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User Reviews for TRIPPY - trippy photo filters

Worth it to me!

When you download the app you can access a sample set of their filters and textures for free, and then you can also preview the additional categories of filters and textures that you can buy for like $4 or 5 each if I remember correctly. Or you can pay $20 and get them all unlocked, which is what I chose to do, even thought the acid trip filters were the only thing that I really wanted. The duochrome and light leaks are cool too, but like many have said, the rest isn't all that special and one could easily recreate even these more interesting effects in photoshop. However, I don't feel like learning to photoshop anything like this right now. I'm glad to throw my photos into this app and find a cool, colorful filter that suits it quickly and easily. It's convenient and fun! Hoping they update the app in the future to include more filters and textures, along with the abilities to shift the effects of each and to apply the effects to only certain areas of the photos. Needs to be a little more flexible and customizable, and then it'll be perfect.

Abigaileffie, Oct 25, 2017
Not worth the money

When you open the app you realize you have to pay like $5 for each of their “trippy” filter packages, but they’re generous enough to offer you their bundle package 50% off for a grand total of $20. Maybe if the filters were cool I would pay for them but I bought the “acid trip” package, which was really just a “different color tint” package, and it’s not worth it. You can get the exact same filters for free on dozens of other apps.

chodenugget, Nov 11, 2017
Fresh take on the photo filters genre

I’m enjoying playing with the filters and textures. It’s great that you can layer filters but it’s weird you have to unlock that option within the option section.

Jdollin, Nov 26, 2017
Waste of money

It’s not worth it, the filters are super basic, and boring. I paid for an expensive full package, one time purchase, and now the app is requiring payment for all the filters again.I have had it for over 3 years now, I cannot remember a single time when I achieved the desired effects with this app.Not paying again, not recommending.

lbomtempo, Dec 29, 2021

cool way to spice your photos up. paid content seems high but honestly I use them constantly. do yourself a favor and unlock the full package which includes future updates too

lieleilie, Sep 16, 2017
Not what it seems

The thumbnail filters and effects you see upfront are not what you get with the app. It looks like once upon a time there were many stunning features to this app but after buying the whole package and editing a few pictures I was very underwhelmed. It's my fault for not reading more reviews before making the purchase but whoever's behind the advertising and development of this app needs to be way more upfront with what it's actually going to offer you.

Moonmanusa, Jul 31, 2020
Different App, Same Content - Scam $ Money

There was previously an app that had the same content as this one, but shut down due to lack of funds (I believe). Either way, I feel as if it’s sort of a scam, considering they delete one app, make another, then tons of people redownload the SAME app, spend money again on filters and textures, then are told the app is being shut down because of funds (boohoo). What gives? I purchased at least $15 worth of textures & filters and I can’t get them restored? The filters and textures are dope, which is why I’m even bothering to write a review & be disappointed. If it wasn’t for that I’d rate the app 5 stars, even if they are scammy...

Ohmyglobbb, Oct 31, 2018
Hashtag Feature + Fast Effects = Efficient af

I always appreciate well designed high quality apps like this. The effects are great and I'm tempted to buy in-app effects even though I know how to do them all in photoshop. It's just fast and conveniently on my phone. The hashtag feature is the best part of the app for me. Let's you copy 30 relevant hashtags to your post that help drive engagement. This was something extra they didn't even have to do and I appreciate it so they get the 5 stars for going above and beyond.

Oko Yono, Aug 03, 2017
Almost perfect

Great app and pretty UI. Only complaint I have is every time I open it I have to restore my purchase in order to use anything other than the starter filters. I purchased it already, what does it not remember this?

Super8088, Oct 30, 2021
Expensive – but mostly lackluster

Sure, there are a couple cool filters that save you the time from dialing manually in the other apps, however all flexibility is lost. It does exactly what it advertises so technically it should be five stars. However, you can't even move the textures! Light leak? Where I don't want it? Nah, sorry. Just another inflexible filter app. Try doing something profound like Polar for the price! Good start, but keep adding features and don't offend people with your prices from the get go. You'll do better gathering a following with lower prices.

WildBillWillie, Aug 10, 2017


Get ready for the most insane and unusual filters you have ever seen. Reds, blues and greens will swirl and twirl to create photos that are out of this world! Download now to get weird.

Stay Weird. Stay Trippy. ------------- ------------- ------------- Acknowledgements: Purple Smoke Image in App Icon & Screenshot 1: "Designed by Onlyyouqj / Freepik" Dark Smoke Image in Screenshot 2: "Designed by Onlyyouqj / Freepik" Psychedelic Pattern Image in Screenshot 2: "Designed by Davidzydd / Freepik"

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