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User Reviews for Airtable

So helpful

I found this app when it became compatible with Siri shortcuts. I was struggling to connect it with my shortcut and reached out to the developers for some assistance. The app itself is great. It is everything you could hope. Totally user friendly. Simple and streamlined, and also capable of handling very complex and intricate applications as well. It is also cross platform so it can be truly accessible. Back to my story: I was met promptly with loads of help. And when I responded with some well deserved praises, I was given some swag with a very sincere hand written thank you. I say this not so that everyone reaches out or get frustrated if you don’t get the response I did, but to point out how important this company is to the people who created this. And it was done so knowing that the user is what will help catapult the company forward by doing exactly what they have done, create an amazing product and ensuring it runs very smooth. Sucheta, you rock. And thanks for your help. Best wishes!

1brentsd, Nov 23, 2018
A Far Cry from Desktop Version

On the surface, this app encompasses everything that one could want without delving into Microsoft Access and building databases. However, that’s where it stops. As others have mentioned, there is no offline support, the views become ungrouped if you built a base on the desktop first, and if you have paid for the yearly service, you will not get your money’s worth by using the iOS app because things like linking bases or even tabs within your base are not available. After speaking with customer support, they mentioned that the grouping feature is in the works (no ETA), offline support in the works (no ETA) and parity between desktop and iOS in the works, again, no ETA. Basically, the features that would make this a KILLER app, may or may not arrive. On a different note, if you are using the desktop version, using anything but Google Chrome (my experience) does not group, sort or in any way resemble what you have intended it to be. The app is very ambitious but doesn’t get even remotely close to realizing it’s purpose and intent.

blackpotus, Dec 14, 2018
The ContainerStore of the Mind...

List Lovers, unite! Mind Mappers, rejoice! Project Planners, sleep tight! The mental organizational tool of your dreams has arrived.Upon first viewing, the tool seems complicated. And, under the hood [code-wise] it very well could be. However, once you realize the simplicity of the too, and understand that there are really only a handful of major tricks it’s pulling, your brain will smile with how many ways in which you can organize and plan for anything at all. CRM management and upkeep [who you met in NY, and the details they shared when you two were tipsy that you will likely forget tomorrow], planning a camping trip [and all the things you’ll need to take, the map of the secret spot, and towns along the way], blog post ideas, pics, editing status and posting status calendar, heck, I made a “Stuff Checked Out” catalog of who has borrowed what - shows checklist of things involved, pics of said stuff/thing, who is was “checked out to,” and status of “borrowed/returned” — this is seriously the nerdiest thing and I can’t believe it finally exists. Think: adorable spreadsheets. That’s really all this is. And it’s powerful and glorious all at the same time. ...and, free for small users. Bravo! And thank you from my mentally sound heart.

Chrischiffmanaged, Feb 26, 2018
Need Gallery View Support on iOS and iPadOS

I work on a video production team, and we use AirTable as our project bible. We can work on complex projects without having to worry about who’s completed what or what still needs done. It’s all there in AirTable. AirTable is an incredibly powerful tool. I also use it to inventory my personal music collection. Love it! FEATURE REQUEST: Please add support for Gallery view on iOS and iPadOS. A number of the projects on which I work include the approval of images for use in various projects. Gallery view is a must for these types of projects, so I can easily view the images. I currently have to use another program for image-approval projects. I would much rather use AirTable for everything. Plus, if Gallery view was enabled on iOS and iPadOS, I would undoubtedly upload more images to AirTable, decreasing my free storage and requiring me to upgrade my account - which I would be happily do, by the way 😉UPDATE: Gallery support has been added! Thank you so much! It works beautifully! This is so helpful! I’ve updated my review to a much-deserved five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

cmsteahly, Sep 11, 2020
Personal filing system - best I have found

I have looked and tried many solutions to address a need for a personal filing system that strikes the balance of managing documents and information about those documents in a really flexible way that is easy to set up as a regular person. Really impressed with Airtable. I was so impressed that after I built out my ministry filing system in Airtable I felt guilty that I was able to do it successfully without even having to buy the monthly subscription, that I bought the monthly subscription just to see what else I could do with the product because I was so appreciative that for free I could have a product that literally solved all my needs. Both the mobile and desktop experiences are solid. Product is reliable. It just works.

Colin 2016, Apr 22, 2020
What I’ve Been Looking For, For MULTIPLE Needs

I started Airtable to fill one specific need, but as time went on, I realized that it fills almost every niche I was trying to find an app/program for. I’m odd with organization. In the past, I’ve had to use multiple notes apps for some things because I just want separate databases and portals for certain things. But now, if it’s something I can squeeze to work with Airtable (which is a lot), I don’t have to worry about that due to the sheer amount of layers it has with databases. This app has actually made me stop in my tracks because sometimes I don’t even know how I want to go about using it. That’s how open it is. I use Airtable databases for everything from what albums I’ve listed to to keeping track of passwords and identities. It fills the purpose of multiple apps, and I’m not using anything else for those purposes any time soon.

Ekat_clan, Jun 13, 2018
A dream come true!!!!

I have searched and searched for an app to organize things like I want to. This is an app that I have dreamed of for literal years.As an aspiring author, the templates were incredibly helpful and gave me a place to begin with the organization process. I was able to expand with the incredible helpful, well... help! Everything was so clear, and what seemed to be difficult and impossible became so simple and easy!! I’ve had this app for a couple of hours and already know so many things I could do with it. I also love that a lot of good features are included with the free, which doesn’t limit me (someone who doesn’t have a job) to mediocre features. Every available feature on the free version is fantastic—something I can’t say about other apps. Overall, if I could rate an app 6 stars, this would be the one I would do that for.

MaddieTheReviewer, Sep 28, 2018
iOS 👎🏻 | 👍🏻 Mac OS & Web

Airtable (on Mac OS, Web and PC) is one of the best and most well developed pieces of software on the market! I’ll bet you could find at least a half dozen uses for it no matter what your personal or professional needs are!! One of the best features of Airtable (along side being able to filter, sort and group information) is the ability to format the layout of your information into five different “views.” These “views” are extremely powerful and allow you to quickly access and manipulate data for practically any application, implementing virtually limitless workflows.However, the iOS app is terrible! The layout is extremely inefficient for screen real estate on a phone or tablet. The fact that you can only access 1 of the 5 “views” makes the mobile app almost useless. The features that you can use are very cumbersome and ‘pagey’ to navigate —making actions take a long time.Please support Airtable, but please also rate the app as the app and not the overall service. The AT team needs feedback like this to improve their mobile app(s).

Modern Music Productions, Feb 26, 2019
LOVE THIS APP, some suggestions....

As an organizational freak myself, I love the customization and abilities this app has to offer. I’ve recommended it to everyone, and even set it up for my husband to use on his phone. It’s a great app for organizing everything, which is exactly what I need. The thing I’d recommend to be fixed is the ability to add/select multiple attachments at once. This is my biggest con with the app. I add numerous photos to my Airtable records sometimes and it’d be way easier to be able to select MULTIPLE photos at once to add as attachments, rather than uploading one at a time. Also the ability for the photos to be uploaded with their original date of photo taken rather than the date of when the photo was added to the Airtable. Secondly, the ability to move items from one table to another. Instead of having to make a copy of all those items onto another table, the ability to move single items into another table. Some items I create are no longer relevant to that table and the choice to move it to a different table within the spread would be helpful. That would genuinely make the app perfect overall.

Simply Claire, Oct 25, 2019
Been loving it for years; still needs dark mode

TL;DR: A really great app that would be just about perfect if it had dark mode.I’ve been using Airtable for a variety of purposes and have loved it for the last few years. It’s amazing being able to define entire custom databases and interact with them in such intuitive and powerful ways. Plus the provided API access is great.But...please please please provide a dark mode! Every other app I use on a daily basis has dark mode. It’s not like it would take that much effort even for one designer and one dev to make it happen – maybe a few days, max? Whenever I open up Airtable at night I have to literally turn my phone sideways to not get blasted by the white light, even on the screen’s lowest setting.

SoundShop, Feb 26, 2021


Airtable is the easy way to create your own organizational databases. From indie filmmakers to cattle farmers, creators and creatives around the world are using Airtable to organize their lives, their way. Use Airtable to create flexible checklists, organize collections or ideas, and manage customers or contacts — all in one place.

Get started instantly with a variety of templates ranging from home improvement to store inventory, or easily piece together your own layout from scratch. With Airtable, your iOS device suddenly becomes a database creation powerhouse — designed to let you easily swipe and tap your way to fully custom databases. It’s collaborative in real-time, so you can share with friends and teammates and always see their latest changes. Here are some ways that Airtable is being used today: ▸ Organizing People and Customers * Sales and customers * Recruiting * Public relations and media lists * Business development * Personal CRM * Volunteer management * Sports clubs * Boy or Girl Scouts ▸ Cataloging Collections, Ideas, and Inventory * Store or restaurant inventory * Product catalogs * Personal clothing collections * Pet medical history * Cattle and farm inventory * Frequent flyer accounts * Camping supplies ▸ Managing Projects and Tasks * Team project management * Events and conferences * Blog editorial calendars * Wedding planning * Building inspection checklists * Planning out novels * Study guides * Film production Organize anything you can imagine with Airtable!

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