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Blit Inc.
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User Reviews for Words Premium

Great App

I found this app to be more of an educational tool than a game. However, it did help me to improve my vocabulary and I love the fact that it displays the definitions of words found. I'd recommend this app highly.

bhmstuff, Dec 06, 2009

Not only can you not earn hints, but you play words that initially can't be used. Then suddenly if you persist, the very word is suddenly found. Suddenly equals days later.

JeannieDa, Jul 14, 2020
Fun, but word list needs work

This game would earn a higher rating from me, but it's word list/dictionary needs some work. It includes incredibly obscure/obsolete words, while leaving out common ones (eg "ban", "band", "bandy". This makes the game a lot less fun when you have only a few words remaining and you know you may just have to randomly guess.

mironos, Jan 10, 2010

The game is simplistic. Can be fun to a point. You get a few hints initially then you have to buy the rest. There is no other way. You can’t earn then. You can’t watch an add for them. Nope. Money pit. Can’t rotate puzzle. Just turning the device doesn’t quote do it. This will get old quick.

Soitsme, May 23, 2020


It's a simple to play yet enjoyable, addictive and educational word puzzle game. You are challenged to find all the 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words by connecting adjacent letter tiles in a random grid. Unlike other similar games, this one gives you all the time you need and tells you how many words are left to find. 3 skill levels Words features 3 size puzzle grids.

It all depends how much time you have and how much of a challenge you're up for. Words Remaining Count What sets this game apart form other word games is that this one tells you how many words are left in the puzzle and challenges you to find them all. Hints Stuck, no problem. Tap the hint button to highlight the fist letter of a random unfound word. Still can't see it? Just tap the hint button again for the next letter. You can even get a hint that builds on letters you have already selected. Words Library Don't worry if the hint spells out a word you have not heard before. Tap the Found Words button to view a list of all the words you've found so far with a brief definition for each. You will enjoy learning new words while having fun.

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