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Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care

  • Education
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Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care

  • Education
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User Reviews for Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care

Love this!

This is my second review but that’s okay! ;) this app Is great for people who like to play with Imagination and Adventure! I had some notes but the developers responded so kindly and explained to me and I was like well, I should write something else my rating still stands at five stars, and the developers are AMAZING which makes the app all the better so thanks so much for the adventurous game and the feed back to my original review, so for those who want to get this I RECOMMEND IT TO MY FULLEST CAPABILITY! <3 <3

Braay99, Mar 04, 2018
Dear Pepe hospital

If the other is the funnest game I know it’s super fun I love it has so many things and I had surgery and I don’t know but Pepi Hospital is the funnest game and it makes me feel much better when I go to the hospital to

CoxitaVixen, Jul 24, 2022
I kinda like it

My little sister likes it but for me, not so much because it’s so annoying that ambulance keeps coming back and that when the baby is raped when you touch the place where the diaper is, the diaper comes of and I have seen some bugs

danniburf, Jun 24, 2020

Because on the Pepi Hospital Lite you only get two rooms to play it and since this one you can do all the rooms it’s better and the bugs have been fixed I think so yes I like it I like it a lot👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

greatest game ever roblox!, Sep 04, 2020
Sound issue

I bought this app (well I bought the bundle) for my son since he has all the other Pepi apps and loves them. While he does seem to like these apps the big issue is that there is no sound unless your using headphones. I have this issue with all 3 apps from the bundle. My son is only 5 so it is not a typical thing for me to allow him to wear headphones when using his iPad. I already did a trouble shooting with apple and the issue is only with the apps in this bundle. Would love for it to work and function fully.

JasonSylvester, Mar 27, 2019
Love it but......

Ok I love this game but here of some con’s ok1.) there’s this on pregnant lady and I have her a little baby but it still says she’s pregnant so that gets really annoying2.) there’s not enough beds for the babies in the baby room so I have to put one on the scale thing.3.) the dentist office room the scanner thing doesn’t actually work so i scam the face doesn’t show anything ugggh4.) I do wish this game had more stuff to heal people with because there is not a lot to heal people with5.) last but not least I with you could drive house to house like a game called Pepi neighborhood’s That’s all but to buy the full game is like 5 bucks and there’s lots of con’s from me and other people please make pepi neighborhood’s From a big pepi fan

kitten match is the best, May 25, 2023
Love it! But one problem

I love Pepi games! I have all but the kings castle! To travel in between apps do I have to have all of the Pepi apps? Because I have the house and when I go to where the ambulances are and click on the arrow, all it says is to download the Pepi house app when I already have it!😞😞😞 It takes me to the App Store and tells me to buy the Pepi house app. Please answer!

LlamaAvacado234, Feb 20, 2019
Love it but it needs more

I absolutely love all the pepi life apps and I’m ten but they need more things added to them like a maybe staff room in the hospital or more beds in the hospital and a way so the babies can be born because when i scan the mothers stomache it says she has a baby in it but then I give her a baby from the nursery and then she’s still pregnant and there should be a way to make her pregnant like going to the pharmacy and getting pills to make her pregnant and I think all the pepi life games should be connected so you can drive from the house to the hospital or from the stores to the house and you can move characters around the different pepi life games I also have some game ideas maybe you could make a pepi train station or a pepi airport a pepi mall pepi school a pepi leisure center so you can go to after school activities like swimming ice skating horseback riding ( I do horseback riding) or art class or you could have a pepi hotel a pepi Holliday a pepi Hollywood pepi friends house pepi bakery pepi restaurant pepi pets and pepi farm as you can see i have TONES of pepi life ideas please use at least one Thanks so much Your biggest pepi fan!

Lounacatilovetocaboca, May 31, 2018
Great app!

Hello pepi play I just wanted to say how your games where AWESOME! They are soo cool and I enjoy playing them but, one thing I want to add is a have a idea for your games you can make a pepi hotel! I have thought of this and I wish if you can really make the pepi hotel it’s gonna be soo fun and I hope you read my comment and publish this app!

Noora Alkaabi, Oct 20, 2018
Amazing game

I absolutely love this game the only thing I think is boring is you keep doing the same things over and over but I overall love love love this game and I’m 11 so that’s good in my perspective.

unigirlpppp, Oct 24, 2021


Step into a Pepi Hospital and become doctor, patient or just a curious explorer! Our new addition to a rich family of Pepi Play games offers a vast medical centre with tons of items, activities and ways to play. Join our characters in their workplace, soothe and treat patients, create Your own stories, discover and understand the everyday routines of a busy hospital.

TONS OF ACTION Experience the daily life of a hospital full of action - from the small and cosy cafe to a busy pharmacy shop or the operating room, there are various experiences for players to toy with. Ambulance car will arrive regularly with new patients to take care of and new friends to meet. Only the most curious players will be able to find all the ways to treat their patients. This offers an amazing opportunity to set up various scenarios to take part in. FUN & EDUCATIONAL Even though the game is dedicated to a young audience, everybody can and should find a way to join in. The game encourages parents to play together and use the games educational values - while your child is discovering the opportunities throughout all 4 floors of the hospital, you can help him by moderating their experiences, creating and going through character stories, explaining the nature and use of items, expanding child’s vocabulary and basic medicinal knowledge. HUNDREDS OF INTERACTIVE OBJECTS Enhance your gameplay with hundreds of interactive objects that can be easily transferred through floors. Medical instruments, toys and even yoga balls can be given to the dwellers of Pepi Hospital for the most unpredictable results. Not to mention many opportunities to dress up your favourite characters! COLORFUL AND UNIQUE CHARACTERS Pepi Hospital has a wide variety of characters. Dozens of cute, cheerful and unique humans, pets, monsters and aliens are there to have fun and join your playful exploration of the Hospital building. MEET THE PEPI BOT We’re delighted to introduce a medical Pepi Bot, our new character built to accompany little players in our games. Pepi Bot is a cute, versatile friend able to follow you around the building and provide immediate help, to You and Your patients. Armed with the latest tech, Pepi Bot is a perfect sidekick to Your interactive stories. Cute little droid will provide medical tools and even carry a wardrobe for all those moments when you feel like playing in style! FEATURES • Vast medical centre packed with tons of items and machines! • Multifunctional companion bot. • Run your own lab — measure blood pressure, perform X-ray scans and much more! • Get comfy in customisable dentist chair. • Become physical therapist, create your own fitness routines! • Welcome newborns. Weight and take a good care of them! • Listen to Hospital dwellers talking on the phone. Each in his own unique way! • Play with fishes while waiting at the reception. • Ambulance regularly delivers new patients.

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