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Protake - Mobile Cinema Camera

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Protake - Mobile Cinema Camera

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User Reviews for Protake - Mobile Cinema Camera

The BEST Pro Cam App for iPhone

TL:DR - 100% worth the price. An absolute essential tool for all of my work. Can it really be better than Filmic Pro? YES! Since purchasing, I'm all in on using this app daily in my video production businuess. Unlike Filmic Pro, the phone never overheats and breaks the footage. The app team desgins the functions to live within the limits for what the phone can actually do. Depth of Field on an iPhone - It works! So pumped to see this evolve past it's current abilities, but absolutely useful. Dual cam recording - Game Changing for me. ProTake and an Osmo are the perfect combo for me. I can use the Super Wide Wide or the Wide Tele and I'm able to capture the story without needing a 2nd camera or person. I've used it on so many Pro gigs and the clients and producers LOVE it! Remote Field Monitor Mode - WAY better than Filmic in every way except it can't as of today (Sep '21) cannot change cam settings remotely and it limited to just start / stop tiggering for up to 4 camaeras simultaneously - Still incredibly useful and way more reliable viewing experience than Filmic. Buy This App and support the team behind it. I'm so pumped to see what they enable next!

ccarson05, Sep 15, 2021
Audio monitoring

It would be really amazing if the app supported audio monitoring. I use FilmicPro in some of my gigs, and they have the ability to use a Bluetooth headphone to monitor the audio when plugging in a microphone. It really helps to check the audio levels other than just the LED levels on the screen. It would also be nice if there were one time purchases instead of a subscription.

DJ Yung Vibe, May 18, 2022
Remote monitoring works but is limited

I started using this primarily for the remote monitoring function. Overall the app is better designed than any of the other camera apps I’ve tried. The remote monitoring, though, works but is very limited. It doesn’t show grids or tilt and it only has focus and zoom controls. If the remote side saw exactly what the recording side saw and gave access to the full controls, this app would be perfect.

glowingrabbits, Oct 26, 2023
Some good, some bad

I started with 5 stars for the array of recording formats and ProRes support, and my first impression of the great UI. Then I subtracted one star for absolutely no support or any way to contact the developer.I took away another star for not being able to record in Log except in 8-bit SDR. No 10-bit SDR or HDR Log recording. No constant frame rate recording in 10-bit SDR or HDR, either.The developer doesn't provide any LUTs for this camera. The competition does. Minus a half-star.Another half-star goes away for the subscription pricing model. It's only a half-star deduction because of the two apps that are available that IMO are as overall full-featured as Protake, one is a very reasonable one-time purchase and the other requires a subscription at double the price of Protake.So we're down 3 stars overall, but I give one back for the outstanding set of metadata that is recorded with each clip.Three stars. YMMV.

JeffBDVS, Feb 04, 2023
Strong Suggestions

1. When the user flips their phone upside down to bring the lens closer to the ground, this app laughs at you and doesn’t auto flip. Please address this issue. Some users may want to lock orientation when flipping their phones and that’s fine, but there should be a orientation lock button to accommodate that. Beyond that, the app should auto flip. 2. When in ‘pro mode’, the focus reticle is aggravatingly absent. Please address that as well. Slowly scrolling a half wheel at the side of a tiny screen does not make one a pro user. I appreciate the A and B focus points, but do not omit the focus reticle in pro mode. 3. Variable focus pulling speeds would be a welcomed addition. Everything else seems to be spot on. Thank you for a great app and I hope to see these changes sooner rather than later.

joelpstudio, Jan 12, 2022
Best Videography App just missing a few things

This is the best videography app that I have used and I have tried them all. The interface is something special it’s easy to use all controls fully at your fingertips without having to muddle around deep in settings and I would fully make this my only default video recording camera but their are a few things missing 1. Remote camera access having the ability to control and view what is being filmed from an Apple Watch and also another Apple product like an iPad is so helpful for those of us doing solo video shoots. 2. Being able to control multiple video devices through the interface as well being able to use 3 device signed into with the pro account is great but I can’t remotely view or start a recording. 3: Adding more filters would love to see an 8mm filter and even a vhs filter for the nice retro effects.

Jsignature, Apr 12, 2021
Great app but really wish there was a 1 time purchase option

This app has everything you could ever want. I would totally upgrade to the pro version if it was a one time purchase but I’d never do a subscription for it. That’s just ridiculous. At most it is a cool toy but I can’t imagine anyone would use this for anything professional where it would justify the subscription. Just my 2 cents. Great work on the interface and features though! Only feature I would want added is to have IRE numbers on the waveform.

kwitz345, Jul 06, 2020
Very impressive feature set

This is a great app and a must have for mobile video buffs. I just found out it works with the Shure MV88+, which is amazing since Shure’s app lacks. The portrait video mode and dual lens recording give this app an abilities edge over Filmic Pro. I would advise getting both apps, actually. Filmic gives some other options you may want (I.e. live audio monitoring with Bluetooth earbuds). But, overall, if I had to pick only one, I’d probably just go with Protake. Go see what Youtuber Matti Hapipola (sp?) loves about it if you don’t believe me. One request, though: 4K 60 FPS support, please!

natefish, Feb 02, 2021
Cool app, needs a 1 time purchase though

I love the layout of the app. It’s way more slick and pleasing to use than someone like ProMovie that I’ve been using. However I can’t justify a subscription service for a camera app. I took my business over to the Moment Pro camera app instead. Plenty of video controls over there for less than Filmic Pro, and a really pleasing interface to use. I hope the devs here consider splitting the subscription off into a 1 time purchase and offer the color profiles as additional purchase packs. It’s a much healthier consumer dynamic imo.

SeeTheBridges, Jul 30, 2020
Far more than just a great value

Pros: Amazing manual controls; focus/ zoom/ exposure/ ISO. Color grading in recording with impressive selection of profiles including LOG and profile intensity. Support for 1.33 Anamorphic lenses, and a powerful AUTO camera mode for when you’re in a rush. Cons: No control over bitrate quality for those who seek to export and professionally color correct/ color grade in post in their respective selected editors. Only major drawback I can see most people having. Overall: I’d be nitpicking to put anything else against this camera app. The software is powerful and reliable, no crashing, interface is very easy to use and intuitive. All the features offered here versus the competition, this is far more than a value, it’s a steal. So if you don’t need the overwhelming deep dive into every control and detail like Filmic Pro, this camera app is for you.

thewindowseat, Jul 12, 2020


Protake brings the filmmaking experience of professional cinema cameras to your mobile devices. No matter you're a daily vlogger, a commercial director, or a well-established filmmaker, you will benefit from Protake's features, including: # [NEW] WI-FI VIDEO TRANSMISSION · In the landscape orientation of AUTO and PRO modes, you can start the brand new Wi-Fi Video Transmission system. · You can transmit the video from 1 "camera" to 4 "monitors" (yes, we're talking about iPhones and iPads). · You can watch up to 4 "cameras" on 1 "monitor". · You can wirelessly start and stop the recording of all "cameras". · You can even monitor HDR and SDR video streams on the same screen. · It's a ground-breaking end-to-end mobile recording and monitoring experience. · It's brought to you by Protake. # MODES · AUTO mode: a mode optimized for vloggers and YouTubers, you can use it single-handedly. · PRO mode: a mode designed for professional filmmakers. All the camera information and control settings are well aligned on the screen. · DUAL mode: recording video with two cameras working at the same time.

Recorded in one file as Picture in Picture or two files. · PORTRAIT mode: with iPhone Pro and iPad Pro's LiDAR sensor and the devices' powerful processors, you can record "portrait mode video" with real-time blurred background. # COLOR · LOG: it's not only a genuine LOG gamma curve -- we strictly matched your mobile device's color to the industrial standard - ALEXA Log C. · Cinematic Looks: we provided a dozen of cinematic looks for filmmakers -- the styles are categorized into Neutral Styles, Film Emulation (classic Kodak and Fuji cinema film), Movie Inspired (blockbusters and indie masterpieces), and ALEXA Looks. # ASSISTANTS · Monitoring tools: Waveform, Parade, Histogram, RGB Histogram, Audio Meter. · Composition assistants: Aspect Ratios, Safe Area, Thirds, Crosshairs, and 3-axis Horizon Indicators. · Exposure assistants: Zebra Strips,False Color, Exposure Compensation, Auto Exposure. · Focus assistants: Focus Peaking and Auto Focus. · Recording: Record Beeper, Record Flash, Volume Key Record. · Zooming and Focusing: A-B Point. # DATA · Frame Rate Normalization: Mobile devices don't have perfect frame rate control, therefore, it's easy to get non-standard variable frame rate. Protake solves this problem fundamentally and makes strictly constant FPS of 24, 25, 30, 60, 120, etc. · File-naming: All the video files saved by Protake use the standard naming system: Camera Unit + Reel Number + Clip Count + Date + Suffix. It's something like "A001C00203_200412_IR8J.MOV"... Sounds familiar? · Metadata: Everything including device model, ISO, shutter angel, white balance, lens, connected accessories, location, are all well recorded in the file's metadata. · Time code: We provided both options for you -- Free Run and Record Run. It's compatible with your cinema cameras. # Protake+ · With a Protake+ membership, you can use all the features, including: Pro mode, LOG gamma curve, Protake Cinematic Looks, all the assistant tools, data management, 3rd-party accessories. · Protake+ provides 1-year membership for you to purchase; · Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase; · Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period; · Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period; · The renewal price for 1-year membership is USD 19.99. · You can manage your subscription and switch off the auto-renewal by accessing your Account Settings after purchase; · All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of Protake’s privacy policy. More details can be found here: https://terms.alicdn.com/legal-agreement/terms/platform_service/20220621172324148/20220621172324148.html https://terms.alicdn.com/legal-agreement/terms/privacy/20220704104156634/20220704104156634.html

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