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Toca Nature

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User Reviews for Toca Nature

Great game! But I’ve got some ideas!

Hey Toca! This game is a favorite, because it’s so enjoyable and well as peaceful. I love every inch of this game, but I have some suggestions that would make this is game perfect! First, I thought maybe you could make the exploration a little less awkward. Try allowing the player to move their view. Because when ever I’m trying to take a picture of a bird, I can’t move my view upwards when the bird is higher on the tree. This ones a idea, but maybe you could add an avatar you can create. So you can create the avatar, got down to explore, and be in 3rd person. But when you hit the camera button, you go in first person and can move around, as well as being able to move your view. The avatar creator could just be a selection between a girl and a boy explorer too. That was my main idea. But as an extra, maybe you guys could add more animals, and more land space. You could add villages with people, or just stick to some new and cool animals. and the idea of more animals, might result to needing more land. Either way, this is an enjoyable game. Sorry this is so long, but I’ve always wanted to share this idea because I think it will make this game so much nicer to play. Thanks for reading, Toca!😊

432brando432, Apr 28, 2019
So relaxing!

I love toca life games, so I went looking for other types of toca boca games. I found toca nature and I downloaded it immediately. It’s so soothing and the music is beautiful. It’s the kind of game that makes you wanna go camping, hike up a mountain, learn about the wilderness. Maybe just a bigger world, more animals, and more food to work with. No complaints though. Oh another suggestion: maybe you could get slots to save your world because every time you go offline for about an hour, your world deletes and you have to start over. I hear owls and crickets at night, but where are they? But besides that nothing needs to be said about this game except the fact that it’s a great work of art and you worked very hard on it!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Chief Yellow Jacket, Jul 04, 2020
Unique and entertaining yet simple🐻

Brilliant and pleasant Toca Nature is a entertaining way to enjoy nature without being in it. Discover strange behavior and unusual markings in the forest. It feels like you are in some sort of amazing world where nothing will hurt you. Learn what the animals will eat. Make different environments with a unique arsenal of realistic trees that spawn certain animals when you put a lot of room to live in. Mountains will rise and rivers will form. When the building is done, explore a new world of natural wonders. Feed different animals with food that can only be found in certain areas of land. As you feed the animals they will get bigger and stop. Observe them, feed them, make them a amazing place, Toca Nature will do all of that and more. Overall great game.🐻🐟🐦

DiamondCayCay, Aug 15, 2016
Fun but...

This game is super relaxing and pretty. The concept is awesome. It’s just lacking in some areas. First, the controls are hard and it can get annoying. You can’t look up, and you can’t look side to side easily. I think it would be much more fun if the controls were more simple. For example, dragging your finger up would make you look up, dragging your finger down would make you look down, and to look side to side, drag your finger from side to side. To go forward you would just have to press and hold. Second, it would be awesome if there was more than just one world or plot of land for you to shape. You could make like three different ones that came with different animals, plants, and foods. For example, one could be forest, one could be tropical, and one could be grassland or mountain. I hope you consider making some of these changes. I think they would make the game much more fun, calming, and engaging.

forest girl*, Mar 01, 2021
Great game but some other ideas

I already love this game the way it is, it’s such a relaxing and peaceful game. But I think you should add more types of animals, and adding baby animals and baby birds in nests could be really cute. I also think that it could be interesting to have seasons, but still always snowy on the mountains of course. But most of all I think we should be able to give pieces of meat to the more carnivorous animals like wolves and foxes, and maybe bears. Wolves wouldn’t really eat fish in the mountains, so I think it would make a lot more sense to be able to give them pieces of meat instead. I’d really appreciate if you’d at least consider these ideas a little bit. Thank you! (Also I do not like the idea of having an avatar, I think it’s much better as it is without including humans in it. It’s so much more about the wildlife and nature that way. I think it would ruin the game to add an avatar.)

griffinwolfgang, Dec 08, 2019

A beautiful app and my personal favorite from the Toca collection. As an avid Toca enthusiast, I’ve purchased every single Toca app released (except the iMessage stickers). I love the Toca Life collection as well, but if you’re looking for a calming, de-stressing app, this was made for you. Any others simply aren’t comparable. Examples like Far From Noise (featured in the App Store) just make me nostalgic for the free play in Toca Nature that allows one to work at their own speed. Not to mention the beautiful animations and effects- one can’t help but feel a burst of pride after feeding a pack of hungry wolves with fish harvested from the sea. The camera effect is wonderful, too- where else would I be if I couldn’t snap a photo of a lumbering bear chewing on an unidentified blue berry?Tysm, Toca 💕 ily

Jurgenkjurgen, Jan 20, 2018
AMAZING* *(Apart from a couple things)

Ok so I have been playing this game for YEARS and I am obsessed with it. I love how you can get close and personal on animals and create their homes in whichever way you want; you can make islands for the animals to live on, you can put them on mountains, or you can do mix, something like an enormous forest with a beautiful lake and a small mountain near it. But I think it’s a pain to get all the food for the animals and feed it to them individually, so I think it would be awesome if the foxes and wolves could hunt other prey animals. And also, I think it would be cool if you could add more animals like lions and sharks and birds of prey and like for lions you could add a savanna environment, and birds of prey could live in super high trees, and I was thinking maybe there could be a jungle option with monkeys or jaguars. These are all just my suggestions, so do what you devs want! I’ll be a fan either way. And maybe the animals could be more willing to explore beyond their own territory. And (I bet others have been asking you guys for this too) lots more land space. And maybe you could have save files so that people could have multiple environments at the same time and not have to remake it every time they leave the game. And maybe there could be weather changes along with the night and day thing that’s already been done. Alright, probably the time for me to zip it 🤐! Heh, sorry for keeping you.

kwix, May 25, 2021
Played it, forgot it, found it again, love it.

Okay. I used to play this game literally all the time even though I am way above the age range set. I remember I used to make the whole world either a mountain or make a big giant forest. I completely forgot about it until I remembered it a few years ago. I didn’t remember the name of the app, or that it was a Toca app. Then, I was casually scrolling through the app store and I saw Toca blocks, which just so happens to be one of my favorite games. I decided to go through more Toca apps and I saw a bundle I had purchased a while ago. I looked at the apps and all of them had been deleted from my phone because I didn’t use them for a while. But I could re download them using my iCloud account. Then I saw this app. I didn’t remember what it was so I looked at it. One glance at that video gave me bursts of nostalgia. This is probably one of my favorite games even though it is pretty old, and I think you should either keep developing it or make a new nature app like you have with the Toca life series and the hair salon series. This is a crazy idea my brain had because I love this app, but I think, seeing all the good reviews on this app, it might not be to crazy.

my jimmy pie, Apr 20, 2022
Great app! But I have some suggestions.

So I have been a long life Toca fan, and this is my personal favorite. I love making landscapes and I even made a signature area that I call "Snow City" The only annoying thing is that I have to remake it every single time, it can get tedious and repetitive. So I was wondering if you could save files so if you really like the certain area that you made you wouldn’t have to keep on remaking it over and over again. Another suggestion that I would absolutely love to see is arctic foxes, polar bears exist when you put the trees on a snowy area and I’ve done the same with the foxes and they’re still normal. I was really disappointed because arctic foxes are one my favorite animals and I would love to see them in this game. Another suggestion, I would love to see caves and bats come to this game, bats are one of my favorite animals as well and it would add to the landscape. Thank you for reading my review. I would love to see these things added to the game it was really improve the experience for me, see you later!Edit: I would hate to see avatars because it would ruin the rich forests, and mountains for me. It would be terrible but I would like to see you be able to create your own kind of tree and animal, colors, and all of that.Edit: The no arctic fox thing was just a bug. So never mind about that. Please consider adding other things though, thanks!-A Toca Lover

pika duck life love, Oct 13, 2020
Awesome! But can be better.

I love this game! I suggest making an adventure mode with already made areas to explore ,expand and care for the animals. You could also have freestyle mode like how it is now! Please add little villages too!!! If you add my suggestions I will almost NEVER want to stop playing this game!💖😄😁😃Thanks for reading!Edit: Again I love this game but I have a good idea for the game. I think there should be avatars. There are 4 modes: Create and survive, Create and Explore, Explore , Friend quest. Create and survive will be your avatar exploring the world you created and finding villages, fascinating creatures and more all trying to survive. Create and explore will be how it is now. Explore will be a pre made world for you to do a unique story mode alone. Lastly the friend quest! You can play with your friends in a story mode. If you make these everyone will download it.

Qwerty135790, May 12, 2018


*App Store Best of 2014* Nature is magic. Toca Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips. Shape nature and watch it develop.

Plant trees and grow a forest. Raise a mountain and enjoy the view. Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals. Learn who eats what and discover how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become friends with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night. Find new friends and challenges. Be mesmerized. Discover the unexpected. End up somewhere far from where you started. Let us show you the magic of nature! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 250 million times and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at tocaboca.com. PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: https://tocaboca.com/privacy

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