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Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam

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Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam

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User Reviews for Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam


What can I say but Fantastic, this app has so many variations to keep an artist soul busy for hours. The live video and live camera options are amazing and what you can do to your photos is awesome. The interface is simple and easy to use, the only thing that gave me any problem was the app would crash when I try to load my photo library. But I have a LOT of photos on my camera roll so it’s not the only app that has that problem. One thing I would love to see is support for landscape view on my iPad maybe that can be in one of the next updates.

90806, Jul 18, 2018
Very easy to use

This is a great app for people that like to put interesting filters on photos without hassle. It is very easy to use with a simple layout so you know exactly where the tools are that you need to use. There are only four filters and four color options that go with those filters but if you want more it literally is $4.99. No subscription (🙌🙌) or anything stupid like that. Also, whoever said you have to crop the photo before you can put a filter on it was mistaken. You can do that if you want to, but you can just push done to skip that part. If you’re looking for a simple but fun app to play around with filters, then I would totally recommend this app! 👍💜 (One more thing, before rating an app, make sure you figure out how to use it before getting frustrated and dramatically deleting it off your phone and then writing a nasty review. Goodness people.🙈)

Arnaldina💜, Dec 27, 2019

I absolutely love this app! Very high quality, and easy to use. My 11 year old Boxer, Diesel just passed and I have been looking for artist to paint his picture in a similar manner to house these filters make my pictures look. The price for a 12x12 started at $125. You get a lot of filters and editing for free and for only $5 to upgrade to pro it’s totally worth every penny! So glad I found this. Thank you for helping me remember my boy in a fun and creative way!

Cjaay82, May 16, 2020
Transform simple photos into beautiful art

I’ve always loved “cartoonifying” photos, but this takes things to a whole new level. First of all, I love that you can just buy it. I hate subscriptions, and most other apps you have to subscribe to to get all the features and disable watermarks. So thanks for making it a one time buy. The app is so easy to use, anyone can use it. You can get advanced and adjust levels or just slap premade filters on. Some of my photos look so good I would seriously call them art. Great app!

IB74, Feb 12, 2022
Insta toon

I somehow purchased this app in my Apple apps account. $4.99 was the purchase price. I hope that isn’t a monthly fee. I couldn’t find anything to reference that. This is the first app I have ever paid for, excluding the iCloud. Using iPhone since 2013. If it turns out it has a monthly fee, I’m not sure if I would use it enough to pay monthly.Anyway... I just love this app. I have posted a few of the pictures on FB and everyone loves them!

Kbuege, Nov 17, 2020
Great App

I really really enjoy this app. I’ve downloaded over 15 apps that are supposed to make your images into cartoons or comics or just give it some flare and this app by far beats every single one of them and this is the only one I use now. It’s very well put together, there’s no lag time when the filter is applied. It’s just an overall great experience. I highly recommend trying it out and then purchasing the premium version.

lucky_in_lasvegas, Nov 23, 2018
This is what I wanted

I was looking for something that would turn photos I have into something that looks like a cartoon or a comic book. Bam! Done! Simple, intuitive, and fun. You can also make settings and then create a video in that style, but you cannot upload a video into that style (maybe one day). I bought the $5 pro version, because it was worth it. It’s a one time fee and it makes the app feel open and how it was meant to be. I’d advise you to get this and get the pro version, it’s less than a cup of coffee for just a boat load of fun!

Shavogun, Dec 23, 2019
Awesome 👍🏻 App!!

This app is a great app to turn your photos you have already taken or take a new photo while in live mode on your phone and turn your photo into an art masterpiece! It makes really quality perfect iPhone ratio pictures and videos!! Most important thing I would tweak is to make it where the person's lips are not so red like the Joker in Batman in cartoon filter mode! Some other things that I would improve would be putting a timer on it so you could place phone on a tri-pod and make it so your Apple watch would work with it also, or at least add a 3second, 5 second and 10 second timers on the app so you have a chance to adjust before the picture is taken! Overall a great app!!👍🏻🤪

studhorse, Feb 11, 2020
So addicting! And satisfying

This app was the best $5 I've spent in as long as I can remember. It's easy to use and has so many features and settings that after a solid month of converting multiple pics and shooting new videos, I'm still just scratching the surface. I've been recommending it to friends and co-workers heavily. My only wish is that I could upload videos I've previously filmed and convert them. Outside of that, this app is THE number one in my opinion. Especially because there's only a one time fee to upgrade instead of a monthly or yearly subscription cost.

TVAbner, Jan 21, 2021
Love it!

This app is great!!! I wanted to make a profile picture for my wattpad account, but I didn’t know what to do, I then decided I wanted to do a cartoon version of a picture of me. I downloaded this app with low expectations, as all the other apps I have downloaded that are like this all costed money to even do the cartoon version. I created the picture, and it not only was free, but it looked REALLY good too!Yes, there is a paid version u can purchase, but it is not necessary and this app works amazing without any extra filters.

Wolf_Boy_Alex, Jan 08, 2020


Turn your moments into trendy and cool art with Insta Toon! • Instantly create eye-catching artworks of yourself and the world around you • Load photos from Camera Roll or use the real-time camera to create your art • Enjoy a modern interface and a wide range of artistic styles • Get creative by changing the tone and texture of your art • Experiment with advanced controls to get unique results • Save your art as a video, as a GIF or as a Live Photo • Export the result in different resolutions: SD, HD, Full HD or Ultra HD* • Easily share your artwork on social media platforms *Ultra HD resolution is available on iPhone 6 or newer / iPad Air or newer

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