there are only “Qu” tiles so it looks like I’ll never get the bonus word. I wish the letter was just Q. Plus there are other words that have Q in them without U right after. Secondly, I liked in bookworm how you could tap the last letter of the word you created to submit it, rather than having to hit submit at the top. My last note is that I just miss our little worm friend. But I’m sure that’s a copyright issue. :) Overall, awesome game!

miaeellis, Feb 06, 2021

This is the closest to Bookworm that I’ve tried so far. It’s not bad. Really wish we didn’t have to hit “submit” at the top of the screen for ever word. It would be nice if we could drag and release to submit...

pct1818, Jan 22, 2021
Love this game

This game is great and I sometimes play it for hours at a time (it can get addictive). I like word games but I haven’t found many like this. I like being able to search for as many words as you want (unlike word search games). There’s a good amount of strategy involved to align letters to make longer words, which is a fun challenge. The texting abbreviations category is fun too. Oh and no ads which is awesome.

potionsmadhatter, Sep 02, 2020
Has potential, but needs work

Love the concept of this game, but the execution falls short. Graphics are basic and remind me of a 70's video game. When trying to highlight letters, they are not always picked up the first, second or even third try. I am having to use a stylus to help pickup tiles. Even then, not all are being captured. Makes playing this game very difficult. I look forward to watching this game evolve. It has a lot of potential. Good thing it is free now as I would definitely be getting a refund otherwise.

wrk24wheel, Apr 03, 2022


Remember Bookworm? This game is as close as you'll get. A wonderful and relaxing word game.

Connect neighboring letters to make words. Use bonus tiles to increase the word score. When red tiles reach the bottom the game is over. Score big when you find words within categories like food and science. Find the bonus word for double points. Word dictionary with over 400,000 words! Stats for current rank, current game and all-time. Game Center leaderboards

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