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MultiTimer: Multiple timers

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MultiTimer: Multiple timers

  • Utilities
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User Reviews for MultiTimer: Multiple timers

Best Timer App I’ve Used

I love this app! I’ve used it for studying, for tracking work hours, and goal accountability. I use it just about every day. Some things I hope to see in the future:- the ability to copy boards, so you can quickly make 2 that are slightly different (I often have a set of similar boards going, each with the same “goals” but with slightly different timer values - since each week I have similar things I want to work on each day, but the amount of time I can commit to each item varies by day.)- the ability to track how many times you’ve completed a timer. Maybe this would be a type of timer. The tracked number could show up in the timer itself, or maybe next to it on the board, or on another board (the option I’d personally like the most). Maybe you could edit the number for those instances when you accidentally let the timer run. I can kind of do this right now with the counting timer option, but that’s not automatic, and I find that on my phone the counting timer is a little unwieldy (you have to tap in exactly the right spot).- other than that, I just love the sheer simplicity but multi functionality of this app. Thank you for creating it and making it affordable.

Anna.p.g., Nov 02, 2023
A teacher’s dream!

I have only ever written a review for two other apps, and now this will be my third. This is a phenomenal app and a teacher’s dream. I wish I had known about this during this past school year, but now I am excited to have it ready for next school year. As a special education teacher, I use all manner of timers and counters for data collection. This allows me to house everything - countdown, count up, +/- counter, stopwatch, and more - all in one place. I also have several timers relevant to my personal life. I honestly upgraded to the pro version mainly just to support the developers, this app is that good. So far integration with my Series 6 Apple Watch has been smooth, and that was one of the main draws to this app. Virtually everything I’d need to do in the moment is available on my watch. Syncing between watch and phone has been generally good, an occasionally slight delay but nothing major. I will say that there’s a slight learning curve to this app, so if you’re having trouble with it don’t give up right away. A shame that Apple can’t include something this powerful, intuitive, and well-designed as a native iOS app, but kudos to the developers for creating something so versatile and helpful!

bjrice21ttu, Jun 02, 2021
Functional & Flexible

I chose this multi-timer app over others because, although it’s nice to have a simple timer that is extremely easy to use, other apps I tried did not have as many kinds of timers or customizable options. I’m a college student, and I love the timer that has multiple stages because it makes it easy to organize & divide a large chunk of time. For instance, if I wanted to keep track of my laundry, I can set a timer with 30 min for washing, and 1 hour for drying. After the first 30 min is done, the timer will automatically stop and wait for me to start it again, so I can put all my clothes in the dryer. I don’t have to make a new timer or reset the timer. The same applies if I want to spend a certain amount of time studying every day. I don’t always have a 3 hour block of time to work, but I do have hours throughout the day, and the stepped timer accommodates for that & remembers my progress. There are a good variety of timers other than the one I describe, so I think this app really has something for everyone. The interface is easy to use once you poke around, it gives you a tutorial when you first enter the app. And all of this is just the free stuff, I haven’t bought the premium version, although I might if I find I need to.

emberblox, Jan 05, 2020
Why use something else?

UPDATE SINCE YESTERDAY: I asked for instructions & they responded in detail in less than 24 hours. Great customer support.Not sure why all other timer apps haven't closed up shop. Not sure why you don’t hear more about this app. I can’t think of a thing I need from a timer app that this one doesn't do and that’s just the free version! (I’m gonna upgrade just to support developer.) One major caveat but not a deal-breaker… Poor documentation: there is walk-through tutorial but only goes through 1 very basic step. There’s no other options discussed & there are many. Advanced features will have to be experimented with to make use of. Right now i don’t have the time to do that. I’d prefer to read about it. Thus, this limits my use of the app. “App Support” through App Store: simply takes you to a page that allows you to circle back to the page you just came from. Also on this page, “Support” button will allow you to send a email to the developer but no help. For me, my questions about features would be too many for an email conversation.

firelance80, Jul 30, 2021
Great app, but…

Like the title says, great app, but…Great because it does what it says on the tin, and does it well. The interface is quite good, more so when you compare it to other apps that do a similar thing. And I’ve never missed a notification or had the app up and die randomly in the middle of, say, taking a load of sourdough from start to finish.So why “but…”? I’ve never had the watchOS and iOS apps stay in sync for more than an hour or two. And the watchOS complication often freezes up, or starts sending out duplicate notifications. So much so that I gave up and run MultiTimer on iOS only. Lots of devs says sync using iCloud is hard, so I have to assume that’s true. That said, I’d point each of them to a Drafts as a perfect example of how flawless sync can be. I should be able to start a task on my phone, switch to my watch or laptop and back again without having things go sideways. And I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops like unpairing my watch from my phone or turning iCloud syncing on and off to get it—both of those cost more of my time than a single app is worth, especially when there’s no assurance it’s going to fix the issue.

Garbonsai, May 30, 2020
UPDATE: Feature packed and completely customizable!

The free version gives you plenty of time to play around and experiment, letting you decide if the app is fit for your needs. That’s appreciated Because I’ve paid out quite a bit of money to “try” apps only to find out they were developed turds. This app has many different timer types, from countdowns to pomodoro, to stepped, you name it. Each is fully customizable; edit everything from name, color, duration, and even sounds (there’s an impressive sound bank). Paid version has notes functionality & iCloud sync. Free version lets you run up to like 6 timers of your choosing and fully under your control to edit. I love how you can tailor it to your needs! Whether you need to time your medication, laundry, keep on task, whatever- it does it. Well done, dev. And I appreciate the regular updates (I HATE dead apps on the App Store). Keep it up! UPDATE: This app gets better with every release! Kudos to the dev for listening to users, and keeping a great app life cycle.

Its That End User Again, Sep 30, 2022
ADHD + Visualist Approved!

This app has been SO incredibly helpful for me in the recent time since I found it. I’d been looking for a VISUAL timer app for a while to help me handle the many aspects that my ADHD brain forgets on a regular basis - from laundry, to cooking, to eating, and more. Every app I’d run across was so incredibly dull or limited. I could only have X number of timers, or it was a grayscale set up that was difficult to navigate, etc. I love that this app has different colors for the different types of timers PLUS you can have different board set ups and labels. That is sooo incredibly helpful! Loved it so much I bought the upgrade, and I also appreciate that it gives you pop-up notifications and rings even if the app isn’t open on the front screen. Now I know I will be notified for sure! TO THE DEVELOPERS: Another thing that would be super helpful to add is the ability to customize alarm sounds per timer, or at least per board. That would help me distinguish exactly what timer is going off for what reason without having to go back in and check, because I could set certain sounds for certain tasks.

Melode<3, Jan 22, 2022
Fantastic, in a class of its own

I love this app. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m so glad someone made it. I like that you can have multiple boards, I like the commands which are basically macros that start stop or pause the various widgets on any of your boards. The commands work across multiple boards. That’s brilliant. The fact that you couldn’t drag and drop widgets from one word to another is also brilliant. I would pay for an in app purchase of being able to upgrade to being able to have one widget live and show up on multiple boards but have one identity. I would also pay for an in app upgrade it to be able to export my settings to Microsoft excel and then tweak them and then re-import them because that would be so much faster for me than clicking through the GUI. Also, I’d love to be able to share my profile across my Apple devices, so I couldn’t have timers running on my iPad and then pick up my iPhone and have that shared event functionality. Also, if you look at a little game called Mekorama, they get their users to create widgets for them for free. You could do that. You could have people create boards for the trendy diets, exercise programs, or whatever, and then upload them to your user forum and let other users download them and that would add tremendous value to your app. This idea would piggyback on top of the import export in excel format. Or CSV is fine too.

Pasdksa, Sep 10, 2018
Creative, Impressive & Innovative!

I’ve been using this app. for some time. They are constantly adapting and improving to the needs of the people who are using the timers. I use and need a lot of timers for different things like taking medicines and exercises. This timer allows me to set intervals of rest, exercise with out stopping what I am doing, so I can concentrate on what I am doing! I’ve been able to adapt it to my many needs. It is so creative you are the limiter of what you can do. It is impressive because of the scope that it covers and Innovative because they are using the users to give them the ideas on how to make it better and they actually take those ideas and make upgrades as the needs of the users increase. They listen to the input that users give them and have incorporated them into there timer. This is one of the 2 apps. that I actually paid for it is so good, rather then sit though the adds. I am been impressed and excited about this app. It gives me a sense of freedom and control with my complicated daily routines and regiments.Wonderful app.Keep it up!!!

PCMOOK, Sep 12, 2018
Flexible and powerful timer app

I’ve tried a truly ridiculous number of Pomodoro, timer, and study tracker apps, and this one is the best. It has multiple features that other apps are missing: First (and most importantly to me) is the option to automatically track overtime after a timer finishes. Every other Pomodoro app I’ve tried stops tracking time after the work interval has elapsed, but often I keep working for a few minutes afterwards. This app is the only one I’ve found that will continue to count that time towards my work total. The premade templates provided also give an immediate sense for how many ways this app can be used to structure your time: Pomodoro timers, workout intervals, structured work/rest periods, simple stopwatches or countdowns. Every format I’ve tried so far has been intuitive to edit. The free version has an immense amount of functionality, but I bought the full version to support the app and gain access to the journaling/review function. Extra kudos to the developer for making the pro version a one-time purchase rather than a subscription.

Settecorvi, Mar 12, 2022


The MultiTimer app allows you to beat the clock and manage time like never before. Efficiently tackle your daily tasks with task timers, cook your favorite dish with the help of a kitchen timer, create healthy study habits with a Pomodoro timer, and so many more options to help you throughout the day. Set multiple timers with any kind of timer you may need.

Available options include intervals, countdowns, count-ups, stopwatches, clocks, tap-based counters, and more. FLEXIBLE LAYOUT Change the layout and arrange multiple timers on the board however you please. Choose layouts such as Adaptive, Fixed, and Flexible and copy, delete, and move timers as needed. Create several boards for placing multiple timers and run different types of timers side by side. PERSONALIZE YOUR TIME Give timers and counters your own personal touch. Customize and accessorize with numerous labels, colors, icons, alert styles, sounds, and notifications. ADAPT AND ADJUST Change settings and have complete control of your timers. Adjust date and time parameters to specify the duration of each timer. Add extra time to running timers, select "Autorepeat" to restart timers automatically, adjust timer start configurations with delayed start by start time or end time, choose an "overtime" period for completed timers, and more. SAVE TIME Save all of your timer and counter history and export the app data whenever you need it. Journals track the time and actions of all your running timers and can be exported via CSV file. Export your data to transfer boards and timers to another device. NOTIFICATIONS Never miss a beat. Receive notifications with action buttons such as Terminate, Restart, and Snooze. Set up auto-lock and icon notification badges quickly and easily. MORE FEATURES Explore a wide range of accessible features. - View your timers in a separate screen or fullscreen mode. - Access Web functions to display boards and timers on PC via web browsers. - Use Widgets like the MultiTimer interactive widget and widget for Active timers. - Check out Siri integration, shortcuts, and x-callback-URL support. - Try 3D touch to control timers using the pop-up menu. - Use MultiTimer on your Apple Watch app. MultiTimer is your next assistant in the kitchen, training coach in the gym, a teammate on the field, or partner at the office. Focus on the most important tasks with quick timer settings and achieve the time management and control you need for work, exercise, daily routines, and more. Download the MultiTimer app today! Upgrade today to try out the Pro version and add unlimited numbers of boards and timers. Icons are designed by icons8 from https://icons8.com/. We love to hear new proposals and suggestions. Please send them to [email protected] or via the option "Send Feedback" in the app Settings. Information: – Terms and Conditions - http://persapps.com/terms/ – Standard EULA - https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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