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User Reviews for My Scanner App


I love how easy this app works… I always had to go to a business to scan and send documents how … like taking a picture to send is make so easy for me thank you so much … just love it. Keep up the good work.

AAW in Dearborn, Jul 20, 2022
Scanning my thought

I really appreciate this scan app. It is easy to use, and seems to be just incredibly smart. I like how it “guesses” the parameters of the document that I’m trying to scan.This is so much easier than opening up my flatbed scanner and connecting to the odd outdated software to communicate with the computer.Thank you for your work!

CarltonR55, Aug 20, 2021
Great scanner

This scanner is so easy to use and when the other person I’m sending it to does not complain about it being darkened. I was using Camscan, difficult to use and dark copies with a lot of ads.

Deed dawg, Nov 30, 2021
Great scanner, Easy to use

I’ve had this app for sometime, but forgot about it. I recently used it to scan my kids school work & oh what a time saver it was vs. using the scanner function on my printer. This is now my go-to scanner for everything!

H. Jr, Feb 28, 2022
Scan app reiew

App has been a tremendous for me. My home computer which had scanning capability but the scanning feature stopped working but remaining printer functions work fine. This app saved me from replacing the printer. Cropping feature - awesome

lefty3236, Mar 20, 2022
First time scan

This app is awesome! The Scanner App is really very useful in a lot of projects. Whether you’re working on your finances with the tax guy, building your bookmaking stash, or even photos that you need to put together for family members. The Scanner App has such a diversity of uses!! A great way to keep all your documents safe in one little app!

M.K.L.M., Jul 22, 2021
Great Scanner App!

This app is absolutely user-friendly and so efficient at quickly capturing great quality images and sending. Comparable to other similar apps that charge $59 and more for a subscription (I drop those as soon as the free-trial period ends!) Highly recommend this app!

Old Pilott, May 26, 2022
Office Use

This app is the best thing I could have downloaded to my devices. It makes scanning documents and sending so quick and easy. Highly recommend this app for any office worker who deals with a lot of paper transactions.

Over worked employee, Jan 12, 2022
Love this

Due to Covid I have had to stay home and work from home if I didn’t have this app to send documents back-and-forth to my home office I would not be able to do that this app has seamlessly provided a awesome service that works impeccably well and I suggest to everyone who needs one this is the way to go there wasn’t a bunch of fussing to sign up for it to get it I download it and started using instantly it was very easy

over worked underpaid, Sep 21, 2021
Must try

This is a must try app. accessibility you can’t beat the upload and send time to your email! you can also edit which is a great feature. I would recommend this to anyone!

zeemoney72, Jul 24, 2022


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