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Stream - Network Debug Tool

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Stream - Network Debug Tool

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Stream Lab Inc.
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User Reviews for Stream - Network Debug Tool

Amazing! 😱🔥

It is the best HTTP catcher app I have ever seen! Built-in JSON viewer is also cool !

alirezarzg, Sep 09, 2020
功能不错 字体能不能改改…看上去难受

功能不错 字体能不能改改…看上去难受

fffacryjvfcffschjgx, Jun 25, 2019
How do I subvert the built in blacklist?

I need to MITM my iCloud/Apple but cannot get the permi-black list off.

Iloveapple01!, Mar 19, 2023
Media files

Please put ability to save media files from this app

imabdulb, Jul 07, 2021
Very Useful

Hard to beat http sniffer for free.

Impimp70, Apr 19, 2022
Very good

Working & Good iOS network sniffing for completely free, nice

iPhone 12 Pro Max user, Mar 01, 2023
Dosent help out.

I was trying to do this paimon moe thing with genshin impact and such, but when it started to do the sniff thing or whatever, it wouldn’t record my wishing history in genshin even tho i did it right, and the link it gave me wouldn’t work.

Kailey <33333, Oct 03, 2023
Excellent Debugger

I rarely write reviews and I must say this app deserves 10 stars. Perfect HTTP debugging with built in Utilities such as RSA and Base64 encrypt/decrypt. Full composer with the ability to export HAR and share Hosts. My favorite app on iOS.

Kalisec, Sep 19, 2021


LoopZhu, Sep 18, 2018

Good app

luke123hh, Jul 22, 2020


Before downloading this App, We hope you can read the following introductions seriously. 1. Stream is designed for f2e developers, mobile developers, backend developers, sa engineers, qa engineers and users who have a certain network analyze abilities. 2. Stream is only designed for network debugging.

Meanwhile, turning on Stream requires you to authorize VPN permissions. 3. Stream will never upload any user data, and we also expect you to spread to users who also trust us. If you do not agree with the above instructions, we recommend you consider seriously before downloading. Features: Stream is an iOS side network debugging tool, only for QA & development. 1. Sniff HTTP & HTTPS requests, meanwhile sniffing HTTPS requests needs you to install CA certificates. 2. Capture History, preview request body, and response body, supports text / JSON / files / forms. 3. Compose HTTP requests and Replay sniffed requests. 4. Support Hosts configuration, similar to Hosts in the PC features, for f2e developer and mobile developer to switch test environment and online environment easily. 5. Simple support on HAR files, you can export Charles / Fiddler / Chrome / Firefox network records to HAR file and then open in Stream and replay requests. 6. Compatible with iPhone X and iPad MutiTask.

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