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HTTP Catcher

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User Reviews for HTTP Catcher

Great app

Does its job very well

918263719, Mar 22, 2022
Fixing my rating it works perfectly now

I rated this poorly not knowing how to use it. Did not understand setting up the decrypt http traffic was needed to see the request body and params. Also their support was prompt in helping resolve. Highly recommend as it was the best affordable option for my needs.

addsjrueje, Jul 02, 2020
Very disappointed

SSL Pinning Bypass will allow traffic through but the VPN based proxy shows but Connects. Free desktop based web proxies did much better than this tool.Total waste of money and I have yet to hear from Support after sending an email.

Betroni, Aug 08, 2020
Bugs Bugs Bugs

Definitely the best sniffer app in the App Store. But guys please review the bugs regularly. The Advance Replay doesn’t work!

coutbeats, Jan 28, 2023
More features needed

This app has a stunning UI and functionality, however more features are still needed to make this app appeal to professionals such as a "copy as curl" etc. Most of the reviews are BS, this app isn't bad its actually really good.

Gatget Hacker, Mar 11, 2020
Great app but could use a few more things

I absolutely love this app it is great for using as a debugging tool and for blocking certain apps and apis from sending requests. Though what would be nice is for the ability to capture and decrypt TCP and UDP packets as that would make some of my work easier and more efficient.

inyacucci77, Aug 09, 2020
Copy and paste

Make it where we can copy and paste the entire request header instead of one by one I love the update but make it where we can copy and paste the text again please allAt once.

Inznae jamaican, Jan 31, 2020
Some apps compatible

Some apps give connection error but overall it works but please try to fix that

Jay Patel 2020, Jul 04, 2020
Get food for the first time in

I have a lot of good things

jimmy.gh1978, Jul 19, 2023
Mainly works after you figure it out

Needs more powerful search options to jump to json searched for when tapping in list.Virtually no support. Sent emails to them and never heard back.

JosephAW, Jul 19, 2021


HTTP Catcher is a web debugging proxy. It can be used to intercept, inspect, modify and replay web traffic. You don't need to connect to a computer, HTTP Catcher records HTTP traffic under Wi-Fi and cellular networks in the background.

HTTP Catcher makes it easy to test your apps and websites, and you can view requests and responses directly. HOW IT WORKS HTTP Catcher creates a local VPN on your device. When you start to capture web traffic, HTTP Catcher will launch a local http proxy in VPN process. All of your web traffic will be forwarded to the local http proxy via VPN. FEATURES * Decrypt HTTPS traffic * View WebSocket * Block URL * Replay request * Modify requests and responses on the fly * Domain name filter * HTML, JavaScript, CSS reformat and re-indent * HEX viewer * DNS mapping

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