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User Reviews for Find by phone number

Does *exactly* what it says .....

.... finds numbers already in your contacts / address book. How many times have you found a phone number on a piece of paper and not the name that went with it?? If it's one that you've already put into your address book, then voila. Mystery solved. If you want to find numbers *not* in your contacts list, try the White Pages app. But if a number is a cellphone or is unlisted, then you're SOL unless you want to pay for a phone number trace.

CindyBG13, Mar 23, 2012
Who is it

Not very useful because it does not display the first numbers of phones.

Hatim Alhoofi, Mar 18, 2020

All it does is show me whose already in my contacts which I can see for myself on the address book with out taking up any extra memory! Once I get done writing this review, I'm headed to delete the app! It is just effing terrible!

Michaex, Mar 08, 2012
Great app...does what it says!!!

I agree with the other reviewer who said this app does what it says. Can't use spotlight search to find who is calling. Great app! If you're looking for an app that will perform brain surgery, keep looking, but if you wanna type in a number and find the name that goes with it, this app is what you're looking for. Keep up the good work!

Migraineur, Nov 08, 2010
Requires Purchase

You put a phone number in, and it takes you to Spokeo to purchase a membership and for credit card information.

MinionGirl92, Jun 17, 2019

Won’t do anything without being allowed to access your personal information should be removed from App Store. ZERO STARS removed 30 seconds after installing. They need to check these phony apps out before they put them on App Store, be warned these are thieves after your information,

Onglebut, Jan 12, 2022
Perfect app. Vital to know who has called you.

Perfect app. I love how you can see both the NAMES AND the NUMBERS in the search results. I have been Soooooo FRUSTRATED in the past to miss a call on another phone, recognize the number but not remember who that was. Also, any new contacts will appear once you have quit the app and relaunched it. I don't mind the ads, this search capability is something much more important.

OrangeTouch, May 20, 2012
Works exactly as described

It's a simple app but strangely iPhone's standard search could not find a contact's name by phone number (or part of a phone number). This app solved my problem. I would have written my own if this app didn't exist.

Racermint, Nov 23, 2010
Garbage app

I installed it and attempted to look up a number and it doesn't do anything.

syd1977, May 02, 2017
Doesn't work

Takes you to Spokeo which requires payment.

tkeey, Sep 27, 2017


Somebody's called you and the incoming call looks familiar? But you don't know who the number belongs to? The app helps you look up contacts in your address book.

Key features: – Phone number search by the last digits. – Search for a phone number by matching digits anywhere. – Switching to the corresponding contact to start editing it from the app. You can effectively search for a contact in your iPhone by any number in your address book. Or just get to know the combinations of numbers that are in your friends' contacts. Reviews: "Find number - I did not write this app and I think it is fantastic. I have more than 1000 names and numbers stored on my iPhone. I sometimes receive calls (on my landline or other phone) from numbers I do not recognize and this app helps me find who it belongs to it is great and the price is right. Thanks to those who took the time to create this!"

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