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Reminder & Countdown

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User Reviews for Reminder & Countdown

Best countdown timer I’ve found

Just one request. Please add an option to select the number of times an event should repeat before the alert is turned off. Currently you need to select a date from a spinner. That requires calculating the date for events that repeat on custom intervals and looking up the date from a standard calendar with the days of the week for other repeating events. Other than that. Stellar app!!

Castaflie, Aug 06, 2022

I have this app as a record of annual celebrations and events. I have used this for several years and have spend a long time setting up different colors for different events along with other visual cues for fast recognition of a certain event with added information in the notes I wanted to keep track of. With this up date, all my choices have been changed and all information in notes is lost. I was not asked if I wanted these changes to take place nor if I wanted to remove information in notes. I have many entries and losing the notes has really upset me. I guess I must be great full that all my information was not lost.

Home in T, Feb 15, 2022
Best Reminder App

I have tried dozens of these type apps. This is the first one that actually let me link to Facebook. The others I had to do a screenshot and manually add as a photo. I have like 6 reminders that are on the front screen when you open app. Very easy to add events, put backgrounds on it and add fluff. Really well designed app. You can tell the developers didn’t just throw it together. I’m using free version but will see if there is a paid version I like it so much. ADDITION: I have used for a while now so my review is additional. I really love that all my events are right in one place with a reminder the day before. This app rocks

jsjacksgirl, Aug 09, 2022
Really like it

Super easy to use and you are not forced to rate with a 5 star rating to use it like another one I tried. I would like to see them add a way to adjust the background. You can use your photos as a background but they don't have a way to either move the pic or text. I.E. I use the persons photo as a background for birthdays but when you can't adjust it you get the text over the face or other important parts. It would also be nice to add text! And one more suggestion: maybe a way to filter the list, or the ability to choose favorites

LINDASCOMPAU, Sep 22, 2016
It's ok, just remove wrong events🛠

After the last update my list of events and tasks has changed, so 7 reminders which I have never added earlier were included in it. It is very strange and isn't clear at all, looked as if someone would get into my personal records. I had to contact the developer support! To my surprise, I’ve got a really quick response where it’s said that it’s the last update which were targeted at new users worked out in this way.So as I’ve understood, there is a list of new default events for new users that sets at the very first launch of the app. Also the developer has assured me that there no concerns about personal data and all necessary steps to fix this glitch have already undertaken, and the appeared records you could simply delete. What, in fact, I did!Today I’ve found out that there was app’s new updating, as it was told me yesterday. As far as everything else goes, the app is great! It’s easy to read, easy to use and convent. The only other thing I would love to see, is the ability to customize the app’s interface a bit more. At least in regard to more colors and different fonts. However, this isn’t a necessity.I also gave it a 5 star rating just because its creator is very prompt at answering questions or concerns.

Mashapps, Aug 17, 2016
Great app - great customer support

Clever design and features. I never would have thought to make it possible for people to choose to show a countdown in any combination of years-months-weeks-days-hours, etc, but I love being able to do so! And that’s just one of the clever useful features of this app. I had a question about why the badge app icon and the countdown in-app were not always the same, so I contacted the developer and I quickly received a thorough explanation. (It has to do with how the time is rounded up.) I’ll definitely buy the full version, even if only to support the developer. The ads, surprisingly, aren’t intrusive at all in the free version. Thanks for the great app!

Sasa.Järv, Feb 13, 2019
Does the trick

Very Basic countdown app and you have to open it to be able to see how much time is left. It’s not continuously running on your screen but it shows everything that you would need in a countdown app down to the very second! And it is totally FREE! It is somewhat customizable and it totally did exactly what I needed it to do!! If you looking for a FREE basic countdown app then look no further this will work just perfect but no big bells and whistles…

SheilaPauley, Dec 18, 2022
Love app with one ask

I love the app and setting up very detailed and different reminders but only thing missing for me is there is no way I see to set reminder to use loud alarm sounds that aren’t controlled by the volume setting currently being used. I use this on my iPad which I don’t carry around with me all the time so having a loud alarm I can hear in next room or to wake me up would be nice. It’s what I’ve been searching for in a reminder app but I love the setup of this app. I would definitely buy full version if this was possible. Could this be used with Siri on iPad to add reminder by voice command similar to Apple reminders app?

Strider Lotr, Feb 07, 2023
Love this app

I use this app everyday and love it. I put in all medical appointments, family birthdays and holidays. I also put in when a CD is maturing and a sale I wanted to shop is ending. There is something about this countdown app that keeps me organized. Visually seeing the list of upcoming events and having the number of days, weeks and months left before the event creates a framework that is very convenient Being able to use different colors and themes is very effective. I can ,at a glance ,look down my list and distinguish between types of reminders. I use this app on my phone to make new appointments at the doctors office. I use this app on my iPad to schedule “to do” items. It really helps me plan my day, week.Thank you to the developer and I encourage anyone who wants a simple to use, creative way to organize your life to give it a try. I used the free app, but upgraded to pro because I love it that much.

Tnjudy96, Sep 14, 2021
Great app but may have bugs with iOS10?

Love this app. It's easy to use and I like the customizable options. However, I've been having issues with it ever since I updated my iPhone to iOS10. It keeps popping up with reminders that I've deleted. And the notification badge on the app shows up with high numbers like 27 when only one reminder pops up. I deleted the app and reinstalled and I'm still getting notifications of old reminders. Not sure how to fix??

TropicGal76, Oct 11, 2016


The app is designed to remind you about all your important events, meetings, friends’ birthdays, a long-awaited TV Shows premieres, dentist appointments, coming-soon holidays, a wedding date and any upcoming events you don’t want to miss. Event information comes in a nicely-wrapped pack. All details (such as date and time, font, icon, alert sound, background and other options) can be configured according to your taste.

The app is complemented with excellent sharing options giving you an opportunity to send your reminders to anyone throughout the world via SMS, MMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber and other social networks and services. KEY FEATURES: - Multiple reminders - Counting down in real-time - Selection of timing units you wish to count down - Sorting entries by date, name or applying a customizable sorting - Individual names, time&date options, categories - Various icons - Custom intervals to repeat events - Configurable alerts before or after a due date - Individual backgrounds - A wide variety of fonts to choose from - Formatting Dates and Times: Full, Short, and Abbreviated time units can be applied - Importing birthdays from your Address book - Importing events from the iOS Calendar app and Reminders app - Changing the default event icon to a personal photo - Set photos as background - Sharing countdowns through all available ways sending the whole countdown screenshot or only a part of it And you can also: - Enjoy awesome, easy to use UI - Make colourful notes - Brighten up reminders - Use the app as an alarm Thank you for your thoughts, they are very valuable! We are continued to make Reminder & Countdown even better, so never lose the drive to share your impressions and feedback with us at [email protected]

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