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Toca Mystery House

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Toca Mystery House

  • Education
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Toca Boca AB
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User Reviews for Toca Mystery House


Okay it’s good so I bought a bundle and this is my 2nd favorite one good game but when you get on the elevator and went down i SCREEMED! What and where did that thing blow in the mind of a person because what if your reading this to know what the game is well basically I’m saying that there an elevator and you go down it and a Frankenstein popes out of the floor and you brought in it’s BRAIN! And you like you can open her head and rip out it’s eyes and can pull it’s cheeks and like how? So not for 4years olds probably 7 but I not in charge

best Review ever😍, Jun 18, 2022
Read toca boca AB!

This game is creative, different, and fun like the other toca boca games. There r 4 doors, each with a different thing to do. Some of the activities in it r simple, relaxing, and interesting. And other activitiesin it r fun, interesting, and exciting! The game is all ready amazing but maybe just one more thing to do. It really does not need one more thing to do thou because it’s all ready awesome but maybe just maybe add one more thing because it would make it as awesome as it can get thank again toca boca. 💖

Emme E.12, Dec 22, 2020
Love this game, but have some thing you could add…

Hi, I love all your games and this is definitely one of the best. Maybe, you could add a few more doors to go into, with different things inside them. Like a room where you can make pets, like the room with the frogs. you could choose from cat bunny, or dog or something like that. This is just my opinion, but I think more doors and places to go to would make it a little or interesting. I know you probably won’t get this message, but this is just a suggestion.

100% worth paying five dollars

So I had this app when I was younger on my old tablet and I played it like ALL THE TIME. So last night my sister walks into my room and says “what was that Toca Boca game with the elevator troll and the slime in the fridge called?” And I was like “umm... I think it’s called Toca Mystery house or something” so she got it on her iPad and I wanted it too because it was nostalgic, So I got It and ITS 100% WORTH PAYING THE FIVE DOLLARS. Especially if you had it when you were little too. The graphics and gameplay are beautiful and everything in the game works perfectly and smooth, this is one of Toca boca’s best games yet!

Gemmy0806, Jul 08, 2023
Amazing!!!! But....

This game is amazing! It lives up to the amazing graphics and it is unique gameplay, I love the stairs when you go up it the walls deform to where it is just a door in the air. Also I love the part when you can go down the elevator and there is like this big Frankenstein head and it is like a piano on it’s teeth. My favorite part is you can make a potion with different ingredients then throw them at the monster tonot only create a unique pattern, but also to create the body shape😆. I LOVE IT!!!! But the only thing is there is not much to explore in this game. There is a couple doors, but there is like no secret doors leading to a different floor making it more exciting or anything like that. After you go through all the doors and know everything it is not that fun anymore. I would love it if there is something more to it to make it more exciting. If that is added, then I would be more that happy to write a 5 star review. Over all, I thing this is a amazing game!!! Keep up the good work.

Itzzzzz_Laurennnnn, Aug 19, 2019
Great app!

It’s a nice app I’m not going to shame on it for not being the scariest because it was probably made for like four year olds and I am defiantly not four. I have a recommendation though so the first one is that I was wondering if you could make a way to go behind the walls because somtimes I will see eye balls and things behind the walls and I was wondering if you could make a secret door or something to get there I actually have an idea could you make it so you can like move the monster in the basement and then when you walk through the caves you will see another elevator and you could go up it into a cave with peek holes and some tiny creatures, could you also make a second floor I just kinda want another door I mean unless you can squeeze it into the first floor.

Katie1183, Nov 21, 2020
Not much to do

This app is gorgeous, and it’s so different from what Toca Boca usually comes out with that I was super curious to see that it’s about. The art and minigames are ADORABLE (albeit maybe a little scary for the target age group- the monster in the basement freaked my younger sister out quite a bit) and the way you explore/move about is super unique and cool. My favorite game is the aliens in the attic (though I like to pretend they’re angels). Super neat, wish there were more ways to interact with them. The reason I gave this three stars is that it’s a little boring. Usually in Toca games there’s a lot to explore and discover, so when I heard this had come out I was super excited to take it apart and check out the app. Instead, there are like four rooms, and it took me less than 20 minutes to find everything there was to the game. I don’t feel like that was $4 worth of entertainment. I loved the animation and I’d love to see Toca come out with more apps like this- just maybe, next time, gimme a little more.

Koa💕, Jul 09, 2018
Let your kid figure it out

Ok, so I thought this game looked amazing, bought it for my son and watched him play it and at first was like, now what? But, he looooves it and it is the only game he plays. He has discovered so many neat things! Those that say it is boring or they figured it all out in 15 mins does not have the perseverance and dedication of my four year old. There are so many little hidden tricks. I think that as you figure stuff out, more stuff gets layered on. Im also pretty sure that as you discover more stuff the plain paintings on the wall get colored? Just let your kid figure it out. Also, it isn't scary. Spooky and fun like Halloween— but certainly not scary.

Ma Huesera, Jul 30, 2018
Great game, but it needs a little more. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS

Best toca boca game yet and I am hooked on the color changing monster, and I love the concept of the secret ancient recipes, like in the elevator and in the overgrowth of the hallway. I also love the slime room with the different types of slimes. I am completely hooked, but there should be some secrets like a secret room. Maybe when you get all the achievements a secret locked door will open and you can get upstairs and there would be things like a room where you can take monsters you make downstairs and battle evil CPU’s and each monster has a different ability combination, kind of like Pokémon. Also, you could unlock new ingredients to make new monsters. Nonetheless, I am so hooked and I love the gameplay, and I would be more than happy to willingly write a 5-star review for even a small update with more content.

Markman395, Jun 16, 2023
Toca’s best game yet!

I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. Toca mystery house is better than all their other games combined. (Even though toca business tower was really fun.) One minute you’re making music with trolls in the basement, the next you’re up in the heavens exploring weird lamp things. All though one thing I really recommend is a story. In the game, we just appear in this haunted house, when we have no idea what to do. I read the description for the game, and it was really cool. The story could go like this: you appear in Halloween, and you’re trick-or-treating and you arrive at a big house that looks really spooky. “Let’s skip this house,” says your friend. “I’ve heard rumors about it. My brother says there’s a troll in the basement!” You start to wonder about it. The next day, you ask a friend if he’s willing to come inside. He says he’s prepared. You arrive at the house, and you hear a strange noise. Your friend runs away screaming. You’re left trapped in the belly of the beast.

Phil Swift Murderer, Dec 31, 2019


There’s a strange house on a strange street in a strange part of town. Most people are scared of it, but I want to sneak inside. There are so many rumors, I don’t know what to believe Some kids say the top floor glows at night and that crazy aliens live up there.

Some say that strange experiments are going on in the living room. One kid I know absolutely swears they heard weird music coming from the basement. Can a house sing? I’ve also talked to kids who say the entire kitchen is covered in slime. Even my best friend, who never believes anything, told me the house is alive! I had to see for myself I did, I swear. I peeked inside last week. First, I made sure no one was around. Then I got on my tiptoes and spied in the kitchen window. I saw just the edge of the fridge. I think I saw some kind of gooshy red stuff oozing out of it, but I’m not really sure. Then I heard creepy rumbling sounds coming from the basement. It totally freaked me out and yup, I admit it, I sprinted all the way home. But I’m just so curious, I can’t help myself. I think I’ll be going back. I want to go inside. I could really use a partner, though. Seriously, will you come with me? Privacy Policy: Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: https://tocaboca.com/privacy

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