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Reminder & Countdown Pro

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User Reviews for Reminder & Countdown Pro

Just what I was looking for

I started out just wanting a simple countdown app for when I get to have a leg brace removed (I’m so tired of this thing)! I think it was more for my personal entertainment than anything else.However, once I started looking into them, I realized how handy one would be for a lot of other things. So, I checked out several, and I wasn’t happy with any of them.Finally, I found this one. What I love about it is it’s so easy to figure out, it has lots of options, and it syncs with my iPhone! I went ahead and bought the Pro version just for that. It’s well worth the price just to support this developer.

Anne HW, Jan 05, 2022
found this at just the right time 😂😍😁

Love this app! Never been too much into reminders, but really need them at the moment. This app is lovely and fun, with lots of creative choices, which is my favorite part (although you don’t have to use those possibilities if you don’t want to). I made a couple of dozen reminders right away, and will be adding more. One small problem: I was sorting in “customizable” mode, and several times, after moving a reminder up or down, the reminders became untappable for editing. Fully exiting the app solved it each time and no reminders were lost. I’m on a semi-old iPhone, which may be why it happened. Still worth all five stars to me.

Blue Pine, Dec 11, 2020

This is exactly what I was looking for! Went thru so many apps, before finally finding the perfect one. I love I can add all reminders, bills due, birthdays, appointments, holidays, all in one place and in date order so I can easily see what is coming and when. Also can add custom categories so I can filter for all Bills category I setup and see just bills if needed. The icon and colors are great, which can be turned off, but I love I can make all related things have the same icon which also adds to the visual ease of this app. Simple, easy to use, extremely useful, no more hunting thru my calendar to find things. 10 stars for sure!!!!!!!

CdawnRi, Jul 13, 2022
Still a great little app

When I still owned an Apple 3GS, this was one of the very first apps I installed because my life depended on having reliable calendars and reminders. This one was always good, whether I was entering travel dates, birthdays, doctor appointments, Christmas and Thanksgiving, or going out for dinner. There was a tiny glitch which occurred a few months ago in which a loop occurred if you missed one of your alarms. I reported the issue, and although I may have been the only one going thru the problem since they were unaware of it, it wasn't long before it was rectified. Despite me wishing there were more cute icons for varied events, I like that I can also had my own images. And it appears that whenever they upgrade, it's not to the detriment of what I like about the app as a whole. (And many so-called upgrades very often ruin what we liked). It's hoped that this great little app will be around for sometime, and any improvements will be just that - improvements to make we customers happy.

II2None59 Go Cards, Dec 18, 2016
Great App

I’ve had this app for about 2.5 years now and love it. It’s helped me countdown graduations, Christmas, summer vacations, etc. The colors and pictures are good, but if I had one mInor complaint, I wish the developer would put more icons/pictures in the app. For example, if you search for a picture to put with a New Year’s countdown, one of the results is Happy New Year 2016. Nothing more recent. Since it is now 2020 that’s not useful. That would be my only complaint. Otherwise a five star app.

Kp561, Nov 01, 2020
Great Countdown Timer App!

Update: I’ve been using this app for years, and it’s still the single most used and most useful app on my phone. Pay the 99 cents and make your life a bit easier 🙂I use this app all the time: Birthdays, doctors appointments, anything that's coming up that's important to me, I just create a timer for that event. This is a very practical application and I probably use it more than any app on my phone besides email and messaging. One of the coolest things you can do is set up a timer with your birthday, kids birthday, wife, or whatever, then the timer will show your Exact age in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc... So cool!I just had one complaint: it wasn't possible to arrange the reminders. New reminders appeared at the top of the list, and the older ones were moved down. But that was fixed with an update so now this app is perfect! I love this app and highly recommend it!

Night426, Mar 09, 2018
Puppy Dogs, Kittens, and a Busy Highway....

No that I have your attention. I am an English teacher. (Just typing that makes people read even closer.) I think I have had this app since my iPhone 4. I use it all the time for tracking the obvious dates like when school starts, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks, and the last day of school. I also track birthdays, special dates, and other events.It has be come therapeutic to glance at the countdown and mentally note how I feel about the numbers. Amazingly they vary through the year. I am not always looking forward to breaks, vacation or nee beginnings. Reflecting on why I feel a certain way at a certain time has helped solve problems, relieve some stress and allow me to more fully enjoy the anticipation of good things ahead.

Spadoinkel, Jun 01, 2021
Great For tracking Important Dates

I really like this app a lot! I like that you can search, add your own photos for icons, and cloud sync to other devices. The only thing I’m missing is the option to back up my list of dates. I’m using this app to track Dates that have already passed. That way I can look back and reference when things took place. Important events. This is pretty much the best one on the market. And I also like the fact that they’re not trying to rip us off with a monthly subscription. I like paying one and done. I don’t mind paying the money if it’s a good app that I use.

thegoldenfish, Jan 29, 2021
Useful App!

This app is easy to use, and a great tool for keeping track of upcoming events in your life -- both the single-occurance, and repeating items! (Multiple ways of configuring them too!)Love the countdown feature!One small problem… the icons shown are ice, but apparently there are more choices…I accidentally came across some one day, but don’t know how to add them or how to find them again! (Still love the app, but that part is a bit frustrating.) Wish there was more information about finding and using such stuff.

WordL8ty, Aug 11, 2021

This is exactly what I wanted. I have a hard time remembering Birthdays/Anniversaries/Dr. Appointments and I didn’t want a calandra app all I wanted was Exactly what this app says it does and it does what it says it will do without any problems. The only problem I had was learning how to use it but when I emailed the app people they were very fast answering my questions and they explained on more than one occasion how to work some of the things I could not figure out on my own. Because I didn’t understand how to do some of the things was not their fault. The fault was just me being a slow learner and instead of trying the hit or miss approach of learning I just emailed them and they were great with their help. Very kind people and very great app

yenimod, Feb 13, 2018


Reminder Pro is designed to manage your tasks, projects, and anything else you want to keep track of in really easy way taking away distraction and various shiny things that often lead us off course of whatever it is we’re trying to do. Reminder Pro highlights: ▸ Specify the event title. ▸ Assign default or custom category. ▸ Adjust icon, background, sound, time of alerts, font and text color. ▸ Set up date and time, duration, repetition, and units of countdown time. ▸ Add an optional description. ▸ Sort events by date, title, category or custom. ▸ Show or hide icons of the events. ▸ Set up events default values. ▸ Manage categories of the events. ▸ Import data from Address book, iCal, Reminders. ▸ Sync events between devices via iCloud. ▸ Show a badge number on the app’s icon. ▸ Switch between the old UI and the new UI. ▸ Locking / Unlocking the app using Touch & Face ID. ▸ IOS 14 home screen widgets. ▸ Run in the background. Information on events comes in a nicely-wrapped card which you can create by yourself, just open an event and swipe left or right to pick a screen and arrange custom boxes to fit your needs.

Additionally, the app is complemented with excellent sharing options which give you an opportunity to share your reminders with the world via Email, Facebook, Twitter and even more.

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