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User Reviews for Toca Boo

Okay so...

I am absolutely a fan of toca life. But I have a short attention span. No hate of this but I sorta go bored of this game in 30 minutes 😅. This is because the game has limited people to scare and once you start freaking them out with toggling with other objects they just stay in the room and don’t bother running away. Also once you leave the room while their freaked out and then go back they seem completely fine. ;-; (But that might just be only me, others might think other wise.) This would be really good for littler kids because they might enjoy the face expressions of the people they scare but for older kids that enjoy this style of gameplay but also have short attention span I would recommend the toca life. It’s totally addicting for me and is absolutely cute and has more things to interact with. Sadly you would need to pay money for most of the places 🥲(rip my wallet).

_Wounderful_Willow_, Feb 23, 2021
Nice and fun little game.

I’ll be honest. There’s not a ton of depth. There’s not really an explicit reward for scaring. There’s nothing that happens really if you get caught. That said, that doesn’t matter. It’s super fun to try and scare everyone around the house, especially when you take your time and make them jump a few times before you actually pop out and scare them senseless. It achieves what it sets out to do well. It’s a simple little game about scaring everybody. It’s hard not to like it at least a little.

Bacon! •—•, May 23, 2023
Awesome toca boo game

I love this game🙂 it makes my 3 year old sister belly laugh on the floor when the mom and grandfather get scared. One complaint not for this app. But for toca life neiborhood. I did not buy it because the ouija board.🤨 to me it is kind of weird. I mean I am 11 and scared. I don’t want my sister to use that app if it has that thing in it. I know you can do better than this. As my mom says I’m not mad just disappointed..

Dmh8987, Nov 14, 2018
Project Kitchen

The ghost that haunts the kitchen ate the spicy peppers,All while scaring many guests who come to this house,In Generosity,The family goes into the kitchen,Turning out to get scared to death as chili sauce ran all over the clothes of the guests. The ghost who haunts the kitchen hides the bodies in the refrigerator. One day a Mom,Grandpa,Dog,Older Brother and younger brother,And 2 twin sisters come to the haunted home in curiously. Once the girls go into the bedroom they hear a song coming downstairs.🎵Come to me my children..You are hungry like I.🎵The twin girls go into the kitchen,The lights flickered as a whole thing of chili peppers stood on the glass table. “Got you!” The ghost that haunts the kitchen takes the 1 twin sister. A scream rose in the kitchen as the second sister ran away out of the kitchen,In fear 😰 “MOM,GRANDPA!!!” The second twin sister said as she ran to her Mama and Grappa. “Why don’t you check the kitchen yourself?” The second twin sister said in tears. The mom decided to go. “Huh,The candle isn’t Blown out-“ Suddenly the candle blows out as the ghost said softly in the mothers ear…”I have your hands…”The mother felt her hands, Covered in chili sauce. To be continued…

Emmaplays2022, Jul 19, 2023

To all the poeple that are wondering how to get in the basement,YOU CANT GET IN WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THE BASEMENT becauseYou spawn in there and like uh when u get out u cant get back So its like a secret. (The game forces you out so please fix that) I love this game just one thing, can you make more updates? Also can you not make the attic a secret because awsomelife403, she has been LOOKING for the attic.

heart of killing, Jan 07, 2021
Not my fav Toca boca game...

So I wanted this game for a long time. Every time we’d go to Olive Garden I used to grab the little iPad thing and play Toca Boo the whole time. But when my little sister came along, when we went to Olive Garden so took the iPad thing out of my hands. I just looked at my mom with a mad face and she would just say “ it’s okay she is little, do you want her to scream over a little game? Here, we can get it on your iPad so you can play it everywhere.” I say “okay mommy” then I just glanced at my sister playing that game. But when I finally got it, I was occupied for one day, then I got a little bored of it. But in my sisters opinion she loves the thing to death! She plays it nonstop! But in my opinion I think the Toca Life games are better but that’s my opinion.... OH WAIT!!!!! I have an other opinion too! I would recommend this game for younger players not like a 9-12 year old. I think the kids who love it the most is 3-6 but again that’s my opinion. YOU DO YOU!!!! ;) thank you for reading my very very long review!

ITZ ME KAR KAR, Sep 11, 2019
Awesome/ cute game!😍

I absolutely LOVE this game! I used to play mincraft if I was bored, but now I play this! I like this because, A: because you can fart using the purple turnip thing in the kitchen, and can burp using the soda, and B: because the family have funny animations, especially the grandpa! 😂😂😂😂😅 And c: you can act like a demon with a pepper! Thank you for making all of the toca games! And last but not least, I only have two complaints, (not trying to hurt your feelings) 1: I wish we could customize your character, and 2: I wish we could go outside,. Other than that, it's a great game, and especially funny!

Jonny Lupsha, Mar 24, 2019
Great game!

To be honest, I thought this game was going to get boring after I played it for a short time, I just got it because I love toca games and I heard it got good reviews. I really wanted to try it but I didn’t expect to be playing all the time! This game was Better than I thought! I like it a lot, but could you please maybe add in more characters and rooms. I noticed that there are only two bedrooms, one for the parents and only one for two of the kids. I think you should add in more bedrooms for the kids, and attic that you can explore and a basement. They are just suggestions. I am looking forward to more Toca games! Toca is the best!!!

kittygirlcupcake146, Apr 28, 2018
1 star

I gave this a 5 star because I didn’t want to discredit because of maybe my simple unawareness; my toddler purchased this game and because I saw 4+ in the age range I assumed it was okay. First issue, being a paid app, I was initially disappointed because almost directly after the purchase, the app began to and has since been crashing =( also I’m not even sure this is age appropriate now that I dive deeper into the concept of Toca

limewater123, Oct 26, 2021

this game is so fun! I animations make the game a lot better. I love seeing how people react when you scare them. It’s fun and it’s definitely worth it’s price. I love the drawing style it’s very cute and it’s a lot different from other drawing styles I have seen you guys do. I love all the characters. It’s really fun and I’m a lot older. Overall this game is entertaining and fun. Love this. ❤️👻

May Lovegood, Dec 25, 2020


BOO! Did I scare you!? My name is Bonnie and my family loves to spook!

Do you want to scare them back? Follow me and I'll show you how! SCARE Float around the house and look for the family. Hide under tables, behind curtains or even duvets. Search the rooms but stay away from the light or else you'll be seen. Rattle things, turn on the kettle and make the characters nervous! Can you hear their heartbeat? Great, it’s time to BOO! HUMOR Turn on the disco music and dance, munch on peppers in the kitchen for an extra hot scare, enjoy being invisible and find all the different hiding places - even the toilet! UNIQUE AND MYSTERIOUS DESIGN The simple and beautiful design will easily guide you through the world of Toca Boo. Fall in love with the 6 different characters and explore all the details of the big, mysterious house. FEATURES - Big house to explore with 2 floors and 6 rooms! - 6 family members to scare - Hidden surprises around the house - Get bigger scares by eating things! - Interact with objects in the house - Beautiful, original artwork - Open-ended play with no rules or stress - Kid-friendly interface - No third-party advertising - No in-app purchases Toca Boo is made for kids as young as 4 yet can capture excitement of those much older. It's filled with surprises - there are no limits, just fun! Come play! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at tocaboca.com. PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: http://tocaboca.com/privacy

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