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Notebooks – Write and Organize

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Notebooks – Write and Organize

  • Productivity
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Alfons Schmid
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User Reviews for Notebooks – Write and Organize

Functional, but execution is sloppy for some features

This app has so many great features. But some of them don’t work in a particularly reliable or predictable way. For example, after clicking the icon to bring the text editor into full screen mode, the sidebar and toolbar vanish from view (as expected). However there’s so easy way to bring them back into view and exit full screen mode, so I have to quit the app if I want to access the document browser in the sidebar again.I wish I could use Apple’s default San Fransisco font, but the so-called “system font” is something totally different. Finally, Apple’s Universal Clipboard feature for copying text between devices doesn’t always work. ie. if I copy a rich text clickable hyperlink on my iPad and try to paste it into Notebooks on my iPhone, no text appears. My workaround is to open a Quick Note in Apple Notes, paste it there, then copy that and paste it back into Notebooks.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_a_a, Dec 23, 2021
Fabulous! One detail needs attention

Absolutely LOVE this awesome app! Does EVERYTHING I can imagine doing for organization of many varied interests. Deserves 5 stars except for one vulnerability that cost me a lot of lost time. I went back to a file that I’ve been building for 2 years that had a ton of important information that I access daily … and it was GONE! I have noticed it’s REAL EASY to ACCIDENTALLY run my finger across a BOOK title and it gives option to delete without second stop of “Are you sure?” In normal folder I can set it to “Read Only” and it’s protected. But if that same protected folder is within a BOOK and I accidentally swipe on the BOOK it is GONE! Fortunately, my valuable data is backed up to Drop Box and I could find it there, but to get it back into Notebooks I have to go book by book, document by document to reconstruct it. Fix that one important vulnerability and I will go back to a 5 star rating. I recommend this app to everyone and use it more than any other app on my iPad and iPhone.

Bobcatukbb, Mar 23, 2022
Best ever

This was the first iOS notes app I bought for my very first iPhone (2008). Since then, I’ve purchased or tried almost every iOS notes app in the App Store. I always come back to Notebooks. It is the most capable and has all the features that you would probably need in a notes app. The interface is a little dated. It’s based on directories hierarchy. Some of the newer iOS notes apps have wiz bang interfaces are fun but the applications themselves aren’t as robust as Notebooks.2nd. Review I have completely stopped using iOS notes. I only use Notebooks now for everything. They have the best Apple Watch implementation out there.

Doctor Pork, Mar 07, 2023
Elegant and stable

I found Notebooks when I was looking for a replacement for Evernote which I had depended on for many years but which had become unstable in really fundamental ways and seemed to me to be evolving more and more into a tool that did things I had no interest in. What I needed was a tool to manage my daily writings day after day, year after year. A tool that would support organization and cross referencing and searching. A tool I could use on desktop, ipad and phone interchangeably. A tool I could rely on not to let my work disappear into a void.For over a year now notebooks has been that tool, giving me the rock steady foundation I need to focus on my writing without having to worry about the tool itself.I am very grateful.

elbikay, Feb 12, 2023
Dependency on Dropbox kills it.

This is a 5-star app, but without Files support, it is limited by the weakest link, which is Dropbox support. Now that Dropbox only supports up to 3 devices, you can only easily sync between 3 devices, which means Notebooks can only be easily used between 3 devices. I love this app. It is easily the best notebook app out there. But seeing as how I have to choose between multiple desktops, my phone and my iPad, I can’t recommend it. This limitation was excusable when iCloud was less established and the iOS file manager was new, but there’s no reason to ignore it any longer. I’ll revise this rating when I can easily sync between more than 3 devices (I have 5 I use regularly). There is so much good in this app and in this update, it is an absolute shame that it is still hobbled in such a manner.

Ferric, Jan 20, 2020
Excellent app for all things organization

I’ve been bouncing around from app to app, trying to find the best note taking app for me. My top priorities were privacy, stability and flexibility. With Notebooks the data exists where you want it to. On the phone, synced with Dropbox and iCloud sync coming soon, you get to choose where your data lives. Notion falls short here with employees able to access your data. That wasn’t good enough for me. Stability, this app just works and is really well designed. *** AWESOME DOCUMENTATION *** Emphasis on this is deserved. All releases are explained in detail, the faqs are actually helpful and the dev’s website is informative. The onboarding documentation is thorough but not overwhelming. Really awesome job here dev!!Flexibility. What can’t this app do? Everything I need is in this app. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness in adding features that I think are most important. The range of function here is really great.Best app on my phone for sure. Well done, dev. Well done.

freudsfeud, Apr 17, 2021
Last update ruined it

This has always been the most used application on my iPad as it would do everything that was important when handling PDFs, word processing and reviewing files of various descriptions. It was worth paying for Dropbox even through many other apps have found a way of synching with iCloud just to have the features available. Sadly, Mr. Schmid has decided that he cannot afford to continue providing PDF integration other than in the rudimentary form that Apple provides. You can no longer search PDFs that have been OCRd or use the annotation tools that were previously provided for an extra fee. His response is that you can open a PDF in one of the other PDF annotation apps and use Notebooks as a file system. While the program will still fill the needs of many, the lack of going forward with an alternative synch method to Dropbox and removing the extensive PDF annotation and search integration has substantially diminished its value. I would have no problem in paying on a subscription basis if this were corrected but that does not seem to be an option.

Jgreenatty, Feb 12, 2020
This is how apps should push Major upgrades

This is my goto app for notes, the folder layout and sync with my Mac and PC has been flawless over the years. Thank you for giving me the option to stay on version 8, as I need to determine if I can wait for PDF search, edit isn’t as big as I have other apps that do better at this. I really despise apps that push an update and I have no way to go back to a previous version when I don’t want the new version. I have lost several good apps that forced an unnecessary update and left me no way to get my old version back. Thank you for not doing that!!

JoB4031, Mar 29, 2020
A balance of features, clean, uncluttered

I have been using Notebooks for years. it has a nice feature set, while retaining a very clean interface. I find the creation of e-books indispensable as I make presentations. In Notebooks an e-book can be created from a single document or a whole Notebook (folder). The option for custom CSS allows me to use my own style sheets. The way documents are organized is also clean and intuitive. Finally, over the years the developer continues to refine Notebooks. While there have been bumps along the way, he is responsive to feedback and suggestions.

Peterphilia, Oct 19, 2021

I had version 8 and it was good. But it was lacking. In version 10, they added everything I wish would have been in 8 and made it even better than I hoped. The also allowed Me to import my notes from version 8 into 10; a feature you think would be obvious that many companies fail to provide. It’s rare that a company actually provides the practical improvements to their product that you know should be obvious and intuitive, and even more rare that when they do they are superior to what you hoped they would be. But these guys pulled it off. Great product! Thank you.

The Nickname Idea is Dumb, Jan 31, 2020


Notebooks is a writing app, a text and markdown editor, your personal Wiki and Zettelkasten, a file organizer, task manager, PDF and eBook creator and more. This may sound like a lot, but consider you have a few text fragments, randomly created, which you want to combine into a chapter of a book and saved as PDF or eBook; or a quick note sparks off an idea, generates a couple of tasks, each of which requires you to organize further research material; or you have business related documents which need to be separated from private diaries, records and files. – With Notebooks you handle these jobs easily without switching apps, and while remaining focussed and creative. • Notebooks stores all your documents as regular files in standard formats. You are always in control of your documents, never need to worry about how to export them, and they remain compatible across devices and over time. • Create formatted documents with styles, attachments, tables or checklists, and add a table of contents if you like.

Choose between a variation of ready made document styles, or create your own, if you want. • Write your documents in plain text and allow Notebooks to automatically handle lists, highlight and center the current line on screen, automatically insert closing characters for (, {, [, " and more. - Plain text is a universal format which can be used on any device without any specific software. • Use Markdown to create formatted documents from plain text. Notebooks supports *MultiMarkdown* and its own flavor of *Discount*. – Click any word in a formatted Markdown text and start writing at that position. You can even create checklists (- [ ]) and tick them off in formatted view. Syntax highlighting and a set of dedicated extra keyboard keys make Markdown editing easy. • Use your Apple Pencil to sketch ideas or annotate images and PDF documents. • Use Notebooks' advanced editing capabilities to work on documents which are stored in other apps. • Compile selected documents or the contents of whole books into a single document, an eBook or a PDF document. • Link between documents in Notebooks. In Markdown you can even use Wiki style links ([[ ]]). When clicking a link to a document which does not yet exist, Notebooks suggests to create it. And when you move or rename documents, Notebooks makes sure the links remain intact. • Create as many books as you need to structure your projects and details. Nest books as deep as you like, there is no limit in Notebooks. If you ever loose track, Notebooks' full text search helps you quickly turn up even the most hidden document. • Turn books into task lists to display document as tasks which can be ticked off. Assign due dates and alerts, and divide projects into nested sub projects, which makes them easier to handle. • For simple lists you can use checklists in formatted documents and Markdown. • Assign Context tags to books and documents to create shortcuts that are accessible for a smart book at Notebooks' top level. – Notebooks can even extract context tags from the contents of documents as you create them. • Import all documents and files you want to keep close at hand, no matter whether PDF, email, web pages, MS Office or iWorks, photos, videos, music and more. • Scan documents and extract text using OCR (iOS 13) • Sync files between iPads, iPhones, Mac or PC. With all that, Notebooks may quickly become your one and only app for everything you want to keep close at hand. User Comments: “Notebooks is a wonderful App, which is so much better than the dozen other note apps I tried. It is sophisticated, in an unassuming way, so that you find yourself greatly rewarded and being productive without sacrificing time/effort to the App. I cannot tell you how much productivity I have gained. I am having a huge amount of fun, I use it constantly, more than the phone on my iPhone in fact." “You are GTD in every way that makes it efficient and makes me efficient.”

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